2 Big Quakes in Guatemala Sat. A.M. + Scary Stuff

There was a big 5.6 quake in Guatemala at 7:10 A.M. –  CST (says USGS). It was on the Pacific side. But RSOE says there are 2 quakes in the same area of Guatemala. The second quake they say was also 5.6 exactly and hour  and 4 seconds later at a different depth. Because they started work on the berms just after this began to show up on the helicorders it is hard to see the effect in Bayou Cornen 😦
RSOE report:

  • quake 1 < 75 miles deep, 7:10:55 a.m. CST- location:     14° 50.400N,   91° 44.400W  <MAP
  • quake 2 < 50 miles deep, 8:10:51 a.m. CST – location:     14° 38.946N,   92° 00.426W  <MAP

7 VOLCANOES are near the quakes (55 miles away or less)!

UPDATE, SUNDAY the Pacaya volcano started up forcing evacuations in Guatemala City. Lava flowing.

ALSO – USGS – Is the Recent Increase in Felt Earthquakes in the Central U.S. Natural or Manmade? (duh-oh!)

LINK –  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7YdKmKOuf6U

LINK –  http://youtu.be/qX81cJjnp6E

Henning Kemner says the use of Corexit in the Gulf is to melt frozen methane for profits ($$$). . .

LINK –  http://youtu.be/6_NU1KjenHc

Tattoo Blog – False Flag Attack In The Gulf Region Again ? See The Mind Blowing Evidence


4 thoughts on “2 Big Quakes in Guatemala Sat. A.M. + Scary Stuff

    • since they REMOVE huge quakes near Fukushima and in Tokyo bay and many, many huge quakes worldwide they have untrustworthy data! Probably way worse.

  1. Have you seen this rad chart? Have no idea how accurate it is, just thought it interesting to look at occasionally where things are mostly normal. Looks like the measurements have risen from what was normally viewed. http://www.netc.com/

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