Oxy 3 Sank 66 Feet!

Oxy 3 cavern DROPPED 66 Feet!

Nothing to look at here. Move along.

Assumption Parish Police Jury

Texas Brine advised that the tagging of Cavern 3 is at 4,076′ which is 66′ lower than the tagging performed two weeks ago. As information becomes available, it will be shared here. 

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7 thoughts on “Oxy 3 Sank 66 Feet!

  1. Mico/macro earthquakes and the introduction of running water would be a good way to make things underground give way and sink. Its just a theory though. What do we know, or care.Say, …do the Saints play late or early this week?, Is Madi Gras early this year or late?, Did you see American Idol last night? TWEET, TWEET, blah, blah , blah. Sinkhole? Where?, Oh you mean the one in florida that swallowed the guy in his bed one night???

  2. Guess what..4076 feet..is close to a MILE in distance..gads. TEXAS Brine probably also means.”smile move on nothing to see here”.”.breath in the fresh methane and other vapor laden air”. Live long and prosper**

    * as long as you can with all the poisons from Cancer Alley
    * you cant prove nunthin..so we, Texas Brine, are free and clear..even the US Government is helping us!

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