Texas Brine Observes CODE 3




Freedomrox says:

TB’s gates have been locked since December 19th, and only Frontier, and LDNR readings were taken in the mornings, and they waited till the regular contractors went on vacation, brought in another crew on New Year’s Day, just a few days after their little announcement of the ‘Emergency Plan’, so the permits would be in place for their little coup. Very dirty dealings… Makes you wonder about that fellow at Frontier Response, Mike Taylor, who also participated in the BP coverup. Of course, you know that Mark Cartwright and Bruce Martin knew. No Safety meeting, no nothing, and did they even have insurance to cover the workers? Someone can easily get killed in this environment. Someone needs to deal with these loose cannons…
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47 thoughts on “Texas Brine Observes CODE 3

  1. I’m beginning to believe that either TB and the people who work their have no understanding at all about geology and so should not be allowed to dig or do any work any where or they really think they can cover up the nightmare they’ve created. And how much money do you have to offer a man to not only work on a holiday but also do so in a dangerous NO work zone? You couldn’t pay me enough to do it – if I’m dead or injured that money is useless. What is wrong with these people running these corporations? It can’t just be greed.

    • these are the End Times. the evil one knows he has very little time left before the return of the Lord. his hatred for God, & All that God has made that is Good, Beautiful & Holy, cannot be fathomed.


  2. I agree with Question Everything. But, is someone in the bulldozer? Or is it parked? I WOULD like to know what’s wrong with these people too! Maybe it falls under Eddie Edward’s just because it is a friend doesn’t mean they aren’t qualified. But, it doesn’t mean they are either.

    • the dozer is doing work to raise the height of the berm…
      but too big a hazard!

      Sorry you got stuck in spam bin!

      • Someone saw them? If they did you supported evidence that they do things on the sneak on holidays which is why it is most important to be extra vigilant in holiday season. I think the comment got deleted by the reader. Don’t know. (We need to be saved. But, No one knows the day or the hour.)

      • yes, they were seen …. photo is from reliable source. And work witnessed. I added the date and text at the bottom. They are trying to fix the sag.
        The water inside the berm is so salty (never-mind oily etc.) it will kill everything in the bayou if it gets out. It is a freshwater ecosystem.

  3. Thanks and thanks for the clarification on salt vs. fresh, etc. I guess it’s a bit like Fukushima in that someone has to go in there to try to save the environment. Do you think they may be successful in steadying it and preventing it from collapsing by putting enough dirt? Or, do they just put off the inevitable? I guess time will tell.
    Thanks again for the pic. and everything.

  4. TB’s gates have been locked since December 19th, and only Frontier, and LDNR readings were taken in the mornings, and they waited till the regular contractors went on vacation, brought in another crew on New Year’s Day, just a few days after their little announcement of the ‘Emergency Plan’, so the permits would be in place for their little coup. Very dirty dealings… Makes you wonder about that fellow at Frontier Response, Mike Taylor, who also participated in the BP coverup. Of course, you know that Mark Cartwright and Bruce Martin knew. No Safety meeting, no nothing, and did they even have insurance to cover the workers? Someone can easily get killed in this environment. Someone needs to deal with these loose cannons…

  5. What is at the root here, what has been driving this whole fiasco from the start? One word can answer this. MONEY. Man’s greed for the almighty dollar. It has been said Bayou Corne is the trigger to something much bigger. I don’t know if it is but the evidence is compelling. This incident cannot be stopped by man, it will either run it’s course or in fact be that trigger that starts other cataclymic events. As far as Texas Brine, they are not doing anything any other company would be doing with this situation. If you remember at the beginning they were forthright and brought to the table what they knew and what they thought would not incriminate them. After Brockovich came they shut down the open pipeline. People wanted answers from TB but weren’t getting the ones they wanted to hear. Now they are getting nothing. If it wasn’t for a few good doers we would be totally in the blind. We can say TB is crazy for putting people on the berm whle it is sinking and in the next breath we will lambast them if everything in the swamp dies because of chemical and salt water contmaination. This incident will have no winners. Thanks for keeping us informed because we have to make educated decisions on when to leave the area. Making decisions based on emotion doesn’t do anybody any good. Most times they are rash and lead to further failure. We’re all worried or scared for the outcome in it’s totallity is unknown but we can’t let our fears drive us. Again thanks for the information, it is valuable. The shame is that very few people are aware of this or even willing to talk about it.

    • http://thecommonsenseshow.com/2013/12/21/a-devastating-false-flag-attack-event-is-coming-our-way/

      check the link above. It was posted here a few days ago. Here’s an excerpt from that link….

      I just completed a conference call and was told that there is sighting of Peter Sutherland and he had a meeting with the Army Corps of Engineers in Alabama. When I heard this, I almost swallowed my tongue. If this is true, the UN is going to be involved in what is coming.

      Peter Sutherland is the scoundrel that I identified as my chief suspect as to who was the mastermind behind the Gulf Oil Explosion. He is also the head of the UN Migration Council which means he would be involved in population transfers involving the US citizens under the auspices of the United Nations.

      Read these articles and you will see the dots begin to connect on the information that I have been provided. You must read this article. The relevant part begins with Peter Sutherland which is about 3/4ths the way down the page. As you are reading this, and if you are not a sheep in your level of awareness, your face will turn white as a ghost! If you don’t read the article, you will miss the underlying events and players.


      After reading this article, I think the readers will see quite clearly on why this event is likely to be the New Madrid Fault on the Southern end because it will greatly impact the Gulf. I think that this is the second punch of a one-two punch which started on April 20, 2010 which was designed to depopulate the Gulf. Did you note from the article that Sutherland is a Bilderberg Council Member and the former head of the European Division of the Trilateral Commission? He worked for BP and Goldman Sachs before the Gulf explosion. Goldman Sachs facilitated the money movement between the four major players prior to the event which demonstrates that this was a conspiracy of the highest order.

      In a conference call I was on, I thought I recognized the voice of one of the participants. Do you remember when Jesse Ventura interviewed SI Rees and her assistant from the Army Corps of Engineers on the show Conspiracy Theory? I am really good with voices and I swear that voice was that of the assistant.

      In Jesse’s interview, it was revealed that Jesse had a document from the Army Corps which showed that the Army Corps had been given $40 billion dollars to evacuate the Gulf. I found the document on the website of the Army Corps in Mobile, AL. However, the document is now classified. As I stated, one of the voices on the conference phone call sounded like SI Rees assistant. He refused to identify himself. This former Army Corps official stated that when he objected to the manner that the coming evacuation was going to be conducted, with none of the citizens being allowed to take personal possessions as they are ushered out of their homes just like they were in the aftermath of the Boston Marathon Bombing, he was fired. Doesn’t this match what many of us have been told about the fact that the Russians have been promised the booty from the homes that are evacuated? Another dot connected.

      I have long said that the Gulf was going to be depopulated to make room for the energy companies such as the Algae farms being invested in by Soros, Gore and company, that are being developed in the Gulf. I think that this coming event is a preemptive event designed to test evacuation and detention procedures as well as to test the entire scope of the operational plan including the plan to execute identified dissidents and allow the Russians to loot their homes. I would encourage everyone to read my seven part series on the Gulf as you will see how close I was too much of this three years ago. Simply google “Dave Hodges and Great Gulf Coast Holocaust”. You will also learn how the use of the oil dispersant, corexit, was used as opposed to other agents. It ties into the depopulation plans of the Gulf.

      Before you write to me and tell me that the New Madrid Fault Line is far removed from the Gulf of Mexico, you need to consider that it is not as far removed as you might be aware of. Jack Reed is a retired Texaco geologist-geophysicist who has studied the geology of the Gulf of Mexico for over four decades. Reed states that the Gulf of Mexico is tectonically active, and that the Gulf of Mexico is the source for most seismic activity along the New Madrid fault despite the fact that the New Madrid Fault is over 200 miles away at its most Southern point. Reed further stated that there is definitive evidence that the New Madrid fault zone is directly connected to “deeply buried tectonics” in the Gulf of Mexico. Therefore, an earthquake in the New Madrid Fault Line would have catastrophic consequences all the way out to the buried tectonics in the Gulf of Mexico.Clearly BP upset these deeply buried tectonics with the explosion and unleashed all that oil into the water table and sediment levels inland. This is a train wreck waiting to happen.

      After I discovered that the Gulf Oil Explosion was a false flag event, I said there would be a follow up event. This is that follow up event. And I think it is logical to believe that there will not just be one earthquake event, I would bet on several earthquakes with each being more severe than the previous. We already know that the salt domes in Louisiana are collapsing under the stress. See some of the evidence below.
      Mix in a HAARP produced hurricane and you have quite a mess.

      The globalists don’t usually make one dimensional plans. What we see here is the beta test for evacuations, roundup and possibly worse. We also see a geographic area the globalists would like to depopulate, namely, the Gulf, so they can it make it their cap and trade energy hub in a brilliant plan. However, the evacuation plan is not yet implemented which means we can stop it by exposing this planned event.
      f this is not the knockout punch for the Gulf, it is the precursor event.

      And Tony, a youtube channel I subscribe to shared a vision from the Lord a few months ago depicting what will happen to Louisiana because of the evil and greed of money. Watch the video and think about what is currently going on. Annie, the author of the video whom had the vision stated in a later video that she figured out the green and white symbol on the side of the truck to be possibly Islam because it resembled the colors of a flag. I haven’t seen any vehicles that matched that description yet, so I don’t know how “close” we are to the end should that video spell out our future.

    • One ray of hope is article in Newsweek shows TPTB are watching with interest…. even if it’s greedy interest.
      As this disaster expands the strategic petro reserves may be threatened and if it looks like that I think the hammer will come down on Texas Brine.
      They need to be kicked out and let real problem solvers in.
      Texas Brine has too much litigation to act in the public interest.
      They are acting in ‘cover my a55’ interest!!

      • You can bet they are in CYA mode. The concern for the strategic oil reserves should have been long before this however better late then never!

      • I think concern is on Newsweek’s part (unstated) and NOT on TeXAS Brine’s! Just opinion … no proof.

    • ” … we have to make educated decisions on when to leave the area. Making decisions based on emotion doesn’t do anybody any good.”


      It appears the emotional part is long past as this has been going on for how long now ?

      When was the last time it was reported (truthfully) that this on going catastrophe has even come close to containment, let alone reversal ?

      Even if this thing doesn’t turn instantly catastrophic and finally blow and/or completely cave in (taking much of the area [or state] with it, which all evidence thus far points to that inevitable conclusion, what about all the long term effects of the toxins and carcinogens, etc., etc., etc., already spewed and continuing to spew on an increasing (multiplying) basis? It won’t reach your area ?

      I could go on, but let’s just say “A prudent man sees evil (e.g., danger) and hides himself, The naive proceed and pay the penalty.” Proverbs 27: 12.

      • boiling frog syndrome … =sigh=
        extra tough on Bayou Corne residents as they have so much family nearby …. they are still in shock….

      • I am over 100 miles away. Do I feel totally safe, no not at all. But if I would have left six. eight months ago, I would be broke and lost my retirement. In the end game it might not be there anyways. I am always ready to leave here in a moments notice. I believe if the good Lord wants me to leave and go on I will. If he wants me to expire here than that will happen. I watch. educate myself , and pay attention to what’s going on and will leave when it seems the right time. I believe that time is close, very close. As far as toxins and carcinogens, they spray nough on me everyday with the damn chemtrails. I have learned how to combat that to some extent. I take your words with a good heart and open mind.

        David in Harahan, I did go to that site (Commonsense…) good site. I will view the video tonight. At work now.

      • Tony,

        100 + miles may or mat not be far enough. No one knows at this point.

        It was I who posted the Common Sense Show article, but there was another link for an eye opening interview:


        Scroll down to the comment exchange between Keith M., FCF and I and you’ll find the link to the interview (2nd link).

        Also read the additional replies regarding this subject. As always, have your “salt shaker” handy.

        Regarding the admonition Solomon was inspired to write: If you see the danger, then take action. If you don’t, then don’t. But, if The Almighty is indeed allowing you to see a danger, then take heed. You know, He just might be able to keep you from going broke, too.

        Regarding loosing your “retirement”, whatever retirement plan(s) you have, will be toast anyway. The plans (and legislation) are already in the works to force you to accept gov. “guaranteed” annuities. What ever you have in or on paper will become worthless, and sooner than you think.

        Didn’t they just do something like that in Poland ?

        Is you want me to post links on these subjects and what’s coming, let me know.

      • Chris, you can post off-the-path links here in comments. We talk about all subjects in comments. Plus everyone knows we have a wide readership and no one will be offended if someone posts something outside their ideas or conclusions of what to make of bayou Corne.
        Many differing views of readers in the comments section.

      • Well, OK, but hang on to your hats. This interview is a real “Barn Burner”: http://www.tfmetalsreport.com/podcast/5349/jackass-roasting-open-fire

        I would also recommend Jim Willie’s website: http://goldenjackass.com/main5.html

        The information contained therein will be difficult for most that are unfamiliar with what’s really going on economically to get a real grip on, as well as to understand the real implications the financial scene is connected to what is happening all around us.

        When the Apostle Paul was inspired to write “The love of money is the root of all evil”, he wasn’t just talking about personal greed, but rather, the power to create “money” out of thin air (e.g., Fractional Reserve Banking) “Allow me to control the credit and issue the currency of any nation, and I care not who makes it’s laws” Nathan Rothschild.

        When you listen to the interview, get past the first several minutes where they’re exchanging common understandings, jokes, etc. and get ready and try and digest the report.

        I’m quite familiar with the various topics presented therein, but even I had to listen to it 3 times to really put things in perspective and grasp this presentation. I plan on additional listening.

        Everything must be compared to His Scripture for final verification. I see in the information presented in this interview more clarification of the economic collapse in Rev 18, which is the Babylonian Debt Money System (Not all the various other contrived ideas put forth by those who are “deceived and being deceived”).

        FCF and others, Still want more ? Let me know.

        P.S. I noticed you didn’t correct my typos. Boy, hard to find good help these days. I don’t know how to do that yellow smiley face thing, so, Ha, ha, ha.

  6. THURSDAY: Again with the bulldozers!

    I am holding off on posting anything today to keep that photo as the top story 🙂

  7. Well FCF, the helicorters are sure “posting”..and again I keep thinking of the expanding ONE MILE deep hole Texas Brine is trying to fill around. The fill on top of the berms..is sqeezing out like wet toothpaste from BOTH sides of the bottom..they need to build a HUGE pyramid..of rocks and gravel to make a base for a berm. And then the weight…”GOOD MORNING VIETNAM!”

    • I like the idea of the Freeze Wall. They did it in the 90s at Weeks Island. It is here (just use Weeks Is. on the search bar or look around in the Methane page).

  8. And just look at the yellow booms all under water..what good are they doing? Containment as mentioned in the state reports? HAH! Texas Brine needs a few more fines..and PAY a few more fines. Anyone know how to report a oil/gas leak…???? Orr just take a sample of the water in front of homes in Bayou Corne aquafier….

  9. In the final analysis one would have to deduct that their earthly lives will change dramatically and if you’re not a chosen one you will perish anyways. As a Christian I will strive to live as long as I can knowing that I will ultimately lose physically but will win spiritually. We all do the best we can.

    • Tony,

      In the future, hit the last reply button you see to keep the subject and conversation in the proper flow. Had I not scrolled down, I would have missed your reply.

      Remember that The Christ ordered us to “Occupy ’till I return”. All too many so called “Christians” are too heavenly minded to be any earthly good (That is not necessarily directed at you, so please don’t take it that way).

      There’s no where in The Scriptures that promise us we’ll “fly away” to heaven. “It is appointed but for once for man to die, and then the resurrection”.

      Nor is there an eternal “shake and bake” sentence to “hell”, an ideology that come from paganism (remember the two coins given to the hooded guy on the boat to take you over ?); but rather a sentence to eternal death (i.e., non existence) for refusal to repent, be Baptized (full immersion) FOR the remission of sins (Law breaking), Acts 2: 38, and rejection of Him and His Kingdom/Will on earth.

      The old English word “hell” means the grave, nothing more, nothing less; like to “hell potatoes” or “helmet” ( i.e., a covering, like the grave).

      There is a way out of this mess, but it can’t be properly covered within the limits of comment sections of various blog sites.

      Do take the time to review the information I’ve posted thus far and use you own discernment, but more importantly, be like the “noble Bereans, searching the Scripture to see if these things be so.”

      If you wish additional information on this subject, let me know and I’ll do my best to provide.

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