Texas Brine Bulldozer at Work All Night?


That must all be showing up because a bulldozer is driving back and forth over the helicorders all night long! nightshift

It can’t be self-generating tremors under Lake FUBAR because Dept. of Conservation says it’s so stable and they only have teeny-tiny MICRO quakes there. Not these whoppers.

This is just as scary as a Steven King novel – Jumping Jack Flash’s pictorial December summary of crazy (methan H2S induced) events.


There was a CRAZY SPIKE on the charts at 6:08 A.M.. It was on LA10-03, 12 (real big), 18 and 17-02.



Bizarre Earthquake Lights Tied to Rifts in Earth

The AdvocateTexas Brine to build new barrier at sinkhole

[snip] . . . “It sank a foot in a week,” said John Boudreaux, director of the parish Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness.
The latest drop left the levee of sand, clay, limestone and protective liner about 4.5 feet lower than its designed height of 6 feet above the surface, he said.
Boudreaux said the sunken section of levee likely would have gone underwater by Friday or Saturday without the interim repairs. . . .

Before It’s News – La. Quakes Make Sinkhole Rapidly Gulp Levee, New Action Started

Louisiana Sinkhole Quake Activity Uptick & South Berm Crippled!

The Watchers – Southern berm of Louisiana sinkhole sagging

Natural gas boom spurs methanol rush < they will probably just hook a pipe up to Lake FUBAR 😉

HOUSTON — The natural gas boom has turned the United States into a magnet for production of methanol, with nine major plants expected to be built, expanded or restarted in the country in the coming years. . .

Seismic chart readers: The U. of Memphis redid their CERI homepage and it is easier to use and easier to find monitor locations. CERI is on the sidebar   under ‘Seismic Monitoring’.

19 thoughts on “Texas Brine Bulldozer at Work All Night?

  1. Not to worry..TEXAS BRINE employees (who are not supposed to be working at the edge of the sinkhole or inside the berms?!!) must have dropped the bulldozer by accident. SLPOOSH THUD THUMP. Good thing they can work safely on TOP of the berm that is subsiding into the muck of the sinkhole depths. Now the berm could NOT collapse like those trees did? Straight down one mile??? NAW..not likely (sarcasm). I can see the Workman’s Comp claims now…workers fell into hole, some disappeared, not employers fault as workers were not to be inside the berm area (sarcasm).

    • and see how the local “journos” avoid the site like a plague. No traffic chopper fly-overs, no snooping around, no tree climbing photographers …
      My high school paper was more aggressive in reporting than these schmucks.

      • I know, I know. But local tv nearby already has camera helicopters they use for traffic and minor tv news stories and they WON’T FLY OVER!

  2. iWhen the berm collapses and pollutes Bayou Corne –THEN all the media will suddenly get “on board”..but now is the time to protect the waterway and the families there. NOT after the fact. Can’t Texas Brine and the LA State folks understand waiting until its too late is not an effective approach? Its like having a diagnosis of possible cancer..and waiting until its spread to all major organs..to suggest chem or surgery. By then, too late…Just saying. And realize that no one really knows what may happen in the future for this mess made by Texas Brine..but just sitting on hands is not the solution. Unless you are Texas Brine, I guess, and playing with those fingers….

    • I have noticed the more dangerous Bayou Corne gets the more the area media put football and sports headlines at the top of their billing. As if ‘bad news’ will make readers unsubscribe or turn the channel.

  3. what exactly causes the heliacorder to make such a pronounced move like the event at 6:08 a.m.? and what percentage of the population in the State of Louisiana do you think is even aware of what might happen if the entire Lou Ann salt dome collapses? An event I sense is growing closer with every day? Because most regular salt of the earth type of working men and women are totally unprepared for such an event I fear, and given the fact that we are the fig tree generation and that there is a small remnant of people who understand and discern who we are and where we are going, it is our responsibility to warn as many others as we can. Praise God for bringing us this far and giving us this knowledge, now let us all be about our Father’s business and turn as many as we can away from the fires of hell and towards the free gift of eternal salvation offered by our Messiah Jesus Christ.

    • well, I wish I knew some answers. But every Louisianan who reads Newsweek now knows the danger of Bayou Corne!!

  4. I follow Jumping Jack, and posted his month of December in review which is completely and insanely frightening. Do I ever get a response? And I post from Arctic News, including the methane levels. No responses. Do the people know that the methane in the Gulf and BC is a set time bomb and probably will set off the New Madrid ? If the information is not discussed on Honey BooBoo, I guess not.

    • well we got it here. look up ‘Methane Chex Mix’ or ‘methane’ and we are all over under sea methane and arctic methane ….
      Plus if you see any NEW methane release stories anywhere in the world send them HERE. They will get posted.
      the fissure from BP spill to Bayou Corne idea may include larger methane leaks, hence our interest.

  5. I have tried many, many tjmes to tell my friends of the dangers lurking in the gulf, just offshore to the Louisiana coastline. Ive tried to explain about the Louanne salt layer that we all live our lives upon, and how it has been systematically eroded overtime, and in secret. How we are essentually living on unstable caprock with a very false sense of security. I try to tell them of the insane dangers of the Louisiana sinkhole, and the details of what will transpire if and when they decide to pull that trigger. I tell you, it falls on deaf ears. They all feel sorry for me because i focus so much on the negative and speak of depressing fictional theories. It is bizarre! Ive prayed about this situation, and this is the realization that I have received. God has sealed the ears of those who cannot bear to know the truth of the horrors at hand, they would be of no use, they are spared of this knowledge and protected as any good father does for his frightened children. Then, there are those he knows can handle the truth of the matters at hand, and he uses them to sound the alarm and be vigilent against evil forces. Those with strong faith and quiet assuradness understand that no matter what happens, they will go home to live in thier fathers kingdom in victory over evil. What then, is there to fear?

    • Thanks! I get a lecture on how I’m just a depressive when i try and tell people.
      So many more in danger besides Louisiana residents.
      And it can be stopped and gov. could act as an educator and assist people with moving etc. but they sit and sit…

      • That’s the part that kills me, fcf!! The government could stop this, help people evacuate to reduce loss of life, educate, and more and yet they sit by and do nothing! It just enrages me that those who have the power and the means to do something about these events act as though there is nothing to do while those of us who care, who will be effected most by what’s going on are unable to do what is necessary. We have the desire but we don’t have the means and as you said, trying to educate others just makes them think you’re depressing, paranoid, or possibly crazy. Sorry for the rant, it’s all just so frustrating.

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