A Christmas Carol


Happy Holidays From Cancer Alley

LINK –  http://youtu.be/v2-jQF3QNNI


21 thoughts on “A Christmas Carol

  1. MERRY CHRISTMAS to all from far north east Texas. Looking forward to a wonderful new year and praying for all who could be in harms way. Be safe!!

  2. Lived in that area from 89-95. Saw flares like that plenty of times, especially during the winter nights when cloud cover is low. Got cancer in 1999 too. Still kicking though 14 yrs later. Thanks to God.

  3. Nah..not a lump of coal..they will sell it..a little cow poop, fresh, might catch their attention..

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all.

    • Really, with the amount and frequency of bull excrement 💩 they produce (appropriately wrapped for the occasion) for public consumption, you think they would notice! Indeed if they did notice, they would probably thank you for providing more fuel for their PR department.

  4. 4.6 earthquake in Colombia, 1247 UTC today, maps closely to the LA11-14 spikes. Is there a fault running from S. America up thru the GOM to Bayou Corne…and other faults running to the north of Bayou Corne?

    I know this will generate comments..but heck..to much of a coincidence to have that EQ and the spike on the helicorders…

  5. Looking at the helicorders and the proximity LA17 to LA11 it’s not looking good. At LA17 the deeper of the two bore holes starting to show higher readings. I don’t know how long this can or will continue but I believe a massive piece of land is in jepordy. I am no expert it’s just my humble opinion. what are your thoughts?

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