Newsweek Reports on Lake FUBAR & Thursday News

There is still great seismic activity at Lake FUBAR and the work is partially suspended with a Code 2 declared.

NewsweekThe Sinkhole That’s Eating Louisiana < has video

” . . . So far, there hasn’t been a fiery explosion. But, in addition to consuming all those trees, the sinkhole has caused small earthquakes and spewed gas and oil. And it’s still growing. State officials estimate it will expand from its current size of about 26 acres to at least 40 acres over the next several years. If, while doing so, it breaks through a modest earthen barrier, it will poison the waters of Bayou Corne, forever spoiling these verdant banks.”

The Advocate Assumption Parish makes bid to add salt caverns to tax rolls
Sinkhole scrutiny unveiled assets

By David J. Mitchell
Salt dome operators in Assumption Parish are fighting against Assessor Wayne “Cat” Blanchard’s push to add dozens of underground salt caverns mined from the Napoleonville Dome to the parish property tax rolls, new lawsuits show. . .

Video: WDSU – Sinkhole is focus of scientific concerns

New geology research explores intriguing questions

The JPL/NASA UAVSAR radar system has been collecting data over southeastern Louisiana since 2009 and analysis of the data acquired over Bayou Corne reveal surface deformation of up to 26 cm that occurred at least one month prior to sinkhole formation.”

NOTE: The GEOLOGY paper referenced here and reported on earlier this week is available to read (FREE). The journal gave permission to post it here and the link is added to the Salt Dome page. It has good radar maps of Lake FUBAR.

Bayou Corne, Louisiana, sinkhole: Precursory deformation measured by radar interferometry
By Cathleen E. Jones and Ronald G. Blom

The UAV/SAR machine was only in Louisiana for 3 days –  JPL story. NASA removed the page with the UAV/SAR missions. 😦
The machine is on a plane < PHOTOS
We found the flight plan for the trip in Louisiana. And they went again. They started to the east flying a tilt north-to-south route and hit Assumption Parish after a few trips. MAP of it.

Live Science –  Surprise: Louisiana Sinkhole Slid Sideways Before Collapsing

WBRZ – LOGA sues AG Buddy Caldwell

NEW ORLEANS – The Louisiana Oil and Gas Association has filed a lawsuit against Attorney General Buddy Caldwell, saying he illegally approved a contract with lawyers suing the industry.
The Southeast Louisiana Flood Protection Authority-East filed a lawsuit against oil and gas companies in July, claiming damage by the industry to coastal wetlands. . . .

Sort of an oddity that has a unique view of Lake FUBAR – Silver-Star Academy

” . . . the cause of this sinkhole was a mahabharata weapons strike. methane crystals can catch on fire and that is exactly what happened.. the mahabharata strike at mexicali caught subteranean methane on fire .. a few hours after the mexicali earthquake a mine had a methane gas blowout. and then came the methane bubble that traveled up the dp horizons oil rig causing the massive gulf oil disaster explosion. this sinkhole is the continuation of that disaster. “

The essay has this link – Clathrate gun hypothesis on runaway methane clathrate breakdown.

Save Lake Peigneur in the news – The New IberianAGL, SOL still at odds?

• Just when you think the larger issue of leaking methane is less of a threat Jumping Jack Flash produces a ton of headlines.

21 thoughts on “Newsweek Reports on Lake FUBAR & Thursday News

  1. I think Newsweek did a good job on their article. Large readership should help draw attention.

    I shouldn’t be surprised about the lawsuits by dome operators protesting having caverns added to tax rolls, but I am. Quite a bit of nerve!

    Thanks for getting the BC geology paper out for us. Will read in detail when I get more time. I knew there were satellites that could detect even minor changes in land surface! Glad to see some of that info is coming out. Would be wonderful if USGS and others were to make public some of the 2 years worth of data that I know they have!

    Thank you, FCF, for all of the information and a place to talk about it all 🙂

      • If you dig far enough back on ENE you might find my comments regarding water flow which turned into a blowout with Thaddius and his theoretical physics U-tube conceptual model. Eat crow you coot. To the “experts” on the water, I saw it coming back then, what’s your excuse?

  2. Thanks for all of the info. Glad there is finally attention again. You have the documents on here showing that it was known there was a problem and no one acted. Wasn’t that in the Texas Brine letters? I ran across this. It is old news I think from over a month ago, posted as new, but still a good piece: I need to recall that the reader shows so little of your posts and then I miss much.

    • All the posts have tags to make them (hopefully) easier to re-visit. Just put a key word in the search box on the sidebar.
      Also … way down at the bottom of the sidebar is a link to the major ideas here.
      I think it is Freedomrox who proved Texas Brine knew there was a problem early on.

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