Texas Brine Offers ‘Plan B’

The Advocate – Worst-case sinkhole scenario would reroute Bayou Corne

Texas Brine Co. has developed a backup plan to replace the cracked southern section of a protective levee surrounding the sinkhole in northern Assumption Parish and may look to reroute Bayou Corne if conditions deteriorate further, records show.

The company’s new draft plan, filed this month with regulators who are still reviewing it, proposes “triggers” that would prompt the levee replacement. It also outlines an alternative of rerouting Bayou Corne if a replacement levee proves too unstable to maintain due to sinking of the remaining land between the sinkhole and the bayou. . . .

. . .  a new southern levee farther from the sinkhole, would be built if the existing levee drops 4 feet in 30 days even after planned repairs or if testing shows the underlying earth is too unstable for repairs, Texas Brine’s plan says.Once the company determined it had to move the southern levee, it would then develop plans to reroute the bayou. . . .


16 thoughts on “Texas Brine Offers ‘Plan B’

      • Most of Bayou Corne has been evacuated for safety.
        My understanding was they want to try to re-route the waterway, B.C.. But it’s not easy in a swamp. A bayou hasn’t solid walls.
        So the plan may be doomed from the start.

  1. Hey all, I have a quick question. I found a really interesting interview done with a man by the name of Dave Hodges. He says he’s been studying the situation in the gulf and their at Bayou Corne. Any idea if he’s legit or just some schmuck? I don’t want to post the link if he’s just talking out his a#$. Thanks.

    • Question Everything, Chris told me about the Hodges show about a week ago. Chris used some of the Hodges show links to aid in talking about some of his points on false flags. Things sound legit with Dave Hodges. He goes farther into matters I’ve heard from others. Get as many points of view as you can to build as complete understanding of the situation. MSM won’t tell you until after the fact, and then you are still unsure of their story’s events.

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