Texas Brine Contingency Plan – The Digest Version

We took a look at the plans for the berm moving and other things in Texas Brine’s Contingency Plan and made this summary

Page 5
“The TBC team responsible for hydrocarbon management at the sinkhole has reported that there has been no new release of hydrocarbons observed since late August 2013. Oil sheens have been seen since that time has been attributed to trapped oil in the floating vegetation (!!!).”

Like the “swamp gas” fairy tale we seriously DOUBT drops of oil stuck in the plants makes the sheen across Lake FUBAR.

ALSO on p. 5
“Over time, it is possible that the hydraulic connection between the sinkhole and the MRAA will cease as the portions of the MRAA [Mississippi River Valley Alluvial Aquifer] that are exposed in the sinkhole become sealed off by deposited sediments from the surface.”

SO . . . all the crud will NOT contaminate the aquifer because some mud will seal it all in!
Except for the “Non-aqueous liquid petroleum hydrocarbons” which will all go right to the surface. But they collected all that stuff already. So nice! For Texas Brine.

Page 8 – You will be relieved to know Bruce Marin is in charge of everything at Lake FUBAR and his second in charge is United Brine’s Mark Cartwright. 2 unbiased, independant actors in the drama.

Page 12 – They have all sorts of monitors (Inclinometers, Tiltmeters and Water-Level Transducers) but we know at night and on weekends and holidays there is mostly no one watching them. Sometimes in broad daylight it looks like no one at the site is noticing big movement on the helicorders.

Page 14 – Nervous residents can RELAX! Texas Brine inspects the integrity of the levees every WEEK!

Page 40 – They will sample the surface water 4 times a year.

Page 52 – They want to lift the evacuation order eventually(!). “The Blue Ribbon Commission (BRC) Gas Group recommends that reducing and maintaining methane gas formation pressures in the Mississippi River Alluvial Aquifer (MRAA) to equal to hydrostatic pressure across the Bayou Corne gas area as one metric necessary in order to lift the mandatory evacuation

Page 54 – They will test for Strontium in the water. We wonder if that would be naturally occurring strontium or the radioactive waste kind.

Page 56 – They can only measure the depth of Lake FUBAR using the line dropped in method to 500 feet!

Page 57 – They’re thinking about a GPS gizmo but can’t decide to buy one yet.

Page 58 – No on site helicorder monitoring is mandated. It’s just recommended. No 24/7 in-person monitoring. “A competent and knowledgeable person should monitor helicorders when personnel are working on the sinkhole.”

Page 78 – hmmmm . . . “There are no total maximum daily load limits for pollutants in the swamp where the Project site is located or in Bayou Corne downstream of the Project site. TBC is not anticipated to contribute to pollutant loadings because storm water controls are designed to prevent pollutants associated with construction activities from reaching Bayou Corne.”

Page 93 – a side view of what the berms look like.

Page 109 – How they deduce Lake FUBAR will stop spreading.

Big MAP – p. 26, p. 90 (site as of April, 2013)

p. 90 – on its own page – (copied)

siteMAP_April15_2013    < CLICK IMAGE FOR FULL SIZE

On the page 26 map we saw this oddity east of the evaporation tanks –


14 thoughts on “Texas Brine Contingency Plan – The Digest Version

  1. A little like the boy who puts his finger in the dike to stop the dam from bursting forth. Leave it up to the local beavers why don’t they! Relying on settlement of debris to keep pollutants from reaching the bayous makes me want to lay down and cry over thier lack of scientific engineering. They just dont care. We here in louisiana are not that dumb. Cut the shit and tell it like it is. You don’t know how to fix this so you are just not going to worry about it. You are hoping soon everyone will forget about it and move on with thier lives. It really doesnt matter if TB reports to the public because they are all about lies and smokesceens, and stupid ones at that.

    • I feel when they feel pressured by residents they put up a bunch of science flak to confuse the public. They put out — all in one batch — a whole bunch of paper hoping no one will read it. They know the news media won’t.
      This thing is over 100 pages long.
      But they don’t know we have lots and lots of readers who are willing to pick out 10 pages or so and go through them with a fine tooth comb! 🙂

      I was really looking for maps but some paragraphs just jumped out!

      • Ya know Freedomrox, I’m pretty sure that Methane is 20 times worse than greenhouse gases at destroying our ozone layer. That’s criminal to intensionally destroy our ozone layer. I remember that Texas Brine pulled truck loads of oil from lake Fubar. They over brined the salt cavern too close to the edge. That oil and other natural gases will stop flowing. How stupid does Texas Brine think people are, when everyone that knows enough about this catasrophy knows the facts presented by Texas Brine have been seriously altered in Texas Brine’s favor. We’re not their pupets, we have knowledge on our sides.

  2. The sentence “The oil and other natural gases will stop flowing” should read “The oil and other natural gases will (not) stop flowing.”

  3. About the Containment Berm Roads and Sinkhole and what their saying.
    January 16, 2014
    12 noon Update from the Office of Conservation
    Bayou Corne/Grand Bayou Response Activity
    Thursday, Jan. 16 work-
    Clearing access road for installation of ORWs 55 and 56 (west of Bayou Corne, south of Sportsman’s Landing)
    Logging Oxy 3A (working from Oxy 9 well pad

    Is the bottom of the sinkhole getting deeper ? and why are they having to move the containment berm road back is the road on a fault line ?
    That restricted area at Lake Fubar look like a fault line.

    • I have no idea. I had the idea the roads were failing from the bottom … squishing out. But these constant EQs have to be taking a toll too.
      I think the berms will fail no matter what.
      They fix one area and another area sags in.

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