Wed. News – It’s C-C-Cold at Lake FUBAR

All night Lake FUBAR had the growls.  .     heli_button

Stay tuned . . .  COLDheron1

It is freezing cold! Assumption Parish freeze warning.

The parish blog has an update – they continue with the Code 1 knowing there’s deep subsidence next to Oxy 3.

The AdvocateWilliams Olefins contests OSHA findings stemming from explosion at Geismar plant
BSsmilie   Letter from Texas Brine’s Bruce Martin – “Everything’s OK”.

Explosions, fire reduce Mississippi biodiesel plant to rubble (see also Jumping Jack Flash on the sidebar in Blogroll section)

Kentucky Booms! 500 Reports In Two Days!! (Video News Report)

Real Coastal Warriors has this …. From the cold: [Florida] Fish kill reported at UWF’s Thompson’s Bayou

and they feature this – Target of BP settlement investigation seeks ex-FBI director’s removal from investigation


28 thoughts on “Wed. News – It’s C-C-Cold at Lake FUBAR

  1. I think you well like this.
    Fireflies or lighting bug research
    The light emitted by fireflies is unique. Nearly 100 percent of the energy is given off as light; in an electric arc light, only 10 percent of the energy is light and the other 90 percent is given off as heat. The taillight contains two rare chemicals, luciferin and luciferase. Luciferin, a heat resistant substrate.

    The Bombardier Beetle

      • With map and what they said.
        Continuing to haul and place sand for construction of access road for Oxy 9 well pad to ORW-57 (southeast of containment berm, east of Bayou Corne).

        I found Oxy-Taft Well #9 but could not find ORW-57 ?

  2. FCF, et al,

    Follow up on San Diego exploding “orb”:

    He thinks it might be some sort of Chem Tail “Track and Effectiveness” substance was released.

    Maybe, but I’m not so sure. I’ve got a sneakin’ suspicion it might be a dry (or wet) run for concentrated target areas for bio and/or chem drop. Just a thought.

      • I wonder of this or similar plant explosions have to do with earth moving slightly and breaking pipes.

      • FCF,

        I figure a combination of that and earth moving, quaking, eruptions, crust “slipping”, etc., and releasing “just the right stuff”. “The earth shall be tossed to and fro, like a drunkard.”

        P.S. Check spam please. I posted an additional reply to Gabrielle and it disappeared. Tried again and the system came back and said: ” … you’re duplicating … ! “; to which i’d like to reply to the system: “Well, no feces. If this system worked properly, I wouldn’t have to.”

    • Gabrielle,

      You’ll find reports of most explosions and fires at this site. The reports are two days after the fact, but the list is extensive.

      The guy posting is attempting to prove his hypothesis and has somewhat of a morbid sense of humor about it (almost enjoying it), but the reports with local links are there. It helps one to keep an eye on these types of events and how close to you they may be.

      Some of the reports are a bit of a stretch as a connection to Methane and H2S2 related deaths, etc., e.g., “Man 95 drops dead at home”. Gee, that’s peculiar. While others appear to have a direct connection.

      While his hypothesis has some faulty foundations (like “millions of years ago”), the results may be be correct, to a limited degree.

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