Non-Stop Seismic Stomp Since Last Week



LINK – –  Darrell Goad, you da man!

An interesting discussion on all this on the the forum ‘Godlike Productions‘. Also, Newsweek story was on the COVER 🙂


Louisianans, keep in mind emergency plans. We have a little here on
it posted before –

10 P.M. UPDATE What’s happening at LA21 Data dropping in and out of the helicorder. It is near the butane cavern (#2).

1013monitors ___ Crosstex_1and2

New art featuring the butane caverns and the newest helicorder locations:


SUNDAY UPDATE – all the same only more ‘fuzz’ on the helicorders.

heli_button   They dropped ALL data from LA21.

Evening update – LA12 and others ALL showing this kind of seismic action:



The AdvocateJames Gill: It’s official: Louisiana is a ‘hell-hole< has Green Army news

“. . . Among those who sense that Big Oil may finally meet resistance in Baton Rouge is John Barry, driving force behind the first of “judicial hell-hole” suits, which was filed by the Louisiana Flood Protection Authority ­— East. Jefferson and Plaquemines parishes soon followed suit.”

Court rules parish can tax caverns at higher rates

Law 360 – Waste Shipment Fracas Threatens Fracking Expansion

The Marietta TimesBarges to move fracking waste < article looks like it was written by a PR team… they ain’t movin’ nothin’: “It appears several other federal agencies must sign off on the proposal before barges can be used to transport fracking waste.”

Mossville Community:  Axiall Explosion and Fire Worse Than Reported <  Mossville is far west from Napoleonville, about half way to Houston. MAP

“. . . The The Axiall corporation reported that “unknown amounts” of EDC Dichloroethane, Hydrochloric acid and vinyl chloride were released.

“Dichloroethane has been found in previously in the Mossville area in drinking water, and those exposed long term have higher rates of cancer reported that “unknown amounts” of EDC Dichloroethane, Hydrochloric acid and vinyl chloride were released.
“Dichloroethane has been found in previously in the Mossville area in drinking water, and those exposed long term have higher rates of cancer . . . “


18 thoughts on “Non-Stop Seismic Stomp Since Last Week

  1. Thank you for not only keeping everyone informed on the current state of the sinkhole area, but also giving us a “what to do when this happens” plan.
    A lot of times I wonder based on your round the clock reports if you actually sleep! I follow your blog daily. I’m only 75 miles away. I “may” be within range, I “may not” be within range of the ring of death… No one reall.
    But I do know that when this sinkhole does blow and I am within the range of destruction, whether it be while I’m working or not…. I know where I’m going! /¦\

    • This thing gives me insomnia so I often get up and look at helis if i wake up!
      I am able to do daily coverage because I am doing elder care and am home all the time anyway.
      It may be the current activity blows over and poses no danger (I hope!) to area residents but just in case …. I think it is good to ‘refresh’ what you know about emergency plan or what to do if highway 70 is closed etc. so you don’t have to look it up! Power could go out or internet connection. So best info is in your own head in an emergency.
      Bayou Corne emergency wouldn’t have the warning time a hurricane has.

  2. Pray to God for guidance. Together we can only keep people informed of whats happening but none of us really know to what extent it will.

    • I really hope this is a false alarm… but also that everyone in harm’s way is paying attention to changes at Lake FUBAR!

      • I read somewhere that assumption parish employees were going to Hawaii… Maybe on the forum link in the OP….

        Any truth to that? Or was that just an assumption?

        Reminds me of all the elected officials in south Africa for mandela nelson funeral kind of thought…. Get out of dodge hoping TSHTF while they’re away.

      • The comment about Hawaii was on the Godlike Productions forum … but I thought it was said as a joke.
        If they are out of town it will come back to bite them!

  3. Don’t know if you all have seen this article but I thought you might find it interesting.
    Essentially, the parish is suing these guys for their intentional dumping of radioactive waste into the swamps there in Louisianna. Also on that page is a great paradoy video of BP since the destroyed the Gulf. Here’s the link for that –

    • yeah I saw that… (did you send it?) in comments and I added it as a news item to the re-post on the 19th from Conservation.
      Terrible accusation that rings true.
      Oil and Gas Assoc. needs a new denial line besides ‘lawyers are making things up for money’.

    • yeah, that headline is up. And making quite a splash. I think FR sent it.
      The art is from the Geology paper just added to the Salt Dome page, Louisiana section.

  4. What is important about the report..its PROOF of sidewall collapse! See “The subtle flow forms a pattern like a two-leafed clover, consistent with a cavern sidewall collapse as suspected by the USGS, Jones and NASA colleague Ronald Blom report.” in the report. Go get Texas are some facts!!! And Oxy 1 cavern..per the not safe either..take a look at the report and diagrams!!

    • and Texas Brine can quit saying there’s never been a salt dome collapse before…!!! There was one at Weeks Island and they can read all about how it was fixed in the paper “Mine-induced Sinkholes Over the U.S. Strategic Petroleum Reserve Storage Facility at Weeks Island, Louisiana: Geologic Causes and Effects” which is on the Salt Dome page.
      And I am not even a scientist. So, big, big brains at Texas Brine: do your damn homework!!!!!

  5. just a thought, I watch a you tuber Suspicious 0bservers, this guy has a pretty good track record with earthquake watches. With what is going on (smaller quake action globally) and what could be coming in the next week with space weather, just think it might be worth checking into for a point of reference to future events and calculations on trimmer activity. Not and alarmist, a learner still learning. 🙂
    Also i want to thank you for all the time and effort you so tirelessly give. You deserve a great big hug for Christmas.

    • Thanks. I skip the solar flares and all that as there are other web sites and You Tube channels doing things like Suspicious Observers. Some of it is mentioned in comments.
      On the sidebar, under Science heading is a good page with many space monitors for those who follow those events.

      . . . and the reason the RSS feed on the sidebar has meteor news is because of that fireball in N. Louisiana some time ago at Camp Minden where all the badly stored TNT was found.

      This week heavy weather may affect Lake FUBAR.

  6. In spring of the year do you think that sinkhole well be like this “Hot Frogs On The Loose”
    Hot Frogs2 For Eileen

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