San Andreas Fault Scary News + Global Volcanoes Etc.

Before It’s News – San Andreas Fault Line To Blow? – 7 Earthquakes Cited In Landslide Along Fault Line (Videos)

We don’t usually post all the out of town news on every geophysical event. We have followed Dutchsinse’s stories about the North American Craton Plate maybe shifting and affecting Louisiana and his reports on west coast (US) steaming craters that look like volcano activity but that’s about it.

However, this week so many major events have happened we are posting some.

Radioactive Chat (about the Fukushima disaster) has always shown this new large increase in big earthquakes around the Pacific rim. This year there seems to be an echo chamber across the Pacific with quakes in the south seas followed by quakes along the west side of South America or Japan area quakes followed by California to Alaska quakes.

(Aug.) Why is the instability of the Pacific Rim not in the news??

The Watchers has so many volcanoes waking up we can’t list them all. Mt. Etna has shown spectacular eruptions and the volcano this week in El Salvador came as a surprise to scientists. The big volcano, El Hierro,  in the the Canary Islands could be a big threat to the east side of North America if it blows and it is rumbling this week. The Watchers’ weekly volcano report.


This week, not in any American press story, there was big EQ activity in Central America, the Caribbean between Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic, Trinidad and a big volcano started up in El Salvador. They are still on the RSOE map.

2.3 quake in Ridgely, Tennessee

Something is happening down below worldwide and it has to do with magma.

And Texas Brine thinks they can ‘fix’ their entry to He11 with some gravel and a backhoe.

12 thoughts on “San Andreas Fault Scary News + Global Volcanoes Etc.

  1. Thanks for this. Have you seen all of the nuclear reactors near the fault in Calif? Also, the Caribbean info is of great use. Love your Santa hat. I hope you didn’t unsubscribe me for being too verbose? You kept me on cuttlefish so I assume it wasn’t your doing? I thought you weren’t posting much but then I got the Assumption Parish news and realized something was wrong. I new you would be posting that.

    • it was Walter who got that news here…. I wasn’t on line when all the s- – – hit the fan.
      And the helicorders just won’t quit.
      Readers of Before It’s News have bumped this news story up to #1.
      Everyone waiting for the berm to burst.

  2. Earthquake activity starts again. 🌋

    Watch “Alert! 63 Earthquake’s La Palma Canary Islands, Collapse and Tsunami Threat” on You Tube.

  3. Here’s another live CAM of the eruption.

    Watch “EN DIRECTO: El volcán Cumbre Vieja entra en erupción en La Palma “Erupción del volcán en La Palma”” on You Tube.

  4. Earthquake numbers and intensity increasing on La Palma and tremors increasing on the northwest coast.

    Watch “7254 epicenters of Tremor Cascadia Subduction Zone… Yellowstone earthquake swarm.. 10/4/2021” on You Tube.

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