My ELF Weapon: Bayou Corne

You can take this as an anxiety reaction to these awful events at Assumption Parish on a vulnerable, frail person (not the only one we have posted) or something more in line with the Navy Yard false flag staged event.


The PHOTO of “My ELF weapon” carved into the Navy Yard shooter’s gun stock has been scrubbed from news stories on the  internet. Example.


This page from Business Insider still has a story up with photos

Related (hope not!) – video series ‘Programmed to Kill’ about brainwashing and the powerful who use it.

NOW . . . back to our show . . .

Lake FUBAR Rumbles Overnight. El Barfo on the way??

This will be an interesting day!


LA14 last night and this morning:




Thanks to Freedomrox for the tip – 😉


At 6:45 p.m.  the helicorders went off line for about 40 minutes. At 11 p.m. LA11 went out for 16 minutes but the others all worked. The Parish blog says they are sticking with Code 1 status.

Other News

Occidental earnings rise as CEO pursues breakup

. . . [CEO] Chazen is seeking to turn around Occidental, whose shares have fallen 24 percent from a May 2011 high, by selling oil and natural gas properties from the Middle East to North Dakota in order to focus on the most profitable U.S. businesses.”

Loose Well Off Coast – UPDATED

Crews lose control of natural gas well; Gas flowing from rig off La. coast

“EnVen Chief Operating Officer Jonathan Garrett says gas, water and sand are flowing, but no pollution has reached the Gulf.” – um-hmm…


Gas continues to flow from rig off Gulf coast

  • “Wild gas wells tend to be less of an environmental threat than blowouts from oil wells.”
  • “The EnVen rig was operating in relatively shallow waters, where measures to control a leak or blowout are easier to manage than in the deep waters of the Gulf.”

Wed. News – Freezing Temps Continue + Many Comments on Odd “Snow” in the South US

It is below freezing at Lake FUBAR still.   COLDheron1

LA14 had more FLUID MOVEMENT at  2 a.m. and 3 a.m..

Parish Blog“Due to the wintery weather and associated road closures the weekly Evacuation Assistance Payment distribution at the Command Trailer has been moved from Thursday to Friday (1/31) this week.”

This Wed. PHOTO from Fox44 news shows Lake FUBAR didn’t freeze over.

On this blog we beat up a lot on the Assumption Parish Police Jury for the collapsed salt dome handling. However, in this weather emergency hitting all of the south-eastern states the APPJ has shown enviable foresight. While Atlanta and other civic leaders ignored severe weather warnings that we all saw and the APPJ saw they took decisive action in advance of the snow and freeze blast to close schools and offices and warn residents away from roads and driving.

SEE COMMENTS  for the topic of fake snow, odd snow many are talking about this weekend.

Snow on the way to Lake FUBAR? UPDATED


A winter WARNING from the weather report.  COLDheron1

Who knows what will happen if it snows at Lake FUBAR. Will the helicorders freeze?

WAFB weather map showing temperature.

The APPJ blog says everything is closed Tuesday due to cold. So the helicorders should be readable without a lot of trucks making them unreadable.

fluid at LA14 at 7 p.m..


2.3 quake in Howardville, Missouri < MAP

Kentucky has the shakes


EQ_128  ANF map today


New weather warning on the cold front. Will Lake FUBAR ice over? WAFB radar.  They started work on the berm roads this morning so we won’t get to see the helicorders today after all. frowny

Texas Brine put out a ‘fact sheet‘ on their great seismic monitor system (Jan. 23) and they illustrate it with a picture showing old helicorder layout. So old the west berm is in the original spot. Hey, Texas Brine, it’s a FACT your berm failed on the west side and your berm failed on the south side. And they didn’t FAIL because of quakes made by ‘normal’ brine operations.


Some Trouble at LA14 After 2 A.M. & Weekend News

We don’t know what’s going on. Many helicorders irregular.  .   heli_button

LA14 is especially jittery just after 2 a.m..


It calmed down a lot at 4:30 a.m.


Second verse same as the first.  Lots of crazy activity on LA11.

Large fluid movement at LA10-03 around 9 a.m. Sunday.  It lasted over a half hour.

Before It’s News – SPECIAL REPORT: U.S. General [Honoré] Leading Revolutionary Army To Takeover Louisiana

The Irish ExaminerWelcome to the town that is falling into the earth

“If . . . . .  it breaks through a modest earthen barrier, it will poison the waters of Bayou Corne, forever spoiling these verdant banks. Once a rural paradise, Bayou Corne could become a ghost town as a result of a man-made ulcer whose depths defy understanding.”

. . . .  “So shoddy has oversight been that state officials don’t even know how much money the energy companies owe, its auditing so lackadaisical that last year it collected just $40,729 in severance taxes (paid for the extraction of resources like oil and gas).”

(Jan. 22) Waste well not likely to create sinkhole

HOUMA, La. (KNOE 8 News/AP) – Officials say residents close to the proposed Vanguard Environmental wastewater well in Houma should not fear it will eventually become a sinkhole like the 24-acre one in Assumption Parish.

Two weeks ago, the state Supreme Court rejected Terrebonne Parish’s appeal of a lawsuit that would have stopped Vanguard from drilling. . . .

Big Guatemala Volcano Erupts Just Before 7:40 A.M. CST Friday


It is nearer the Pacific than the Gulf of Mexico. It is a huge volcano that in 1902 was ranked one of the worst modern day eruptions  everMore on the Santa Maria volcano with a good map of the plates near Central America that are so active lately.

Guatemala MAP  – (zoom in to Quetzaltenango for location – the RSOE map is wrong it shows Cancun by mistake)


Santiaguito volcano (Guatemala): increased lava flow activity, small pyroclastic flows

Since the morning of 23 Jan, the lava flow front at the SE rim of the Caliente dome has become more active and generated a series of collapses resulting in small pyroclastic flows that reached the base of the dome.
The volcano observatory mentions that during the recent months, activity had been elevated with 40-45 explosions typically in one day, and associated ash plumes reaching 500-900 m height. . . 

Recent rumblings from volcanoes in Central America not likely to affect Costa Rica


TWIN 4.3 quakes in Guatemala