Wednesday News, VA Booms and Restore Louisiana Now Story

At 4:15 A.M. (CST) the helicorder at LA12 woke up and burped. Let’s see how the day plays out. In the prior post the video of trees sinking into Lake FUBAR is days old.  And officials chose to ALLOW work at the site AFTER that!

They are keeping the CODE 1 as the helicorders attest. We can only see what’s going on after dark when they quit stomping around with heavy equipment.

WBRZ VIDEO from Dec. 31 – Protection Wall Around Sinkhole Sinks

Tap water is flammable 4 miles from Bayou Corne:


2.1 quake in Howardville, Missouri < MAP

This isn’t sinkhole related but it’s plain weird. Noise event(s) in Virginia

“Police and firefighters in Colonial Heights were called out to three different parts of the city Sunday for reports of mysterious sounds. Some call them booms while others referred to them as explosions. Some said the noises were so intense that they rattled their homes. “It’s a loud, loud boom,” Clint Lanier, who lives in Chesterfield County, told CBS 6 senior reporter Wayne Covil. “It’ ain’t no shotgun and it ain’t no kind of gun. It’s like an explosion.” Sgt. Rob Ruxer with Colonial Heights police said dispatchers received at least three calls just before 5:30 p.m. Sunday from citizens in separate areas of the city about a loud noise. “There was a large boom. I thought it was thunder,” Kelsey Barnes of Colonial Heights said. “It kind of shook the house a little bit, but I have no idea what it was.” Officials have not been able to tie the booms to one specific area, but they have been reported for the past several weeks. ….”   MAP

David vs. Goliath
In his attempt to secure funding for coastal restoration and hurricane protection, John Barry refused to back down in his fight against Big Oil and Gov. Bobby Jindal



24 thoughts on “Wednesday News, VA Booms and Restore Louisiana Now Story

  1. Ineresting story about lights caused by equakes or fault zones.
    Those pesky UFOs might really be electrical output from rocks/fault lines. Now..that raises an interesting question..or what if, like a firestick, this occurs in the middle of a methane venting occurance? Just curious to read about the lights anyway. So if you see ‘earthquake’ could be looking at future earthquakes? Interesting…

    • akkkk… had that one up already. In the bulldozer post.
      Many, many wild lights during Fukushima. Look up UFO and Fukushima in a you tube search …. wild.

    • There are also LIGHTS off shore of NC near by where I live here near the southern coast of Virginia. Now, on the sounds, I have EQ dogs..who have been fussing for three days. Better today, but they have been barking to go out and howling. Since they are small dogs, not a big deal.

      • That’s the same type of sound I posted a few days ago as a possibility for the helicorders going off. They were very loud, numerous and shook my apartment building in Burlington, Vermont. I’ve lived in freezing climates for around 25 years and don’t recall ever hearing bangs, with no explaination, like I heard last weekend. Frostquakes might just be a story to cover the true cause. Everythings OK, go back to sleep–zzzzzzzzzzz.

  2. Mystery booms COULD be a precursor to an impending earthquake OR, it could be this huge satellite which was launched by NASA over a year ago. It is Project Blue Beam. It is huge and has many, many capabilities to give us earthlings an awesome and fear inspiring show through the use of lazer lights and halograms projected in the sky that look 3d realistic. It has a very loud and sophisticated sound system with an array of sounds that will scare you to death and keep you wondering “what the hell???!” Loud booms is just one of the mysteryous sounds it can make. One of the several purposes of chemtrails is to create a reflective screen in the sky with all of the aluminum particles floating in our atmosphere. The sky will become a huge movie screen. One day, you may see an alien invasion, the coming of Christ, the rapture, etc. You’ll be scared, confused, and not know what is real and what is not, and who to believe. Confusion and rumor will abound chaos may ensue. You may ask, “Why would our government bother with all of this?” When they pull this weapon out, it probably will not be OUR government any longer, and these tricks will be played on us, those no longer wanted as citizens of the New World Order. The mystery booms reported around the country, and in other countries as well, could be practice runs for the coming show. Its working, right, got you wondering about the origin of those booms, got you looking around, speculating, talking… Rumors of impending mega earthquakes, planet earth is dying etc, etc, etc. What, and who should you believe?

    • I know about project blue beam …
      But I think it could be the super fast soil freeze effect … from man made winter storm to keep Fukushima radiation plume at bay …
      Yoshi Shimatsu says they do it to protect the military hardware clustered on the west coast, NOT to protect the people who LIVE there.
      (audio file)
      [audio src="" /]

    • Have seen very ominous looking characters in the sky, at first thought I might be loosing it, as a child always saw fun things like elephants! Joined the FB group Chemtrails Global Skywatch and realized I was not alone! FCF – wish I could believe they have our well being in mind.

      • Hey FCF,

        Speaking of spam (ghastly swine product), I put a plug in for your site in the comment section of this political blog: (back door sort of method).

        Go to the comment section, after my comment “Third attempt to post … ” and see what Dean G. replied regarding your spam destination of comments trouble. Will it help ? I haven’t a clue.

        My intent was to send others at that site to this blog, just like my intent is to sent people here to that blog, as well as the theme of my comment and links provided therein to help open the eyes of our people to the real plight of this nation.

        Oh, and do check the links I posted, if you all do indeed have a “love of the truth”.

        Dot connecting anyone ?

  3. My conspiracy knowledge leads me to believe that the Helicorders have been intensionally turned off or very likely not displayed on the internet. If that company in Canada was having a problem with their connections, then all Helicorders would be offline. LA12 and LA14 are are showing readings beyond display capabilities. Looks like the mv/division need to be increased, again. Maybe the sinkhole area is experiencing high activity they don’t want made public. I’m sure the Assumption Parish Police Jury would alert the citizens in the case of abnormally high activety. Don’t they have access to the Helicorder readings?

    • my spider sense is tingling too.
      I think you are right.
      They could be desperate to keep the sinking berm from being submerged and are grasping at straws …. OR … they feel burned by all the international publicity and want to control the info out.

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