Methane Chex Mix 2014

This article in pay-per-view Nature Geoscience isn’t free access –  but it looks interesting. Ebullition and storm-induced methane release from the East Siberian Arctic Shelf
The graphics are free to see…

This is a summary of it with a misleading headline –
Global Warming Gas Escapes From Siberian Sea Bed
The seafloor off the coast of Northern Siberia is releasing more than twice the amount of methane, a powerful global warming gas, into the water column as previously estimated, reports a new paper. Furthermore, the research reveals that storms cause this methane to escape into the atmosphere where it can potentially contribute to climate change. . . .

. . .  so naturally they respond to this by sending every drilling ship from every big nation to perforate the he11 out of the seafloor there!

Louisiana Sinkhole Gulf Stream Shift Linked to Methane Gas Escaping from Seabeds  (You Tube disabled the link feature to this for a long time!!)


Climate Change Not Causing Methane Release

Off the coast of Svalbard methane gas flares originating from gas hydrate deposits at depth of several hundred metres have been observed regularly. A new study conducted by an international team under the leadership of scientists from GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel and MARUM – Center for Marine Environmental Sciences in Bremen shows, that the observed outgassing is most likely caused by natural processes and can not be attributed to global warming. The study has been recently published in the internationally renowned scientific journal Science. . . .

Gas hydrates: past and future geohazard? < this will be added to the Methane page
Introduction –  “The importance of gas (methane) hydrates in the global climate systems has only been realized in the last two decades.

Page 5 – “They [gas hydrates] occur at the interface between sediment containing methane hydrate and sediment containing free methane gas; it is the gas that produces the negative reflector. This is because below a certain depth in ocean sediment the geothermal gradient makes the sediment too warm to support the solid gas hydrates, so any methane produced below this depth is trapped as a layer of gas beneath the solid gas hydrate layer.” (has graphic)


Arctic Methane (chart)

Methane Clathrate  – –   a lot of other methane topic documents from (worth registering for so you can download documents)

You can download this document: The World Geographical Encyclopedia < irked by scribed site – they don’t have ‘documents’ section is search options, but they have a huge documents collection. They have a nice world map you can get too.

Jumping Jack Flash: Alert: Clathrate Gun Is Firing (2012 article)

More is on the Methane page.


8 thoughts on “Methane Chex Mix 2014

  1. Storms are not a factor in the release of methane, or we would have already been exterminated in the massive fire that will eventually leave Earth truly “the third rock from the sun”. From reading about the release, the more logical reason is the movements of the tectonic plates. It was only recently discovered that there are 8-9 locations off our east shore that are streaming methane. The blog, Arctic News, has been following the massive methane releases that are reaching a tipping point as to being tolerable for the existence of life. It is indeed global warming that is melting the frozen Arctic and releasing methane into the atmosphere. The chemistry of the ocean water is changing to become more acidic and with the loss of surface marine life, the risk is to the planet’s ability to oxygenate. I have to admit, with all of the ELE’s facing us, I often think of the song, ’50 Ways to Leave Your Lover’ as we count all the ways to lose our planet.

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