SHE’S BLOWING!! < says helicorders

LA14 Tells the story – (NOW) Helicorder for South Berm to the east near the BUTANE

LA14 at 11 A.M.


LIVE – WORSE!! – –  oh, suddenly NOT (!) at 5 p.m. too — 

Locations – (it is the SOUTH BERM that is sagging dramatically)




9 thoughts on “SHE’S BLOWING!! < says helicorders

  1. THANKYOU for being on top of this!

    …. We have just been locked into the roller coaster car and its now making its trek up the steep climb…. Hang on folks!

  2. ringside seat to major event and no one seems to have found out yet (checked the stats page)….
    …. LA14 going like a runaway train!

    • WBRZ has film – it’s in WED. News … but I can’t embed it. Has a link …. but that’s before all this stuff this noon.
      No in-person info today.
      They may be dumping gravel on the saggy part. But I think the helicorders are showing a slough in or subsidence of the south berm.

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