Friday News, A Seismo Symphony

LTG Russel L. Honoré has a few things to say about Fracking Waste Water Disposal In Louisiana. Twitter people see
# GreenARMY

WBRZ – Sinkhole getting national attention [from Newsweek]  frackturedfairytale

Texas Brine put out a fact-sheet Dec. 19 saying all the air and bubble sites etc. are perfectly healthy  to breath. That must be why Louisiana is known as ‘good health alley’!


Here is LA12 today from Quake Watch, showing the spikes in full (without graph cropping like U. of Memphis chart).

After Midnight . . .


Elevator going down???

NOON (CST) – Many helicorders out/stopped. In the afternoon LA14 looked like this –


Other Conversations:

Godlike Productions‘ forum readers have been talking about Lake FUBAR this week. This post has interesting Matt Simmons info. And this forum has great photos and links about undersea faults etc. And we see You Tube channel, RearNakedSmoke1 has uploaded a ton of archival videos. Great Dreams’ blog has an interesting page about Lake FUBAR so far.

Tattoo’s idea about BP:


Preserve the Chicot Aquifer for safe drinking water petition

Seismic symphony continues into Saturday . . . (UPDATE: Still going on TUESDAY!)

We updated an old post “Oil & Gas Lobby Doing a Jig” about the party state officials went to hosted by the Oil & Gas Association with info from Tulane Law School.


31 thoughts on “Friday News, A Seismo Symphony

  1. i think the MSM is just getting a front row seat and accustomed to the scenery for what is about to happen. no one can help this situation, it’s too far along to stop the rolling train wreck.

  2. Does anyone know the conversion of these readings on a Richter Scale? Granted these are considered micro quakes however once the max out on the scale there’s no telling what the measurement is.

  3. 5.4 earthquake in Canary Islands..gads..that will shake up those volcanoes..And if La Fontera splits..its really splits ville! Look at the heilcorders do they see this one in the Atantic? It follows the 5.0 EQ north of Puerto Rico.

    • Thanks jec, here’s more info. on the Canary Islands earthquake.
      I’ve just copied a portion of the text.  There are pictures and other events on this link occurring before and after the times copied below.

      El Hierro Volcano activity report – Unusually strong earthquake at El Hierro provoked rockfall
      2013-12-27 19:26 UTC
      It looks like everything is getting calmer again.
      Be aware also that the CHIE seismograph (in fact the CTIG or Tigaday) is not sensitive enough to capture the earthquakes who appear in the IGN list, partly because of the distance of the epicenter to the seismograph.
      2013-12-27 19:08 UTC
      Continuing aftershocks with almost NO impact on the island. As this is probably not a tectonic quake (based on the location of the epicenter), people at both La Palma and El Hierro should be careful to stay away from steep slopes as rockfall can also occur with less strength earthquakes. Another reason to be careful is that the epicenter of the new earthquakes will not necessarily occur in the same area out of the sea. Inside your houses you should certainly FIC all heavy objects to avaoid that they fall on the ground (something which happens often with strong earthquake shaking).
      The earthqake was felt as a MMI V (moderate shaking) in the El Golfo area and as a III (weak shaking) at La Palma. (data from IGN)
      We welcome (tambien en Espanol) your experience if you have felt this earthquake. Click here to find the form and to watch more maps of the earthquake.
      2013-12-27 18:54 UTC
      The list below are the earthquakes who started after the mainshock of M5.1. The last 3 earthquakes have occurred at a shallower depth of 11 km (please be aware that these are preliminary data who can be adjusted later on).

  4. Hey look at the times on the heilcorders..they just dont match each other..some down, some slow? Just saying..and looking for the signature of the Canary quake.

  5. For months we’ve all watched these machines register the seismic activity at the sinkhole…traffic recordings, gas movement, landslides/rock falls, work activity and even distant EQ’s travelling through. I would like to know what a monitor would pick up of the seismic activity being generated by the sinkhole at a distance of 25 miles and/or 50 miles from the dome. If Louisiana has experienced effects from EQ’s from distant locations (which it has) and if distant EQ’s have triggered local “micro-quakes” (which it has), I would think that locally generated EQ’s would also have an impact on our geography. There are monitors elsewhere in this state…for any of the EQ monitoring agencies to say otherwise is not true. I am sure that my question has been asked by the scientists involved and they must all be studying this.

    BTW, like the “Fractured Fairy Tales”! 🙂

  6. Watched the tatoott’ed video. In it he mentioned that ExxonMobil had it’s eye on taking over BP. The local BP station in the small town I live in has changed it’s sign outside to Mobil, but I couldn’t find anything on Google that shows a takeover. Lots of talk about a possible takeover. Why would this need to be a secret? Also, he talks about the gulf oil spill being a planned depopulation event. Interesting, TPTB want to do whatever they want to do around there but yet they have this media campaign to draw young testosterone bursting males to the Gulf to work in the oil and gas industry by having all these TV shows like Duck Dynasty and others touting how fun it is to live in bayou-land. My opinion is that A&E won’t get rid of Duck Dynasty because it’s a propaganda tool of the oil industry. Even Louisiana’s illustrious governor went public protesting the possibility of the show being discontinued. Not so simple, greedy minds….

    • Any big business taking over another has to be quiet, shareholders might not like it (minor ones) employees could quit, they would also need the blessing of the Fed. Government. The oil giant getting bugger? Spreads fears of a monopoly. I am not saying it isn’t happening, I don’t know but it’s a slow process.

      • Talk about fears of a monopoly…recently thinking about purchasing a new refrigerator, I don’t want to buy a Whirlpool, because that’s the family corporation of Fred Upton, chair of the House Committee on Energy and Commerce, but researching other appliance companies, I discovered all the major brands, except Westinghouse and GE have been bought out by Whirlpool. Amana, Kenmore, Kitchenaid and so on and on. This certainly has the markings of a monopoly to me. But, I’m not a legal expert on monopolies, so what do I know? Googling Whirlpool acquisitions is interesting.

    • Mittensmitten, about 6:20 into the video the synthesized voice mentions the ExxonMobil-BP partnership.
      MsReese, the beginning of this video/article should explain the extent people are willing to go through to manipulate the public’s thinking. Such as the timing of Helicorder and other technology outages.

      Watch “19MIN News 12/27/2013 False Flag Attack In The Gulf Region Again ? See The Mind Blowing Evidence” on YouTube

      This is the written article of the above synthesized audio file.

      • There is an easy text-to-speech gizmo in mist computers and You Tube may offer it in their ‘tools’ or somewhere. Many use it.
        Good for finding the link.

    • I read duck show is worth over 800 mil to A & E.
      I thought tatoo vid was interesting about Haliburton etc.
      Something is fishy there even if he is off a bit. Something fishy Wall St. – wise.

  7. Just tried to post a comment, but after a few minutes it’s not showing up, but I will try again. Sorry if there’s a duplication. But talking about a monopoly, I recently am in the market for a new refrigerator so began researching different brands. I don’t want to buy a Whirlpool brand since Whirlpool is the family business of Fred Upton, head of the House Committee on Energy and Commerce. Well, what I discovered in my research is that all the major appliance companies, excluding Westinghouse and GE, have been acquired by Whirlpool. This includes Amana, Kenmore, Kitchenaid and on and on. Seems to my non-legal mind that a monopoly of sorts is quietly happening there as well. Also what is interesting is that the CEO of Whirlpool, Jeff Fettig, sits on the Board of Directors of Dow Chemical. The home of Dow is where Fred began his congressional career. Again, us little folks just needing to see where the wolves are trying to look like sheep.

    • Off to the SPAM bin with your comment Mittensmitten. Flyingcuttlefish can usually bail you out. Many times I have to hit “comment” a couple times before I see my comment go to the sinkholebugle.

    • here is my 2 cents —
      I just had a $175 repair on my good (sorry to admit Whirlpool) jumbo fridge with the light in the freezer and everything.
      The repair man said it has a design flaw and a lot of companies have the same flaw… not just Whrlpl.
      In the bottom, back of the fridge a coolant line runs right thru a small moisture pan. The fan that sucks water vapor away pools the water in a little tray to evaporate off.
      Stupid designers run the metal tubing of the coolant right into the puddle so it rots the coolant line. He replaced the tubing differently so it is away from the stupid tray and I gave him a sponge to cut up to put put in the tray so water pool wouldn’t be there.
      Stupid design.
      And these guys build submarines!!

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