Helicorders Konking Out + Thursday News

They are dead or turned off. And they are making workers go out on these berms. With 100 foot trees being eaten.


After 3 p.m. (1500) this big 5.0 quake off Cuba showed on LA17-02. It showed a lot more on this Arkansas helicorder.
Earthquake rattles Cuba, South Florida

Did it affect Lake FUBAR? The caverns below? Tonight (at 7:10 CST) the helicorders seem lagging about 15 min. late and more. We took a screen grab when it was caught up to 5 minutes lateThey are not displaying live data.



The AdvocateTexas Brine wants insurance company to pay claims
State asked to make insurer obey its policy
By David J. Mitchell

Texas Brine Co., the Houston company blamed for the Bayou Corne-area sinkhole, has filed a formal complaint with the Louisiana Department of Insurance, alleging one of the company’s insurers is not paying up as its policy requires. . .

WAFB –  Texas Brine says insurance company has put them in a hole  < WITH MAP OF THE NEW SOUTH BERM PLAN!!  map of the berm plan


NOTE: We updated our Jan. 2 post about oil leaking past the berms as Texas Brine put out a disclaimer the same day. Did they read our post?


29 thoughts on “Helicorders Konking Out + Thursday News

  1. How saving of Texas Brine! That way any employees injured will not have any evidence that Texas Brine KNEW of danger in Bayou Corne. Of course, this is sarcasm, but sadly true. No evidence, no claims for injury.

    • if they don’t KNOW it is safe they shouldn’t put ANYONE out there!!!
      I hope workers know ….

    • That is very good.
      When I was a kid the fire dept. would put an old tire around the fire hydrants and light it on fire to keep them from freezing. It would smolder a long time.
      Remember to shovel snow away from fire hydrants.
      In NYC we lost 5 firemen in a fire on a very snowy day. They were slow putting the fire out because they couldn’t locate buried hydrants near the building. A famous sad day there.

    • When it dropped to 19 degrees in Houston one year, I stuck a ceramic heater in the attic. I was the only person I knew who didn’t have burst pipes. Not so sure I’d want something with a flame up there, even if covered by a flower pot.

      • Forgot to mention in a metal pan. It does seem alittle risky, but all temporary things are and doing nothing can be very expensive. If your only source of heat is electric, and that goes out, it is a way to create some heat. Have known people who had kerosene heaters blow up in their houses! FCF never heard of the fire hydrant/burning tire trick, that’s neat!

      • a small low watt work-light is enough for some pipes….. old homes have lights that sometimes come on in cold temps for that purpose.

      • How to Prevent Water pipes from freezing

        Let the water have a slow constant drip from the faucet this is cheaper than repairing it.
        Water won’t freeze if moving.

      • They had a guy on tv that said he had all his faucets on slow drip and when he gets it fixed they will be on full flow if the temps ever get that low again. Pipes in the ceiling, never knew they did that! Up north we had what they called heat tape on the pipes in trailers and such, a slow electrical charge kept them warm. If you had a fire hydrant in front of your house, it is your civic duty to keep it clear. Not something that easily applies to NYC, but still the property owner should have that responsibility.

      • Electrical tape won’t work when the power goes out. I leave water slightly running and open cabinets to the pipes if I can spare some heat from the house. I also put old insulation around pipes that aren’t near any heat. I can see how a tiny candle in a fire-proof metal pot might be necessary in certain situations. Thanks for the tips

  2. 5.0 earthquake hit Cuba N. Coast at about 3:55 PM EST. Shook buildings in SW florida. Nasty, 20 km depth, to the east of Havana near N. Coast.

  3. What’s the chances that all the helicordrers are turned off at the same time? Either power source outage for all recorders, or they knew what’s coming and didn’t want any record of it.

    • and never before were there large time lags between real time and the time on the helicorders. Not many minutes, 209 minutes, hours of lateness.
      They are jiggering them (opinion).

  4. Extending the berm as pictured on the map is like trying to put a bandaid on a war wound. I wonder if they will ever have to get around to actually spending more money on dirt. Plan is probably just to apoease the public.

    • All I can find is that graphic from the news. It says “source: Texas Brine” but I cannot find it on the Texas Brine site or the DNR site etc.
      I’d like to find a bigger copy so I can fool with it and make helicorder labels etc. for this blog.

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