Big Seismo Just Before 1 A.M. Friday

At LA14:


It showed on all the helicorders12:55 a.m. is  6:55:00 a.m. UTC/GMT time.

Darrell Goad shows the outages . . .


50 thoughts on “Big Seismo Just Before 1 A.M. Friday

  1. Even the deep bore holes saw them. I wouldn’t be surprised if there isn’t a big chunk of land missing on the south side. That was huge!

  2. Or it could the the cuban earthquake if the recordings were delayed. Just a thought. Its a large event. If not that..someone needs to checkout the size of the sinkhole in daylight…

  3. Since it doesn’t show up on the Temporary AR helicorders, wouldn’t that indicate just a local event? Or are those turned off?

  4. One of the Temporary ‘corders shows a major event around 3 am. I wonder what caused this & where it’s located. Apparently unrelated to this morning’s FUBAR incident.

      • I think that was yesterday, the 9th about 3 pm. But it’s not showing up anywhere else and then the helicorder went down and is still off. Funny stuff…

      • Thanks, Mittens – I’d assumed the date was the same as on the others. Good catch! All the other temps show the same event for the 9th. Only LA 17-02 & LA 10 cleanly show this event.

      • I want someone who handles this data to fess up!!
        What is the point of adulterating the seismic data when we CATCH IT EVERY TIME!

      • Like to scan all news to see what they are up to. Some planes are used? You mean thousands every day huh?

      • My God it’s been 12 years since 9-11 and the government is still sticking with that absurd storyline that a passenger plane knocked over the strongest steel building ever built, and that building 7 died of fright or osmosis the same day. They have become incapable of telling the truth, or anything vaguely resembling the truth.

  5. Where I live in southwestern Michigan, we are having extremely bizarre weather. That polar vortex thing just a few days ago and now it’s near 40 degrees and pouring rain. While the sky was blue today, I counted at least 6 chemtrails around noon. It just seems to me that we are living in somebody else’s dream. They damage our world with their insanity and then try to fix it with more if their insanity. Why is it seeming more and more to me that somehow the laws and powers to manipulate humanity on this entire earth somehow rests in the hands of the insane? Just cannot make heads or tails of this whatsoever. Pollute the air, water, soil for greed, then when, uh oh!!, we may have gone a little too far this time, we’ll just fix it with this poison chemtrail stuff. Kinda like being put on one medication to fix a health problem but then having to go on 2 more to fix the problem that first drug caused, and on and on it goes… nature made it all perfect to begin with. Back to The Garden.

    • I think Shimatsu says it well here —
      [audio src="" /]

      it is ‘them’ trying to save their precious military toys from being knocked out by Japan radiation….

      • No, THEY don’t care how crudely because THEY know THEY can get away with it. We elected either THEM or their buddies. And THEY call THEIR self-legalized murder mafia for their own personal greed The Department of Defense. My gosh, I must have had way too much coffee today💃

      • Oh no!! I cannot watch those! Learned my lesson years ago just with Rosemary’s Baby and reading The Exorcist. Couldn’t sleep for weeks😱

  6. Chemical spill
    I was looking at the Tennessee rivers and TVA dams and where it goes into the Ohio River from there into the Mississippi River.
    That spill in West Virginia does it go into the Tennessee river or Ohio River first from there into the Mississippi River.

    I was look at that Charleston, W. VA – A chemical spill that left the water for 300,000 people in and around West Virginia’s capital city stained blue-green and smelling like licorice.

    I think it goes into the Kanawha river from there into the Ohio River
    Or is it into the Elk River from there into the Kanawha river from there into the Ohio River.
    It all about witch side of the Appalachian Mountain you’re on.

    • Good Report Walter,

      I have a sneekin’ suspicion that false flag “plans c, d, or e” have started with this and the “virus outbreak”, with the 60% fatality rate, showing up here and there and increasing cases, has begun.

      Maybe New Madrid, with sinkhole in the middle, and Gulf fault connection coming soon to a theater near you.

      • Chris = take a looksee at who is on Board of directors of Serle etc. making the Rx for these ‘new’ bugs…

      • FCF,

        Are you referring to past (Head Honco): (famous for “Rumsfeld’s desease” via aspartame [developed by the Edomite Robert B.Shapiro; oh I’m sure he meant us no harm], as well as “Hey Saddam, try these chemicals on your Kurd trouble”) ?

        Or present ?

        I tried to find current members, but kept getting Pfizer and Monsanto stuff, as they’re all one big happy family now.

        If present, prey, do tell, who is it ?

      • I was thinking of Rumsfeld and all his PNAC buddies. And the gang at MITRE who early “invested” in disease “prevention” air filters for military housing along with the the Baker firm etc. etc.
        A bunch of goons.
        Oh, and THEY did the anthrax attacks and everybody knows it.

      • poor Oprah!
        Anymore whales crashing onto Sunset Strip? Or walruses coming to Disney Land to die?

  7. Any thoughts about what’s going on with X202 Temp AR helicorder since about 11:00 a.m. today? Just a messed up heli?

      • And Walter, I think that’s hilarious on that one map where it says that TVA system of dams is For The People of The United States Of America and then refers to all those spots along that system as belonging to I believe Aluminum Company of America. And what do those crosses mean along the waterways? Where people died from nuclear, coal, aluminum incidents? Or where the KKK burned crosses?

      • To mittensmitten
        Those crosses are dams that TVA build before WW-2.

        Know your history
        TVA at Work 1935 US Department of Interior, Tennessee Valley Authority

        The River (1938) – Mississippi River

        The Valley of the Tennessee, 1944

        Things to look up on youtube
        Tennessee valley authority modern marvels
        The Valley Of The Giant : Mississippi River Story – 1940’s US Army Educational Documentary
        the plow that broke the plains 1936
        Life in Old Louisiana
        Louisiana History

      • Q: Do you think U of Memphis helicorders have all been set to micro settings now? They look strange…

  8. I grow up in Oak Ridge TN.
    That what my back yard look like when I live in Oak Ridge TN on West Outer Dr.
    View Oak Ridge
    Sign into Oak Ridge TN
    City Limits with Restriction Sign of Town Oak Ridge
    Black and White of Oak Ridge TN in 1940’s
    Outdoor Privies or Outhouse.
    Oak Ridge TN was build in 2 and ½ years with over 75,000 people living there in WW-2.
    Outdoor Privies Oak Ridge

    • But why did they use very Christian looking crosses to symbolize a dam? Was the TVA system a modern day Crusades of sorts? And you know, crosses symbolize death. I think it’s interesting that crosses were used and now, look at all these years later, all that death and illness that’s occurred surrounding the TVA and Oakridge. Fcf, this is where we need to watch that Life of Brian video again.

      • That what those dams look like from the air with locks there hydroelectric dam with locks.

        Do you want us to take all those dams down because they look like Christian crosses.

  9. Walter, no. I just thought it was very weird seeing those crosses on the same map that was stating in bold letters how important this new dam system was to the people of the US while on the same map showing many sites owned by an aluminum company and your pictures showing the beauty of the area prior to the dams and knowing the environmental problems that area is experiencing today. I am a Christian myself and am often saddened to see how The Cross is used to promote activities I really doubt our man who died on one would promote. He was the Prince of Peace.

    • TVA It’s not owned by an aluminum company it own by the people the US tax payer.
      They could have sold it to pay the US debt.
      A lot of National Parks are not own by the US now the UN own them like the Great Smoky Mountains.

      • Who gave the Great Smoky Mountains to the UN? Was that an executive order that he decreed some friday night after midnight? I remember when he gave some islands near Alaska to Russia several years ago, he is a most generous king with our assests and our money.

      • This could be net rumor making the rounds … but I do thing this Pacific Trade pact they want to do in secret will forfeit lands and mortgaged homes and the Statue of Liberty and everything else to China if the US misses a debt payment.
        The Pacific (read China) ‘trade’ deal is the worst one down the pike yet!

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