Proof Lake FUBAR is Leaking Past the Failing Berm & Thursday News


And reader, Jec sent this photo in of a useless, sunken boom:


Texas Brine put out a fact-sheet (Jan. 2) saying they have everything under control and the ikk isn’t seeping from Lake FUBAR because of they liner they put in.

Jan. 4 video –



Story from France on Lake FUBAR < translation – see comment here…

fireradiation   Stuart Smith – Big Oil still poisoning Louisiana with radiation   

Thurs. afternoon all the helicorders shown fuzz like this:

LA17fuzz .  .   heli_button  We’ll have to wait for quittin’ time to see what’s really happening.

DNR has an Inspection Report for today.

Crosstex (butane cavern) has an update for Dec. 28


9 p.m. CST – Well past quittin’ time – – – seismos should be all calm now . . .




26 thoughts on “Proof Lake FUBAR is Leaking Past the Failing Berm & Thursday News

  1. Here’s the translation of the French article from google translate.
    This new information freshly posted by the Louisiana Sinkhole Bugle is alarming while the graph below sharing the feeling that “some” thing is happening in the region of the famous sinkhole in Louisiana. Are questioning whether the time seismic pulses have anything to do with the recent volcanic eruption of El Salvador, the Bugle calls their story “Something of Pretty Huge Just after noon, they do not want you to see . “. In the first video there is an update to the sinkhole while TheGroxt1 gives us his opinion on the sinkhole from the standpoint of prophecy and the role of NWO and the Illuminati in this disaster.

    • Here’s the translation from google translate of the title of the French article. I didn’t have time earlier to post everything.
      Something big that they do not want you to see: Update on Sinkhole Louisiana

      • Which one? You are getting more than shows. Many go on anonymously now and so WordPress can’t track and they claim they are trying to hide info from spy services. That’ s why your stats don’t show. My last comment didn’t go out and I am too lazy to rewrite.

      • I’ll find yr comment.
        Before It’s News item had a lot of traffic… it got reposted everywhere and talked about on a lot of forums.

      • Miningawareness, most of the time I have to hit “comment” two or three times until I finally see the wordpress site pop into my browser. When compiling a large post, I compile off site and then past my “comment” in the “comment” box. This way if my comment doesn’t post, I have the original comment to retry. I have learned different ways because I, too, have had difficulties from time to time.

      • I run this blog and I have to try 3-5 times just to get it to show up! WordPress is messing with it!

  2. Alert 1: Wind Advisory – Expires 1/2/2014 6:15AM
    WIND ADVISORY REMAINS IN EFFECT UNTIL 6 AM CST FRIDAY Urgent – Weather Message National Weather Service New Orleans LA415 PM CST Thu Jan 2 2014
    … Windy Conditions Continue Through Tonight… … Cold Temperatures And Wind Chills Tonight…
    .A Strong Cold Front Will Bring Windy Conditions… Along WithCold Temperatures And Wind Chills Through Tonight.
    Assumption-St. James-St. John The Baptist-Upper Lafourche-St. Charles-Upper Jefferson-Orleans-Upper Plaquemines-Upper St. Bernard-Upper Terrebonne-Lower Terrebonne-Lower Lafourche-Lower Jefferson-Lower Plaquemines-Lower St. Bernard-Including The Cities Of… Pierre Part… Labadieville… Paincourtville… Lutcher… Gramercy… Laplace… Reserve… Thibodaux… Raceland… Larose… Destrehan… Norco… Metairie… Kenner… New Orleans… Belle Chasse… Chalmette… Violet… Houma… Bayou Cane… Chauvin… Dulac… Montegut… Galliano… Cut Off… Golden Meadow… Port Sulphur… Empire… Yscloskey415 PM CST Thu Jan 2 2014
    … Wind Advisory Remains In Effect Until 6 AM CST Friday…
    * Timing… Strong Winds Continue… Peaking In The Mid To Late Afternoon Inland From The Tidal Lakes And Coast… And This Evening And Overnight Near The Tidal Lakes And Coast.
    * Winds… Northwest To North Winds 20 To 30 Mph With Gusts 35 To 40 Mph. The Highest Winds Will Be Along And Near The Southshore Of Lake Pontchartrain… The Coastal Marshes… And Over Elevated Bridges And Overpasses.
    * Impacts… Light Weight Items… Including Lawn Furniture And Trash Cans… May Be Blown Over. Strong Crosswinds Will Occur At Times… Especially On Elevated Bridges And Overpasses.
    * Wind Chills… Winds And Lowered Temperatures Will Create Wind Chills In The 20 To 25 Degree Range After Midnight Into Friday Morning.
    Precautionary/Preparedness Actions…
    A Wind Advisory Means That Winds Of 26 To 39 Mph Are Expected.Winds This Strong Can Make Driving Difficult… Especially For High Profile Vehicles. Use Extra Caution. Drivers Are Urged To Keep A Firm Grip On The Steering Wheel… Especially On Bridges And Overpasses.

    • To be honest, I hope the winds don’t get too high, for the reason that, the roots of those trees are likely to be very entangled, and with Lake Fubar and the pipe-roads being so open there’s a chance that if high winds do get in among them some of them may get blown over.

      In the middle of the enclosed area, that shouldn’t be a problem. BUT, near the berm there’s the possibility that the root systems may actually pass underneath a berm, if a tree should fall that’ll damage the berm.

      Not just to make it collapse, which would be the worst-cased scenario, but to ‘invisibly’ damage the integrity ( cracks etc ), allowing fluid to seep under the berm, unseen by anybody there.

      • For the inconvenience factor… The more they have you and the other residents here, running around, the more irritated they hope you’ll all get, maybe they’re hoping you’ll give up and stop informing people.

      • and lately YouTube won’t even show the comments … and today Google refused translation if I didn’t elect to download their sh1tty browser.

  3. I made this very same point on FB. You can see the actual chlorides floating on top, and that doesn’t include the low-grade, and heavier metals that booms do not capture. It also seems common sense is a rare commodity, for any earthen, sand, or clay berm cannot stop the extrusions from below what the berm sits upon. Ask yourself this, how does the waters in an aquifer flow? Through SANDS! These berms have been a joke from the beginning.

  4. It’s nice that somewhat took the story back up and translated it into French. I could have sworn that it was written by someone from Quebec, but they claim to be French, French. Google translate has gotten pretty good for French. If you ever have something serious in French that you want checked by two French-English bilinguals you can put a comment anywhere on our blog. Our comments don’t go up automatically and so we can just reply — assuming we still are getting comments as we don’t seem to be getting any. Or, ask when I comment. I also have the google translate app set up for all languages if you need it.

  5. I forgot to say. I was thinking about it and I am certain that you will KNOW when the sinkhole bottoms out. Or, you will have a dream, or you will have an intuition. I’m not sure if you were born in that area or not but you have a connection due to your labor of love on this blog. So, I think if you listen you will know.

    • how this blog started was it was supposed to be up for 1-2 mos. when the sinkhole first started in Aug. 2012.
      A few days in, after posting the CNN story etc. on the FC blog I figured I’d make a ‘special’ blog just for Bayou Corne. My original post became what’s now the Salt Dome page.
      When I started looking up info on salt domes I got so much I wanted to categorize it with a blog where I could set up pages for maps etc.
      And it grew and grew just like Lake FUBAR.
      I just wish I had put more categories in at the start.

      • Yeah, our blog was supposed to be 3 posts and end a year ago. The three Haiti mining companies, period. You’ve done a fab job. We don’t even have any categories. Ours will have to end when we move because packing takes time. Whichever you or me leaves first will have to leave a forwarding email and then I can take you both to Cracker Barrel when and if I get a chance to go to Picayune.

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