Wed. News – SO. BERM SAGS – Oily Water INCHES from Topping Berm

Weather map shows lots of rain in the Gulf but local weather report has just a little precipitation at Napoleonville.  The nearby river stages a getting high. MAP

veryactive  .  button_LA12  .  button_LA14

Real Coastal Warriors has this from Texas – Houston: Pipeline Explosion, Fire Near La Porte in Morgan’s Point

LINK – < turn audio off

New drone testing sites could boost oil industry use < wonder if we could get one of these to video Lake FUBAR?

Chevron shuts in shallow facility [in Gulf of Mexico] after leak

We found a Situation Summary (Dec. 26 date)  from GOHSEP – good for people with a new puppy in the house.  Page 60 has the ‘new’ info from DNR. The map they have of the area is out of date and doesn’t even show the new west berm.

The Weather Channel reported on Lake FUBAR – Massive Louisiana Sinkhole In More Trouble

The Daily Mail [UK] – The sinkhole eating Louisiana: Enormous swamp the size of 20 football fields continues to grow as more residents flee < has video

A building exploded in Minneapolis

oh . . .  and the south berm is sagging!

next    WBRZ – Protection wall sinking around sinkhole .  Helicorders_Oct2013

“Salt water and other contaminants in the sinkhole are inches away from seeping into the freshwater bayous nearby.”




9 thoughts on “Wed. News – SO. BERM SAGS – Oily Water INCHES from Topping Berm

  1. Texas Brine still has not mentioned the dreaded word..subsidence. IN PLAIN ENGLISH..the sink hole is close to a MILE DEEP. The berm has dropped four feet! Anyone with a brain has a GPS reading to measure this drop since October.
    Now that 4 foot the trigger for Texas Brine to have to take very expensive actions–permissions–to REROUTE BAYOU CORN! At this point I think TB better have BIG pocket books to buy out at full pre-disaster value/owner value all properties in Bayou Corne..and any properties affected by the need to reroute the bayou! LIke people will lose their waterways, wildlife, etc etc..

    PS We have GPS devices on our boat (TEXAS BRINE it costs only 99.00 bucks) and it reports boat status every hour if we want! Someone should just place one hidden near a public thru way..and watch. They will run quite a while on just batteries….OR..someone with property near this mess should record GPS values. I cant think its just one spot! The USGS flood plain maps have property elevations, as do homeowners. They need to keep an eye on the ‘sag’…

    • If the land is sinking Texas Brine has not one thing to do with that, that would be a disaster you would have to take that up with God.

      • The land is sinking (in my opinion) because Texas Brine’s disaster made an earthquake machine under there that will not quit.
        I blame Texas Brine.

    • yes, yes, and yes ” to buy out at full pre-disaster value/owner value all properties in Bayou Corne..and any properties affected by the need to reroute the bayou! ”
      PLUS the DOTD has been very exacting in their measurements of Hwy 70. They put measurement pegs all along the road every few feet.
      Did Texas Brains do that with the berm road? No!
      Texas Brains OWNS this mess!
      And they can get off their butt and PAY the home owners.
      And facebook page full of la-dee-dah “we’ll all move back” and homes will be as before is so full of it… no one is moving back “home” and having a “home” at Bayou Corne.
      Lucky if the whole parish doesn’t wind up in danger and with poison for drinking water!
      Lawyer Up, all you home owners who haven’t settled yet!
      Lawyer up and pack up!
      For your sanity and your safety!

      • and look at the fluid movement just before!

        i spent all morning on art for a new map that would be able to link to helis if you clicked on the one you want on the map. But the U Memphis page has just recent-time links to each heli (not one main one for LA12, 14 etc.) so there was nothing to link to. Big waste of time 😦

      • yikes! posting … I wonder if they noticed all this and have a giant truck right on top of LA14 dumping gravel to shore things up …. or if the thing is sinking in….

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