Sunday News & Green Army Update

At 12:22 a.m. LA12 had a guitar strum and a little befor then LA11 went all nuts.


Fed chemical accident investigators from palsy-walsy Chemical Safety Board haven’t even gone to no-water area of Virginia yet. Pathetic.

The Advocate – GONZALES — A Gonzales-area couple alleges in a new lawsuit that toxic wastes migrated onto their property in Ascension Parish from a former landfill next door that is the focus of a cleanup effort years in the making.

Before It’s News – Underwater Waves Hundreds Of Feet High Reveal Their Power



Here are the Facebook pages for the Green ARMY and for the Water Festival. Share widely, invite friends. If we want 10,000 people there we have to get twice as many likes (!!).

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Late evening:

LA12 gets jumpy after 11 p.m. and doesn’t stop for about an hour and a half.


UPDATE Deborah Dupré points out this big jump was because of the earthquake in Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rico quake jolts Louisiana sinkhole


61 thoughts on “Sunday News & Green Army Update

  1. LA11, well sure looks like sloshing around going on in there…those seem to be harmonic and that means liquid on the move…

    • yes, not quite a slinky. I put up the map as this is only happening near the south berm. Not on other ones. LA14 looks like constant fuzz ….

  2. I have a friend whose son lived very close to the spill and they said it was bad. Now he has the whole family, grandkids and all with him indefinitely.

    • yes, and no one arresting anyone!
      Families have to scramble to organize for justice… but without water they are scrambling to take a shower!

      • Finding the lack of a lot of media attention alarming. The Drudge is linked to an article which indicates flights in and out of Charleston are being canceled because the union demands pilots and stewards must be able to wash their hands and shower.

      • I don’t blame them! (wanting to wash)
        Wash Post said ‘thousands’ affected … not hundreds of thousands!

  3. This looks to be the article that Flyingcuttlefish and Kathy referenced.
    Frustration grows days after W.Va. chemical spill.
    The emergency began Thursday following complaints to West Virginia American Water about a licorice-type odor in the tap water. The source: the chemical 4-methylcyclohexane methanol, which had leaked out of a 40,000-gallon tank at a Freedom Industries facility along the Elk River.

    • It seems more in print media than tv news. But NY Times hid in the national section and didn’t even put it on the front page!

  4. Definitely dangerous chemicals in the water and I read last night that FEMA II has been opened because of “civil unrest”. This is reminds me of Hurricane Katrina and the lack of response to New Orleans. I still remember Harry Connick finding a large group of survivors in need of water and medicines.

    I do think about all of the wild life and any farm animals that will probably drink this poison.

    • and spokesman from co. on CNN yesterday claimed the fish in the river would be unaffected. And news lies about what the chemical is…. methanol

  5. 31 earthquakes in the last hour, many near The Geysers, California..small of course..tiny..but they must indicate something…

  6. From wiki, The Geysers has fracking going on:
    Current studies of The Geysers Geothermal Field seismicity have reached the conclusion that deep-well injection in the field produces mostly microseismic events between magnitude 0.5-3.0 on the Richter Scale (M).[8]

    Worldwide, the largest induced seismic event to date linked to Enhanced Geothermal System (EGS) activity was M3.7[8] in the Cooper Basin of Australia. However, research based on maximum fault lengths indicates that a M5.0 is the largest possible (but not probable) event in the Geysers.”

    Gee..wonder if the people getting shaken up..feel that way..’not probable’..does the Termo Energy company have GOOD INSURANCE?

  7. And suddenly, USGS deleted a lot of the earthquakes..guess they are reading LA! Anyway, its down to recent 10. shaking frequently!!

  8. I think Walter has hit upon a really, really important fact. The media’s only talking about the W. Va counties being impacted by the chemical spill, but that chemical is going to downriver in many rivers. What about those people and animals? Walter pointed out that stuff is going all the way to The Gulf.

  9. They spilt Toluene or something similar in the Mississippi River in the 1980s – strong enough to knock anyone down in the shower in New Orleans. Told everyone it was fine to bathe and drink. Neither Areva’s water filter nor the new ALPS by Energy Solutions is even capable of filtering Fukushima except maybe 3 or 4%. In Haiti after 4 years about 400,000 without permanent shelter according to UN Refugee Commission. The UN brought them cholera – or so they claim…there is information pointing toward it having been done on purpose in order to test vaccines…One of the elites there attended Tulane school of tropical medicine and used to have a clinic where he was accused of using experimental vaccines. Even the most conspiracy minded folks haven’t put two and two together. BTW, the EPA don’t do weekends. Don’t know for the DEQ. Even so, there are places in Europe where there is no police after 5 pm and doctors, etc. always on holiday for something. W. Virginia’s always been a bunch of poor coal miners. No more Sen. Byrd to look out for them. No one gives a damn about poor folk whether white, black or Japanese.

  10. What are those square things which look like tailings ponds (green swimming pools)? There are bunches of them to the east of the sinkhole on google and one in your picture. I’ve wanted to ask but didn’t know where to put the question.

  11. It look like there was a earthquake in Arkansas the ones that are working.
    Arkansas recorder 22:07 CST time or 04:07 UTC time Jan 12, 2014

    And Temporary recorders for Arkansas at 22:07 CST time or 04:07 UTC time Jan 12, 2014
    The Arkansas for X202 HHZ NM 00 : Temporary, AR

    No their showing up on all of them that are working at the sinkhole.

    It look like there some bad weather coming into Arkansas that can make those recorder jump.

    04:01 UTC time or 22:01 CST
    M6.5 – 56km N of Hatillo, Puerto Rico 2014-01-13 04:01:04 UTC
    How deep in the ground was it (17.7mi)

  12. About those containment ponds here is a coal fly ash slurry ponds.
    Kingston Fossil Plant coal fly ash slurry spill.
    The coal-fired power plant, located across the Clinch River from the city of Kingston, uses ponds to dewater the fly ash, a byproduct of coal combustion, which is then stored in wet form in dredge cells. The slurry (a mixture of fly ash and water) traveled across the Emory River and its Swan Pond embayment, on to the opposite shore, covering up to 300 acres (1.2 km2) of the surrounding land, damaging homes and flowing up and down stream in nearby waterways such as the Emory River and Clinch River (tributaries of the Tennessee River). It was the largest fly ash release in United States history.
    Not too far from Oak Ridge TN. Oak Ridge is up river from this.

    TVA Coal Ash Disaster Dec 22 2008

  13. I’m about lost on the thread. But, thank you to all for the good info and also the info on Haiti. Are you alluding to drug transhipments from Haiti? Or, does anyone know what’s in the coffins? BTW, I wish Honore could win Pres., but I fear that Obama will work against him. People don’t understand that first all people are individuals and secondly a Creole of Colour from Louisiana has not much in common culturally with a half-white, half east African man raised by white mid-westerners. I still argue that Obama is only black through marriage, but have ruffled endless feathers with that point.

    • gold is shipped to US … by CIA conduit probably. Source needs to be protected. CIA used Haiti for funny money and all manner of crooked stuff since they killed JFK. I think ‘Contract on America’ has who went to Haiti that day.
      Nice little book is “The Uses of Haiti”.

      • I know Uses of Haiti well but it doesn’t have the info on the gold. Or, I didn’t see it in 2 reads which is possible. Do you have it from an oral or written source? We have maps which show when some of the gold seems to have disappeared shortly after the coups, but that’s it for written evidence (besides that they were given permits to take it out!). We had a good article about them sneaking gold from Dom Rep but lost it somehow. I have seen the guy you are referring to from the JFK period. I think he had oil interests. I’m wondering if Baby Doc doesn’t have some dirt on someone is why they aren’t bringing him to justice. Are the coffins headed to the US or Switzerland?

      • I agree. Not worth looking at. Some things we are better off not knowing anyhow. Can’t do anything anyway. Curiosity killed the cat, as I must remind myself often. Got back into the Haiti thing to try to save trees. Was sad to see on google that trees were already gone in some of those spots. Politics as sad as usual. So, try to focus on other things to help.

      • just keep away from Citibank. They were the ones who stole the treasury with US Marines’ help way back when (they had a different name then).

      • Oh, I see now! That IS mostly all in the Paul Farmer book! CityBank of NYC took over Haitian National Bank ca 1920 and pegged Haitian gourde to US dollar. It would make sense that Haiti had gold reserves which were swiped. And, Farmer tells about Macoute Luckner Cambronne sending dead bodies to US Med Schools. That would be a good cover for sending out gold. That was under the Duvaliers. Also, books or legends tell about Jean Claude Duvalier leaving with suitcases or trunks of gold. I think you and your father were historians. History still matters, unfortunately, as you point out for Japan.

      • I love that book. That and “Open Veins of Latin America” …. history they hide from us in school!

      • PS: Any written leads would be highly appreciated though it’s mostly of academic interest, curiosity, now until they fix Fukushima and a few more things, it’s kind of hard to worry about Haiti, sad to say, with Fukushima poisoning the world. Haiti shares more in common with Japan than one would think though.

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