LARGE Fluid Movement at LA11 at 2 A.M. and at 5 A.M. Central Amer. Quake Swarm Update

Just at LA11. . . 

not the other helicorders so something going on there.


At 7 a.m. they started with the big trucks etc. so you can’t see what’s going on. They’ll stop before dark.

UPDATE – 7 p.m. – more fluid movement at LA11 ( the large activity before then is just work trucks etc.). It CONTINUES about every 2 hours into Saturday.


Crosstex has an update (Jan. 16)


Large Central American quakes today –

UPDATE, Jan. 19  –   too many to list




10 thoughts on “LARGE Fluid Movement at LA11 at 2 A.M. and at 5 A.M. Central Amer. Quake Swarm Update

  1. Question – just where are they digging all this “filler” from. I know on some road construction sites, you see trucks running 24/7-so who is providing the dirt for Project FUBAR?

  2. Who is selling this dirt? Always need to follow the $$$ right. Somebody is making bank on this..who is the trucking firm leased out to? Anyone know where the dirt is coming from?

  3. Hi FC,
    I watched a History Channel documentary yesterday that was about sinkholes. Most of the focus was on Florida that apparently has ground of fairly young limestone which reacts to either conditions of too much dryness or rain and leaves that ground to be like Swiss cheese. The sand and clay make-up the top layer; the layer that is built upon and that we believe to be solid.

    There was a small section regarding Bayou Corne in which the sinkhole was described as formed by the collapse of the salt dome. There was a view of trees going into the sinkhole. But, what stuck in my mind was that the video suggested that the problem sinkhole is no longer growing or a concern. I did not know if you were aware of the video. Michele

    • a lot of lazy journos out there…. 😉
      But we got Newsweek!
      And many more in-depth stories.
      Lots of cable tv companies rely on unpaid “interns” who are working for college credit only on the promise that maybe they will later be paid. They get the boot and are quickly replaced with more students.
      I attribute lots of lax fact-checking on tv news reliance on unskilled, unpaid kids.

      • Well you still have us and damit I’m committed to really “digging” cause what “they” are doing to destroy a beautiful little peace of heaven and the lives there is WRONG. We will be vigilent and keep seeking the truth. The movie “The Pelican Brief” keeps coming to mind. I hope we can win this battle. What “they” have done is WRONG. What you are doing is RIGHT. We stand with you!

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