50% Mortality Rate with Mystery Disease in Texas – Updated

Officials with the Montgomery County [Texas]  Health Department are on a mission to find out more about a mystery flu-like illness. So far, half of the people who have come down with it have died. According to the health department, all of the patients have had flu-like and/or pneumonia like symptoms. However, all of them have tested negative for the flu. . .  (more)


It is near Dallas. Don’t forget oil country is the proving ground for Franken-bacteria.

Jan. 17 – Dallas County reports nine more flu-related deaths, bringing the toll to 35  < story + video

Dallas Fort-Worth NBCDallas County Flu Cases Triple

. . .  or if could be effects of the Fukushima plume the US authorities are pretending isn’t happening.

UPDATES will go here. . .

short link – http://wp.me/p2GNDM-3VN


40 thoughts on “50% Mortality Rate with Mystery Disease in Texas – Updated

  1. This is old news, and not some government conspiracy. It was positively identified as H1N1. Similar illnesses are out there too. My brother lives in Montgomery County. He caught what he thought was the flu, but turned out he had some sort of rotovirus + upper respiratory infection that turned into pneumonia. There’s a lot of it going around. Best advice I can give you is exactly what you see on the news… wash your hands, don’t touch your face, and get a flu shot.

    • The RSOE info read that the flu was ruled out in the cases where the 4 people died. It sounds like your brother may have had what those folks died from, your wording-some sort of rotavirus going into pneumonia. That doesn’t sound like the flu. With all these environmental toxins, your suggestions for warding off the flu are great, along with really, really building up our immune systems.

      • Cuttlefish, I really appreciate this blog and I’ve checked it half a dozen times a day for months. But you’re losing me with all the tin foil hat theories and religious posts. Don’t mean “you” specifically, but the people posting on this site. I think the stress is getting to everyone, and rational thought has flown out the window. I’ll probably get flamed for this, but everyone needs to step back and see this for what it is… an engineering disaster due to miscalculations, arrogance, lack of oversight, and greed. Nothing more.

      • You may have missed earlier comment where I said readers can say whatever they want here. Many don’t have their own blog or topical forum to post to so a wide range of off topic items here.
        I put up some religious theme you tubes because they contain something interesting about the salt dome or simply because they demonstrate the high anxiety the disaster is causing.
        I know it is far fetched to link BP to Bayou Corne but so is linking BP to a lot of crazy stuff in history.
        I would be more conservative about content if there were 10 or 12 sinkhole blogs but this is sort of it.

        I used to think Oswald killed JFK til I read “Libra”. So who knows.

      • It could be just winter + flu + aging population due to baby boomers … but I am in a paranoid state after doing lots of Fukushima stories on the FC blog. But don’t want you to quit reading this blog as you have so much ‘inside’ info on nuke plants that no one else has!
        Just ignore my occasional melt downs (joke).

      • I posted the item because of all of the experimental Franken-bacteria let loose in Texas to get oil.
        Many articles on this blog on it.

      • TO: Kathy H
        Forgive me i am religious where it be a theory or not where it says life began on land first in the bible I believe it.
        Evolution believe life began in the sea.
        And the sun did not shine on earth back then I should say a light that man could see there was a earth ago before this one.
        Spectrum of light that man can see name visible light.
        Visible spectrum


    “wash your hands, don’t touch your face, ”
    & take Oregano Oil ( http://www.vitaminshoppe.com/p/n-american-herb-spice-oreganol-oil-of-oregano-0-45-fl-oz/oo-1002#.UtoSVOJOnmU ) .

    POLAR VORTEX: Chemtrails Spray Bacteria As Artificial Ice Nucleation

    OT: Saturday, January 18, 2014
    Nuclear Event @ Pilgrim nuclear power plant in Mass.

    • on MA nuke plant. There they go again comparing poisonous nuke fuel to bananas. Unrelated and misleading.
      Nukes cause cancer and they make weapons ingredients that should be outlawed long ago.

      • Kathy, we need differing sources of information to draw a rational conclusion. Bits and pieces of different types of information will aid in arriving at a sollution. You never really know how the correct sollution will manifest. A good researcher will consider all types for that eureka moment.

        Flyingcuttlefish, when this mysterious illness was in the beginning stages, I read about a man–might have been military– hospitalized in Alabama. There is a military base in Alabama that deploys personnel and supplies to the Middle East. The subject of Middle East Respiratory Virus(MERV) was presented as a possible cause in an article I read. Places like Fallujah, Iraq and other Middle East areas are full of Depleted Uranium(DU), phosphorus bombs, chemical cache fires, and other unknown ordinances. Some of the causes can be seen in the horribly deformed Fallujah babies. I read the numbed of deformed babies could be as high as 80% of the babies born in Fallujah hospitals. Just search “deformed fallujah babies” on youtube for the proof.
        I’ve heard of a bat to human bird flu virus in China.
        DMG is a good supplement to build the immune system.

      • wwhat I wanted to link to was this mad scientist guy from Calif. lab (UC?) who made the oil extraction bacteria and let it loose. I think his name was Vitner or something. But I can’t recall his name.
        I think Texas is release point for all these Synthia like agents put into wells and now they are biting back.
        Or just a flu.
        A guess.
        But Texas is epicenter for some crazy science.
        and ologists….

      • oh, I blame Fort Detrick (sp?) …. a lot came out about that monster place in the Anthrax probe.

      • I just watched this video last night and figured this would be a good place to post this video.
        Dana discusses the unbelievable fact that there are people trying throw people off the radiation problem.  Some people discussing the whole mess are misleading others to think things aren’t that bad because they don’t even understand the situation.  Other people are intentionally clouding the catastrophe.  If you don’t have an understanding of the situation, don’t act like you do.  People have to be prepared for the worst because it’s coming.

        “Fukushima – Gatekeepers and Misdirections” on YouTube

      • yes, I am watching DANA every night. He is the most informed.
        I put 2 items on nuke shills writing for big news outlets on the FC blog.
        He is good to bookmark. His show comes on after 10 pm EST usually (live).
        I have that topic on the FC blog.
        But the press them pertains to Bayou Corne as no matter what happens and Texas Brine gives out a story no one fact-checks what Texas Brine says(!).
        And people (unpaid) like FR dig around and find public records showing they are big fat liars!

      • Dana swears a little in this video in his attempt to vent his frustrations. This video is not about the sinkhole but tells of similar surcumstances surrounding the sinkhole. The Fukushima problem is an important problem anyway.

    • Yep, I agree with all this, Frank. I’m an alternative healthcare practitioner using nutrition, yoga, massage, craniosacral therapy among other modalities. Oregano oil is a wonderful anti-infectious agent. I really like what I call the spaghetti sauce oils for fighting bugs. Basil, thyme, marjoram, rosemary are part of that.Frankincense and myrrh are good too. Essential oils are really pretty fun to start looking into and playing with. I’m taking liposomal vit c and spirulina grown in tanks along with other supplements. Couldn’t pay me enough to get a flu shot.

      • Usually essential oils are used topically. Mixing a couple of drops with a carrier oil such as olive oil or sweet almond and massaging around your upper body is beneficial as you will receive the aromatic benefits as well. Also rubbing into the palms of hands and bottom of feet helps with absorption and also impacts reflex points there. Be careful not to rub your eyes if you put oil on your palms. Sorry I didn’t reply earlier-family illness.

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  4. My 84 year old father is in an Orlando, fla. Hospital for the past four days with the exact same symptoms as described in the article about texas. At first they thought it was congestive heart failure, then suddenly they moved him to an infectious ward, and everyone who visits him has to wear thick, wooley like face masks. They have done every test under the sun on him, with no real conclusions. The latest test is TB, several of them, and also heavy metal poisioning. Believe me, this is real, this is out there, and if my father would not have gone to the emergency room when he did, he most certainly would have died.

    • wow.
      I hope for the best!
      Maybe they will soon have a solution!
      Lots of big medical researchers in Texas so maybe they will find a solution.

      • This is scarey stuff…they are trying to kill folks off however they can. Maybe we should send everyone in DC there.

      • When West Nile (nmaed after Conn. town) came along…. everyone locally KNEW it was from monster lan at Plum Is. Nearby. Plum Is. is bio weapons lab they try and say is animal disease lab. Everyone knows the real animal disease place is at Cornell U. Plum Is. is off the end of Long Is. NY. They improperly dispose of their medical waste there dumping it outside. The seagulls picked at the infectious waste, got West Nile and brought it onshore to Conn. When dead birds were spotted all around there announcing the new disease CDC would NOT investigate. Local health dept. worker had to really jump up and dowen to get CDC to even look at the dead birds.
        They finally did but refused to do any tests at sloppy Plum Is. or even name the disease after that place.
        Plum Is. right next to NYC.

  5. I read about a power outage at Plum Island that allowed some bad diseases and whatever else they have there to melt.

    • yes. The workers complained and it was on local tv news. They got mystery lesions on their shins mopping the seep from the hallways.

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