Something Quite Huge Just After Noon They don’t Want You to See


Is it connected to the big volcano going off in El Salvador?
El Salvador begins evacuations near volcano – San Miguel volcano is aka Chaparrastique – live cam (select location from list on upper left corner) Volcanoes Going Rogue! < VIDEOS

A summary of news –



21 thoughts on “Something Quite Huge Just After Noon They don’t Want You to See

  1. Whatever it was it was at the sinkhole and it was surface I don’t think it was mid borehole deep or bottom of the sinkhole the time was at 12:26 CST.

  2. Volcano Eruption in El Salvador on Sunday, 29 December, 2013 at 18:42 (06:42 PM) UTC.
    “In somewhat unexpected news, San Miguel (also known as Chaparrastique) in El Salvador had an explosive eruption earlier today – with some impressive images showing up across the internet (see above). Not a lot of details right now, but ash is falling on the towns around the volcano. It is hard to get a sense of scale from the images I’ve seen thus far, but the eruption column looks to be at least several kilometers tall. The plume is being estimated at ~5 km / 16,000 feet. This would suggest to me a vulcanian explosion, but we won’t know until the ash is examined to be juvenile (new magma) or accidental (old rocks). The civil alert status for the area around the volcano was raised to yellow after the eruption occurred, suggesting that more explosions could follow. No word so far on any evacuations. This would be the first eruption from San Miguel since 2002, when the volcano produced a small VEI 1 eruption. The last large eruption from the volcano came back in 1967, at the end of decade of a number of VEI 2 eruptions from the volcano. The last time the volcano appear in the Global Volcanism Program’s weekly activity report was in 2011, when increasing degassing was noticed. As with many Central American volcanoes, ash fall and pyroclastic flows are major hazards from San Miguel. “

  3. And the climate change aint what NOAA thought! South Pole ice is increasing..for the past 35 years..along with the low temps…hum…(sounds of White Christmas). Hey, maybe Texas Brine can FREEZE the sinkhole contents..Now that’s a thought..If Japan can build a frozen wall around a nuclear plant, TB can freeze the sinkhole (its smaller!).

  4. LA12 shows fluid sloshing around..for quite a bit of time..that red line..the thick long line of recordings of sesmic exactly what is mentioned on the link here..”how to read…”.
    UH..Texas Brine, you guys might want to read it as well…

    • The old harmonic tremors like bad water piping in a house.
      Water hammer or hydraulic shock
      Shock waves travel back and forth this energy can become dangerous with increase pressure.
      How do you decrease kinetic energy or is that potential energy.

      • Hear that radiator knocking now!
        Younsters who grew up on baseboard heat don’t know about the noises from steam heat (at school) or radiators (home).
        When it started to get cold and the heat came on at my (WPA built) elementary school those things would clang away like the fire bell!

  5. LA18–something happened around 8:30 AM Dec 30th on the heilcorder..after that event..all recorders look much more active. But on LA18, clearly a ” rock rattle and roll” event. Is Texas Brine working today? Are they checking GPS readings? Speaking of GPS readings..they must have them somewhere! Or is this another.”.only good for TB, not the general public? ”

    Watch and if Texas Brine stock gets dumped, run for the hills guys and gals!

    • You know… I don’t know why they don’t take cheap out of date cell phone and tape to a tree about to fall in and watch the GPS readings. They could do it with a baggie and duct tape!

      • Good idea about cell phone, but how far could it descend before phone crushed under the pressure? Wonder if it would transmit through an Otter box just big enough for phone.

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