What if the big Plate at the Top of S. America Connected to Louisiana?

Here is a map of the big continental plates. Look at the line going north and south through Louisiana to the shore:


Now what if that connected to the plate/fault line that goes north to south at the top of South America?

[Magenta line added – ]


Our big size map of events in the Gulf of Mexico that look like a fault line:



This is from today’s RSOE map (drawn on):


An exact map of the ancient  Mississippi volcano location. Related faults, volcanoes items are the Methane page .

More on Gulf of Mexico events:

 Gulf event map


17 thoughts on “What if the big Plate at the Top of S. America Connected to Louisiana?

  1. You also have to consider man-made earthquakes as the US has a HAARP system on the western side of Puerto Rico.

      • good … that’s further from me … also loop current pretty much quit thanks to BP ….

      • HAARP Puerto Rico is probably closer to central south of Puerto Rico.

        World HAARP map.  There are other HAARP systems that I know of not depicted on this map.  These systems can reconfigure the earth through earthquakes, volcanoes,  tsunamis, storms, and in ways I don’t know yet.I’m posting this here because landscape redesigning in the Gulf of Mexico/Caribbean is discussed in Flyingcuttlefish’ s main story.

        YouTube video! HAARP Puerto Rico.

        – The most important U.S. Navy Base in the Atlantic is in the island of Vieques, P.R. This is where NATO rehearses the different invasions they have been involved, with many YEARS in advance!!! For example, they rehearsed the invaion of Kuwait since the early 80’s. People in Puerto Rico are now united to get the Navy out of the island after one civillian was killed but they insist that “Vieques is unique” for their “exercies”. It has been reported that they have “Tesla coils” and that they have tested them with civillians, which are found calcinated.

        [Writers use HAARP, Tesla coil, TTA(Tesla Tech. Array) interchangeably]

        Have you heard about Puerto Rico? – HiddenMysteries Conspiracy Archive

      • O think I heard on radio that Vieques, P.R. is full of D.U. from bomb practice …. everyone getting sick!

  2. I’ve often thought that the RSOE map was the most likely.

    If you draw a line that follows the New Madrid fault system out into the gulf, it’ll connect up to the top of the northern circle, continuing down through the southern circle, it points directly at a set of north-south ridges which in turn point at Panama, and beyond that to the southern edge of the Cocos plate.

  3. I think if you put some of these maps together they may support your idea. There were some others if you type Gulf of Mexico tectonics. The first few are paid but then there are free ones. I don’t have the time right now to go through this thoroughly, just scanned through and looked at the maps. The first has something called the Ouachita origon (not origin but origon) coming down the river but then there seem to be things cutting across in the other ones.
    http://www.tectonicanalysis.com/site/downloads/Pindell_Kennan_2009_Caribbean_GoM_update_PREPRINT.pdf I think there were one or two that I forgot to save.

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