This Blog is being BLOCKED by WordPress

Since Sunday WordPress has made this blog extremely slow to load or not load at all.
They have interfered with editing and posting.
They have cut some loyal readers from commenting.

So if you were unable to post a comment, please be patient.
Maybe they have some servers down or tech issues. They never admit to it on their useless forum.
Maybe it is censorship that is rampant on the net these days.

Wed. eve update – Tech issues have abated mostly.


16 thoughts on “This Blog is being BLOCKED by WordPress

  1. Although a slightly different topic, we’ve been told that there were issues with the statistics because word press was trying to protect from gov spying and/or lots of people logging in anonymously. Also, lots of servers down because of huge snowstorm in Canada and NE USA. Montreal had 60 cm of snow or something like that. A huge windstorm, hurricane like snowstorm went through Europe not so long ago. It may also be that the spam catcher is catching all of your comments. I don’t see anything threatening in this blog to anyone except maybe Texas Brine, and not really them. Other than lovers of jazz really nobody outside of Louisiana cares about Louisiana anymore as is evident by the way it was treated during Katrina and the way nobody seems to care about the sinkhole. There are at least two people with ties to Louisiana at CNN, including the son of the former editor of the New Orleans paper. Even they don’t seem to care, do they? It looks like a disappearing Louisiana would be bad for the oil and gas industry in that offshore would be further offshore, but they cannot see into the future farther than their nose.

    • I think there may be a problem (like snow storm) wherever WordPress has its servers because they have really been acting up the last few days!
      I was really mad this morning not to be able to even check the spam bin for quarantined comments.

      • Our problems started last summer after paying for no ads which made it really infuriating. It was all sorts of really annoying things. The thing is that it IS free and there are lots of folks on it. I don’t like that we can’t tell which countries are following anymore. And, that we lose stats. Often the windows on any wordpress and some other blogs just close. But, what to do? Putter along. I haven’t seem where our spam bin is for eons. Don’t know if it’s still around.

      • aggg!
        Same here. They want me to pay them. And they want to put a lot of ads in.
        Then they go and put in ads without my permission.

  2. Cant find a single comment on reports of the ground moving in Bayou Corne and Pierre Part. N o videos, nothing. N ot that I dont believe. I DO! The fact that it is not mentioned is so alarming and supportive of the theory that everything is moving along as expected. It really is just a matter of time now.

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