Wed. News – Seismic Rumbles All Night

WED. – Overnight all of the helicorders look like this –

The parish officials know “subsurface activity near sinkhole/Oxy 3” and they STILL allow Crosstex to store the butane near there and they call it a CODE1. They means if anything happens they are fully responsible for workers’ well-being and nearby motorists etc.

Deborah Dupré – La. sinkhole danger: Officials to reveal methane gas concerns

NOTE:  We added to the Documents page the Texas Brine Contingency Plan that was in The Advocate last week.

19 thoughts on “Wed. News – Seismic Rumbles All Night

    • They say they are extending the south berm (parish blog) but they must drive the big trucks over all the other berms to take in sand etc.
      You can’t tell what’s going on til night time when they quit that!

  1. Hi – What’s causing this type of pattern? Liquid movements show rounded peaks. These are jagged. There’s action on the temps too. Check out 601. (501’s usually pretty dingy. What causes its patterns?)


  2. Not sure where to post this, but do we need a nuclear problem here in the states with the water supply? Looks like one may be brewing in South Carolina.

  3. I think I got the right place in SC I did a search I type in ‘Savannah River Health Studies’.

    U.S. Department of Energy Savannah River Operations Office
    DOE-SR News Release Archive
    Savannah River Health Studies
    Savannah River Site Dose Reconstruction Project Aiken, South Carolina

    Oak Ridge Health Studies

    South Carolina Threatens Washington Over Cleanup

    Oak Ridge
    For uranium cleanup … bacteria?
    2013 PMI Project of the Year Award Finalist: Savannah River Site.

    Image Gallery Historical
    Building Bombs Savannah River Site
    Is that in Aiken County, SC

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