South Berm Cracked – and SINKING

. . .  AGAIN

Message & photo from the parish blog – 2:00 p.m. Additional Cracks in South Berm
– they say “2 p.m.” but they did not post that until night. Many hours later.

AND. . .

Those were NOT “mico-quakes” … they over M3.

Always lowballing the data ….

More parish news methane coming up NORTH of highway 70 (!)

The AdvocateCracks form in levee around Bayou Corne sinkhole
2nd occurrence in less than 2 monthscarried also by the AP

“The cracking at that time, which has since been repaired, coincided with some sinking of the levee in that area.”

WAFB – Workers find another crack near giant sinkhole
“. . . another danger; natural gas gathering underneath a nearby aquifer.”


32 thoughts on “South Berm Cracked – and SINKING

  1. The crack goes all the way thru..its not small. Zoomed into the the top..the crack continues out of the frame of the photo..

  2. There surface and mid surface cracks there not deep there not bottom cracks the mud is pushing its way out of the levee from under the levee when the road was build.
    The weight of the road is doing this.
    mud will squeeze out from underneath the foundation of road.
    A road built upon such soil may become stable over time as the packing of the soil will make it more water-resistant.
    The stone particles will interlock and distribute the weight over time.
    It’s all about weight.

  3. FCF, wishing you and the folks here a safe and Merry Christmas! Prayers that everyone has a time of rest from the terrible things of this world.

  4. Well, If this guy is correct, LA may be part of “Strike One”, and Bayou Corn’s sinkhole would be in the middle:

    Much of what is reported matches up with the fact (and the why) that the BP incident was done on purpose.

    In the immortal words of the “Amittyville Ghost”: ” GEEEEET OOUUUT !”

    You may also want to catch this interview:

      • FCF,

        Did you correct my error for me ? Thanks so much. Now I don’t look as typing challenged as I really am.

        At first I thought the correction I posted just disappeared, but the I looked again and vuwala. Magic.

      • yes.
        I have magic power to correct typos on comments by others.
        I do the same … from typing fast!

    • Chris, thanks for providing the followup story on the false flags. I was watching both false flags and the leadups to the northeast power failer and the South Carolina nuke incident. Those never came to fruition partially or wholly because of too much publicity. I hope the next false flag discussed in the artical also receives too much publicity because this one could severly damage our lives both physically and mentally.

      • Hey Keith, No charge. You’re quite welcome.

        If you listen to the whole interview provided in the second link, that guy says the S.C. nuke and the power take down were “militarily thwarted”. Also, that a military coup is in the offing.

        I always have my “salt shaker” handy when reading and listening to these reports as so many are now saying they have “insider” sources. And much of what is presented is factual and true. But I always remember what the late Nord Davis Jr. used to say: “With a lot of truth, you can float a lie” and “It takes a lot of truth to float a lie.” Just think how many will flock to listen these reporters if this comes true. After that, their word will be “Gospel” and can lead all who follow in the wrong direction.

        Whether this “Strike one” will happen or not, who knows for certain? It does, however, coincide with other “dots” connected.

        “Strike 3” is supposed to be a “Fukashima Revisited”,. i.e., another earthquake.

        Although there are some who don’t think much of “dutchsinse” (like Eric or “Freedomrox”), I do recall him being one of the very few that reported on and actually showed a video report of this huge “Tesla” type, props in the water powered and steered, dome on a platform returning to Washington state after that quake and wave event.

        There’s something else that adds to the possibility of “Strike 1 & 2” happening: Rev.: 12: 15 & 16. Although the book of Revelations is more often symbolic than literal, I don’t think it a stretch to say it can also be both at the same. “Waters” or “floods”, symbolically, usually means peoples.

        Just a thought, and I emphasize just a thought as I’m not saying this is indeed Rev. 12: 15 & 16 as I don’t know for sure: Does this mean The Almighty will thwart their plans and turn it back on their own heads and allow the south end of New Madrid to be the cause of the opening to swallow the “flood”. However, that could also mean Louisiana, at least in part, could wind up caught in the middle of this and the devastation would likely be massive.

      • I just want to interject a doubt I have on part 1.
        Intel agencies recruit from Columbia and NYU etc.. They do not bother with FSU etc..
        So, at the get go when the person purports to be an intel operative I think his tale is dubious.
        I say this after dealing with a slew of stories by Trowbridge Ford on the FC blog.
        On the other hand …..
        …. there were unexplained mass firings and mil. shake up in recent mos. at highest levels. …
        so i am up in the air ….

      • Chris
        That flood you’re talking about in Revelation i read it this way it’s a flood of lies the serpent cast out of his mouth a flood of lies and people will be starving for the word, God word not more lies.

  5. well, what I wonder is when Louisiana will be caught in the middle of the Madrid opening up, how would the devastation unfold? There’s a lot of people in Louisiana and to have such a mass casualty of lives lost would have to be something really catastrophic. Perhaps, the ocean shelf that La sits on as depicted in Henning Kenner’s youtube video would break off thus dropping a majority of Louisiana’s land deep into the Gulf of Mexico? That’s always a possibility.

    I hate watching all of this news around me unfold. It’s like watching a train on a crash course collision. We know it’s going to happen, but unfortunately we don’t know when.

    • A little side note: Ever see the movie “Our Man Flint”?

      It’s a hoke movie from the ’60s with all kinds of mind conditioning stuff to further the acceptance of humanist type ideals, but guess what the mechanism was used by those mad scientists who wanted to take over the world and create their idea of utopia was ??

      Weather, earthquake, volcano, etc. creation and control capability. But “Our Man Flint” saved the world and got the girls; all four or five.

      Gee, somebody tryin’ to do that today ?

  6. I’ve followed Dutchsinse for a while and find his theories to be based on facts provided by scientific evidence. He does not hype info out there. Like the Bugle, weather manipulation,etc was begun long ago … HAARP is a reality and so is this sinkhole. Man has been monkeying with our environment for a very long time.

    As always, y’all remain in my prayers.

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