ATTENTION! ATTENTION! Police Jury! Police! ANYONE! Big Trouble at Big Sinkhole!!






22 thoughts on “ATTENTION! ATTENTION! Police Jury! Police! ANYONE! Big Trouble at Big Sinkhole!!

  1. DARN. And look at the others 11, 12, 18, not as bad as 14 but all showing alot of sesimic activity..just wonder if the cavern is collapsing..??? No major EQ, there was a 6.6 in the West Pacific hours ago, a 3.1 in California..rats rats rats Texas Brine.

    Any one in the area noticing anytning? Temors? Sounds? TILTING?

    • it is unavailable to the public 😦 …..
      they may as well stop the secrecy as it makes no difference to the stability of the cavern…

  2. You know where they are! In front of the TV or passed out drunk. There are so many more IMPORTANT things like ballgames. Better hope no one is near that thing. No one knows the day or the hour but it will implode more like everyone knows and maybe explode. If they were on the precipice of the sinkhole they would still watch football. That would make a good cartoon.

    • That is so sick. What happened to using Christmas trees to support the wetlands south of New Orleans? Bonfires are major old pagan to call back the departing sun. Today it’s just dead trees and air pollution. Some places do them for summer too – I guess to say good bye to the sun?

  3. Here’s another possibility for LA14 going off the scale. Other Helicorders are showing activity as well.  I live in Burlington, Vermont and did here many apartment rattling booms.  I thought the booms were from the normally quiet tenants below.  The booms occured serveral times over the past week. I saw his other video he refeds to on the “Sinkhole Bugle” about 8 months ago.

    Watch “Booms & shaking reported by news in 5 states & across 200 miles in Canada, reported ALL in past day!” on YouTube

    • we have reports sometimes here about booms. Use ‘boom’ as a search tag in the search box. The best collection is in the RSS feed in ‘Strange Sounds’ blog.

      • Actually a lot of the activity you are seeing is called a bulldozer and dump trucks. Putting a dozer on the South Berm was brilliant, since it is sending compression waves into the sediments that are already sinking. The normal contractors refused to get on the berm with a Code 3 going, so TB ponied up a ton of cash and got another crew out there. Insanity seems to be contagious at Oxy/TB right now.

      • Finally some info!

        I am keeping my headlines the same as TB set off all the helicorders and wasted my day.
        New berm will probably sag too!

      • It is a band aid, and will sink…sickening. This is all for show, and will get someone killed before it is over with.If the pic did not come thru…then I can save it and re-send.

    • Canada is so cold it is now experiencing ‘frost quakes’
      Water expands when it freezes and when it expands in frozen soil it literally puts a lot of stress on that dirt and will release that energy all of a sudden, very much like an earthquake releases that energy and shifts the ground,’ said meteorologist Natasha Ramsahai to City News.

  4. The bulldozers may make it implode sooner. Everyone learned a lot so your day is not really wasted because you educated many people. And, you got info. that you might not have had. It will collapse sometime and probably sooner rather than later. I’m surprised that they were able to get anyone to work. I guess they paid them time and half time. I hope it’s not the homeless like at Fukushima. I appreciated the bonfire post, but think my comment didn’t go through. You are a good educator. Pat yourself on the back.

    • Thanks.
      I kept thinking all day it couldn’t be work trucks because of code 3 and parish blog claimed they would apprise the public of work. Silly me!

  5. It is 8:50 PM here in Utah, I don’t know the time difference, but does anyone have any updated info for tonight? I am afraid for all you people in that area, please be safe, leave if you can.

  6. TB’s gates have been locked since December 19th, and only Frontier, and LDNR readings were taken in the mornings, and they waited till the regular contractors went on vacation, brought in another crew on New Year’s Day, just a few days after their little announcement of the ‘Emergency Plan’, so the permits would be in place for their little coup. Very dirty dealings… Makes you wonder about that fellow at Frontier Response, Mike Taylor, who also participated in the BP coverup. Of course, you know that Mark Cartwright and Bruce Martin knew. No Safety meeting, no nothing, and did they even have insurance to cover the workers? Someone can easily get killed in this environment. Someone needs to deal with these loose cannons…

    • I am repeating this in the article 🙂
      A BIG SCOOP!
      Over 6300 visits here since Tuesday when this berm sag thing was made public.
      Since Newsweek did the big COVER story on it I know some in nat’l press are researching this topic… for stories being written now.

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