More Train Derailments, East And West

North American Craton Plate shifting??

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By Susan Duclos

Two train derailments, both with fatalities, one on the East Coast and one out West, both in the same weekend. According to a thread on conspiracy sites, the list of train derailments and/or incidents across the globe since April 2013 is considerably longer than people might believe without seeing it. So, go ahead and lookat the individual post (it will open in a new tab or window.)

As for this weekends tragic events, one occured the Bronx, NY on Sunday, which killed four and injured 67 and 11 of the injured are reportedly in critical condition.

The other which occurred on Saturday in Silver City, NM, which killed the three train operators after the train derailed and fell 40 to 50 feet into an arroyo.

The person who emailed me the lead for this story says “seems strange,” referring to two train…

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4 thoughts on “More Train Derailments, East And West

  1. Looking at the geophones for this morning and this evening, shows more belching, and residents have reported a diesel like smell all over the neighborhood. I suspect there will be more reports of slough ins’a as well. Gates were locked today.

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