Y0U TυBE is BLOCKING “Louisiana Sinkhole” from searches

Pretty low . . .

We just did a screen grab:




8 thoughts on “Y0U TυBE is BLOCKING “Louisiana Sinkhole” from searches

  1. You have your “today” filter on- you’re only seeing results that are very recent- remember that not very many people are following this issue with the regularity they should.

    I get those new semirelated vids myself- usually happens when there are only a few results for a filtered search.

    Source: Seasoned youtuber circa 2008 with 10,000 subs lol.

    • I know that. I have been doing checks almost daily for these vids for over a year. Typically 4 or so pages of items come up with the second half of the items being a little off topic. I get no better results when I put in ‘this week’. This result is very unusual for yuToob. I did better putting “Bayou Corne” in the box. But til today that phrase gave about 10% the results as “louisiana sinkhole” would give.

  2. utube la sinkhole or lasinhole. u could put a link in your links specifically for directing. I come to this site several times daily and vere off through your links in each update. what I find exasperating is the lack of timelines (dates) when researching specific videos. Keep up the GREAT work!

    • When an OLD video is up, but has some relevance I try and mention the date.
      Many OLD sinkhole theme vids getting reposted as if they are new when they are months old. But it seems to be unintentional flub.

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