Thursday Night – Big Fuzz on the South Seismos

It doesn’t show as a giant tremor or fluid but constant resonance. 

LA12 is especially bad. LA18 looks the same . LA14 is gettin’ there. LA11  burped at 4 a.m.. Maybe the south berm is oozing.



It might get got cold overnight. Freeze warning again.

NOTE: In the comments on this post are many items about Thorium Molten-Salt Reactors and LFTR so I am adding a search tag here. Walter found the info.


14 thoughts on “Thursday Night – Big Fuzz on the South Seismos

    • I’m not sure how they are placing the sand and clay. But after dark they don’t usually do work that makes helicorders react. I think Lake FUBAR is grumbling on its own.

  1. Yes I do know about it.
    This technology was first investigated at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory Molten-Salt Reactor Experiment in the 1960s. It has recently been the subject of a renewed interest worldwide.
    Liquid fluoride thorium reactor
    I have talk to two of them that help build it and run it.
    At Oak Ridge National Laboratory or ORNL.
    At ORNL, two prototype molten salt reactors were successfully designed, constructed and operated. These were the Aircraft Reactor Experiment in 1954 and Molten-Salt Reactor Experiment from 1965 to 1969. Both test reactors used liquid fluoride fuel salts.
    Why was the program shut down?

    The Aircraft Reactor Experiment

    Molten-Salt Reactor Program semiannual progress report for period Ending August 31, 1965.
    The ORNL Molten Salt Reactor Experiment Fluoride Conspiracy

  2. The Thorium Molten-Salt Reactor: Why Didn’t This Happen (and why is now the right time?).

    Clinch River Breeder Reactor Project and Location the project was canceled in 1983.
    The site for the Clinch River Breeder Reactor was a 1,364-acre (6 km2) land parcel owned by the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) adjacent to the Clinch River in Roane County, Tennessee, inside the city limits of Oak Ridge, Tennessee, but remote from the city’s residential population.

  3. When it come to radiation what not to have in or around your home just to name some of them.
    Swallows that build their nest out of mud.
    Mud Dauber Wasp nests.

    Hanford and Oak Ridge and Savannah River radioactive wasp nests.
    Radioactive Wasp Nests Worry Nuclear Cleanup Workers.

    A rather surreal example environmental contamination occurred sometime in May 1956 when a group of swallows were discovered forming radioactive-tainted mud from the 107-H liquid waste trench for nests.
    Navajo Indians are facing radioactive homes from mud dauber wasp.

      • Thanks. You really need to post them because they are trying to impose that on people. Bill Gates is behind some of that. I guess Walter is one of the two boys mentioned in Tenn doc as living near the facility. Since he was in Tenn I knew that he’s telling the truth about his exposure. I am still angry about that poor black man who got in a car wreck, broke his leg and arm; went to Oak Ridge Hosp. and they injected him with Plutonium! There were others too but he and the Sicilian with an ulcer were the least sick.

      • I read the book on AIDS origin , “The River” about the Congo polio tests and incidentally in there they mention the upstate prison where Scarsdale doc murderess went (fancy place). There the pharmas have a deal with the prison to test infants.
        They take babies AWAY from new mothers and won’t let them hold them/see them unless they sign a form allowing baby to be used in drug trials.
        Many more things like that in the book as day to day medicine in USA.

      • They were doing this in Haiti too — no surprise. One of the elites who also owns a newspaper is said to have tested measles vaccine in his “free” clinic in Port-au-Prince. He went to school at Tulane U. Epidimeology and Tropical Medicine school and people from that school were all over Haiti. I think some still down there. Can’t say that they were doing bad things but looks fishy in context. PLEASE TELL DANA THAT KEN BUESSLER WROTE HIS PHD DISS ON PLUTONIUM TESTING IN WATER …I THOUGHT PACIFIC BUT MAYBE ELSEWHERE. I can’t find link now but must still be there. I downloaded diss but don’t think I can send a pdf this way. I think the NIH had it. Anyway, not a peep about Pu from Buessler! ALSO TELL DANA THAT WOODS HOLE IS MIT that did bad stuff in the past. Of course, found out that Gofman was a good guy from Berkeley even though Berkeley did the bad stuff. Still my substantial knowledge of academia convinces me it is close to totally corrupt. I think there was a tiny window where some good people got in who are now close to retirement but no more room for good guys. I’m sure you concur based on your experience. Anyway, I’m no longer logged into youtube. Once I was but haven’t figured out how to get back on nor do I want to. So, please, please get the message to Dana for me! I’m sure he can do something great with it. May God bless and protect you and Dana.

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