Photographer Bears Witness to BP’s Crime in the Gulf



15 thoughts on “Photographer Bears Witness to BP’s Crime in the Gulf

  1. Jan from this site has been plotting which states are being hammered with chem trails based on the daily reports from those on this site. Something tells me all states are being hammered and not all are aware of what is going on with the constant gray clouds and am hoping your followers will join in on the reporting. Used to live in one of those sunny states, now even the predicted partly sunny forecasts turn out to be a total lie.

    • What amazes me Kathy, is the rapid cover of blue skies when the chemtrails are begun. The “experts” have renamed our gray skies with some type of sun: “soft sun”. There are people who have never seen a blue sky or considered it to be normal. I will go on to this page and guarantee that most days will have soft sun.

      • Most days I cannot even tell where the sun is. Seems they have refined their efforts, the chem trails quickly expand to full coverage. Saw a strange mutli-colored translucent cloud and by the time I returned with a camera it exploded into a huge dark cloud, totally obscuring the sun.

      • We had clear skies ar nights here where you could see the Milky Way on most nights. Over 2 years without a night like that.
        Current spectacular meteor showers here are covered by clouds.

  2. I was reading over at Louisiana Bucket Brigade this morning. Read many things that made me sad and angry. Audible gasp and some tears when I read “28,000 pounds of benzene” from the piece below.

    Comments to the EPA Science Advisory Board – Fenceline Monitoring July 16, 2013
    Posted on July 22, 2013by Louisiana Bucket Brigade

    “On June 14, 2012 Exxon reported a spill of 10 pounds of benzene. Horrible VOC odors permeated the community, two babies went to the hospital and 400 workers were being monitored for exposure. How can 10 pounds of benzene do that you ask? Well so did we. After we blew the whistle on Exxon, the company came forward 5 days later and stated that it was actually over 28,000 pounds of benzene that spilled. No one in the community was notified. When emergency responders did show up, their PID hand held air monitors could not detect below 1ppm of total VOCs so did not pick up harmful levels of benzene in the air.”

    But, I haven’t stopped crying since I watched John Wathen’s video. One of the comments posted at the site for his video:

    We are called to be good stewards – to look after the world, not destroy it. Psalm 24:1: “The Earth is the Lord’s and all that is in it, the world, and those who live in it”. Isaiah, 24:5-6 “The earth is also polluted by its inhabitants, for they transgressed laws, violated statutes, broke the everlasting covenant. Therefore a curse devours the earth, and those who live in it are held guilty..”

    • f****ing shockwave or other Adobe product screw up.
      At the bottom of my sidebar I have a link to Groom Parrot to check your plug ins.
      BUT … Firefox demands OLDer version (10) so don’t update on Firefox browser.

      • not good here, suddenly.
        I think the hammer is coming down … as Fukushima blows plutonium all over west coast ….

    • I had that same problem not long ago…no reason I knew of except maybe big brother watching…lol. I would get a grey box message that I was not authorized, or something to that effect. Several weeks later it went away and no more problems. Go figure……

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