On Rad Waste Dumped in the Gulf of Mexico

The Tampa Bay Times has a great exposé on the US Navy dumping lots of  barrels of radioactive waste stored in ordinary drums off the side of a ship not that far away from shore.

Sailors on old warship dumped thousands of tons of radioactive waste for years

[snip]  . . . . “We turned off all the lights,” George Albernaz testified at a 2005 Department of Veterans Affairs hearing, “and … pretend that we were broken down and … we would take these barrels and having only steel-toed shoes … no protection gear, and proceed to roll these barrels into the ocean, 300 barrels at a trip.”

Not all of them sank. A few pushed back against the frothing ocean, bobbing in the waves like a drowning man. Then shots would ring out from a sailor with a rifle at the fantail. And the sea would claim the bullet-riddled drum. . .  .

. . . .  For up to 15 years after World War II, the crew of Albernaz’s ship, the USS Calhoun County, dumped thousands of tons of radioactive waste into the Atlantic Ocean, often without heeding the simplest health precautions, according to Navy documents and Tampa Bay Times interviews with more than 50 former crewmen.  . . . .


Where did they dump it?  If we find out more about this crime and the Gulf of Mexico we’ll post it here.

Here’s an intriguing factoid – in 1953 (a time when a lot of old WWII waste and nuke plant waste dumping was going on) The USGS put out this paper – ‘Airborne radioactivity survey of the Gulf of Mexico beach between Sanibel Island and Caladesi Island, Florida’. They don’t say they are measuring for waste they dumped. They just did a radioactivity survey to check up on “abnormal radioactivity … caused by radioactive minerals associated with “black sand” deposits which occur locally along the beach in the region”. Umm-hmm. They always send out a plane to check up up on black sand. For your safety.


They dumped it in the Gulf of Mexico too!

Radioactive Waste Disposal into Atlantic and Gulf Coastal Waters (1957)

We found this paper at the National Academies Press. You can read it online.

From p. 43:


We took these dump site coordinates and put them on our Gulf fault map. The latitude and longitude lines are approximate on the art but they show how close they are to other events. It is not far off shore.

FaultMAP_nukewasteSM [the orange line is hypothesis]

Really big map version.

*    *    *    *    *    *    *

And this proposed Levy nuke power plant in Florida just planned to pipe their waste water (whatever that contains) into the Gulf (!!) Levy NPP was planned to be near Orlando.


LUCKILY, IT WAS STOPPED! We wonder what existing nuke plants along and near the Gulf do this pipe discharge thing!

This blog has maps of nuke plants and nuke facilities along the Gulf of Mexico. If they aren’t  dumping waste into the Gulf it would be a big surprise!


11 thoughts on “On Rad Waste Dumped in the Gulf of Mexico

  1. I only have a very basic understanding of how nuclear power works, with my low level, admin job at one, for < 20 years. But considering there is so much that is being done to harm us by the energy industry, believe nuclear to be the cleanest source. The fu'd Fukishima thing is another story altogether and if it was caused by bad gov reg or sabotage, I do not know. Nuclear power plants need water, in the north, the colder the lake got, the more energy was produced. That warm water was cycled out, back into the lake from which it came, it was not exposed to radiation. Before 9/11, the discharge pipe was a favorite fishing spot, as the fish came in droves to enjoy the warmth. After 9/11, they determined fishermen where dangerous if they were allowed to be too close and the buoys were set and you would be attacked by gov officials if you disobeyed the new lines drawn. Interesting, a few times throughout the summer, the lake would turnover, as in the cold water from the bottom would come to the surface and thus increase production. There was an engineer, who among other duties, accurately charted the spikes in production based on ever changing lake temperatures.

  2. Based on the “care” and “careful” control of radioactive products by US as shown in the postings, don’t see much change now in regards to toxic substances dumped into air and oceans–decades later!. BP dumped their toxic Corexit and crude oil/methane, Japan dumped and continues to dump huge amount of radiation into the Pacific and air. By the way, radiation can change earth temperatures..so where are the reports on THAT damage? Anyway, until we can handle toxins safely..we should not be handling or making them at all. Fukushima is a massive dump of radiation.and its ongoing. Nuclear, until we figure out how to de-construct fuel cells..not just STORE them..and make them NON-RADIOACTIVE..we should not be creating more or even using them. And on oil/fracking, storage, and saltdomes..dont want to get started on that

    • My understanding so far is that Japan waste is heating the Pacific causing the super typhoon that destroyed every single structure in the Philippines. And soon storms that big will be regular features on N. America Pacific coast.
      Home of nukes is Berkley.

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  4. America is in deep kaka… Check out ENE News and every post is about that nuclear disaster in Japan… Now it seems that the government projections of the West coast not getting hit by radioactive water or airborne radioactivity was off by a year… Now this article about the Navy dumping waste … The USS Ronald Reagan was stationed off Japan, and now, most of the crew is dying… Sea life is dying in the ocean and along the coast but the MSM is silent… Get right with God folks… Accept Jesus Christ as your savior now… With the madness in the Gulf, Pacific and Atlantic, the economy poised to go bust (Monday was the 100th anniversary of the biggest scam put on the people – the Federal Reserve), we need divine intervention because as usual, we cant trust the government at any level… Crazy thing is, it won’t be Al-Queda that gets us, but Al Gore and the New World Order elites…

  5. The Crystal River nuclear power plant was supposedly shut down years ago as it had cracks in the foundation. Nothing to worry about here. The best engineers in the world got right on it.

    • I thought NPPs were very efficient when they were new. I liked them until TMI.
      Now that they are all over 50 years old and weedy I don”t like them so much!!

  6. Everybody that CAN dump, will, and every politician, who might be paid off, has been already, our once-great country has no leaders left who have not used their position of power to further pull the wool over the eyes of their constituents, they say to themselves, “what difference does it even make anymore”, and “everyone else is doing it, only a fool would not take the money now”, even so, we only have ourselves to blame, for allowing them to do this, and for electing them, in the first place. For we ourselves lack the power to make any other person wrong, all we can do, is to make ourselves right with God, while we still can, and we only have this day to do that, for yesterday is but a memory, and tommorow may never arrive.

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