Louisiana Drainage

FROM this document (page 68-69) on the 5 year plan for Louisiana ports.




22 thoughts on “Louisiana Drainage

  1. Look in your trash bend for E-mail I think my E-mail went there.
    It about Lewis and Clark’s secret weapon they carried on their expedition.

  2. gas-to-liquids project is there anymore about this.
    What Does Shell’s Giant Louisiana GTL Project Say About U.S. Natural Gas Prices?
    Sep. 30, 2013 2:47
    It’s not Fischer-Tropsch process
    selection of a potential site for Shell’s Gulf Coast GTL complex. The location for the proposed facility will be in Ascension Parish on the Mississippi River near Sorrento, Louisiana.

    • There’s more on it … It was on the blog when they announced it. Look up ‘GTL’ in the search bar ….
      (these products are mostly for export and have nothing to do with US needs)

      • I am convincved they MADE this flu strain in a lab.
        The FIRST time it showed up was Mexico, I think.
        Anyway it was durin this big N-S America summit and Obama was introduced to Hugo for the first time. Hugo Chavez gave him a copy of “Open Veins of Latin America” (great hist. book!) on that visit …then all this H1 stuff became news.
        I think they tried to kill Obama with this bug but it failed.
        Just my opinion. I didn’t read that last part anywhere.

      • FCF,

        Made in a lab ? Oh, how could that be ?

        Who could be so evil ? Oh, say it isn’t so !

        Besides, there would be some type of indication of it being manufactured, e.g., targeting groups.

        Oh wait, what did they say about unlike other flu like maladies, it appears to affect – healthy people; and certain age groups ????????

        Oh, just a coincidence I’m sure. Too hard to believe for a “coincidence” theorist. “Excuse me, have to go now. Need to return my head to where it was.”

      • This was supposed to post under “Notice in Oct. ’13 hiring 1000 for ‘New (and improved) H7N9 Division’:”, but didn’t:

    • oh wow!
      Yer right!
      I had put a mention of that nuke accident on Radioactive Chat …
      I’ll put it on the FC blog…

  3. 28000 IU of vitamin D day for three days. End of story. To help boost your immune system take a half teaspoon of baking soda with a glass of water everyday. Google this info. Arm and Hammer had no clue what they stumbled upon when they made baking soda. You don’t hear about this because immunizations and vaccines are more than likely a trillion dollar business. They don’t want you to know you can handle it with a 50 cent box of Arm and Hammer. I guess I should start using my MD behind my name (Mountain Doctor).

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