Dow’s Toxic Stew Near Bayou Corne

We were looking at Jim Lee’s great Climate Viewer today and decided to load the data from the EPA’s toxic release map. It is in the feature called ‘Pollution Tracker‘ on the viewer.


We found this factory – THE DOW CHEMICAL CO GRAND BAYOU OPERATIONS. And it has such a big list of nasties it lets loose in the area! ETHYLENE, CHLOROFORM, METHYL TERT-BUTYL ETHER and on and on. Details.
They don’t seem to have violations but then they don’t get too many inspections either.

7 thoughts on “Dow’s Toxic Stew Near Bayou Corne

  1. Good luck with bringing Dow up FcF. Seems to me they are the biggest petrochemical business there, but everybody steers clear of pointing fingers their way? Why is that? I think Dow knows exactly how to appear as the greatest benefactor while doing the greatest harm. Just confusing. Look at all they are doing there in Grand Bayou. When Dow is brought up in some videos I’ve watched, it seems as though the speakers are very hesitant using Dow’s name publicly while describing illnesses and environmental damage. I’ve talked about this before. That map shows it all.

    • And DOW paid a PR firm to scrub the net of their name in searches except for pages they wrote abou themselves.
      It used to be if you looked up DOW the first thing that would pop up would be the 60s napalm protestors taking over their offices and making world news. Then no. 2 would be agent orange etc.

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