New Fly-Over + West Berm Slough-In Video





7 thoughts on “New Fly-Over + West Berm Slough-In Video

  1. Thanks – I’ve been waiting for this. Does it look to you like the Texas Brine offices & staging area (where the 2 huge cauldrons are) are in trouble? Thru the past few months it seems like the land its on is shrinking & more water is encroaching. This latest video (like many others) only offers a tiny glimps of this area which is on the east side. But from what I can see this area is in trouble too – & it’s close to the butane storage caverns. Is this an illusion?

    • My thoughts exactly. There’s always been some water with floating grass on top near that area but now it looks like the foundation of those 2 taknks will soon be unstable.
      Butane is nearby

  2. I would like to thank them for proving beyond a doubt that there is hardly any waters outside the berms, because they have sucked it all into the stinkhole proper. If you will pay attention near the end, you will also see precisely where the communications and flow patterns prove that sinkhole waters are draining into the bayou, and thus to Lake Verret. Look closely. Really hard to miss. South Berm.

    • Additionally, why on earth are they using a State Helicopter? Ben McGee from ‘America Declassified’ used a simple drone and gave a perfect non-reflective view. I don’t think a few hundred bucks would deplete Frontier, Texas Brine’s account for a simple drone, instead of diverting Thousands of dollars for the State chopper, and all on the Taxpayers Tab!

    • I really, really wonder why they posted that vid + the tree falling vid. I think there’s some distension within the APPJ.

    • trying to figure motives of Tex Brine & officials is like trying to read the Kremlin,,,, almost no info …. so this sudden release of info is stunning.

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