Weird, Old Videos We Found & 2 New Ideas about Danger in the Gulf.

These are just too weird to get posted in a news category. Plus they are both old. . .



 smile3  That should show we cover every angle here at The Bugle!

AND – Here is an article by radio host, Dave Hodges that was sent in – A Devastating False Flag Attack Event Is Coming Our Way

“From two conversations I recently have had, along with almost three dozen emails from the Gatlinburg, TN. area, I believe we are on the precipice of a major false flag event which will be used as a beta test in order to test DHS’ ability to conduct citizen roundups, detentions and extermination procedures in response to a coming false flag event.The event will also greatly impact the ability for many to remain living in the Gulf of Mexico region. . . .”

AND – A readers says they think the new Newsweek article has a veiled warning to residents to leave –

‘Is that last (Newsweek) comment a deliberate “foreshadowing” (as in “predictive programming” of the Gulf volcano erupting— rather than the “sinkhole” spewing a  “volcano” of noxious slime.) Here’s what they wrote:

 “Most everyone admits that it is impossible to predict what the sinkhole will do: It might grow at a leisurely pace, or it might be waiting to spew untold volumes of gas and oil in a volcano of noxious slime. That’s why, maybe, it is best to get as far away from it as possible.”

 . . . that sounds like a warning . . .  Remember the “predictive programming” from the video about My Pet Goat II and  the salt domes being eaten away that  you posted?’

Recall there was a lot of talk before about the Super Bowl ad featuring a CGI earth crack that had many buzzing about hidden meaning and there was a bunch of talk on military exercises called Mission Assumption that turned into a big nothing. But if a volcano blows up soon or police begin round-ups along the Gulf you can say you read it here first!

For NEWS …



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