Twin 5.1 Quakes in El Salvador – Near 15 Volcanoes

An hour apart.  15 volcanoes nearby this area. These quakes are just offshore and there will probably be more. RSOE live map.


7 thoughts on “Twin 5.1 Quakes in El Salvador – Near 15 Volcanoes

  1. I absolutely agree with the article. The only way, but THE way out of this destruction of our planet and it’s inhabitants, is awareness of being used as pawns for greed and refusing at every turn we are aware, to do their subliminal bidding. Refuse to join the military, refuse to work in any way in the oil, gas or nuclear industries. Take a personal Hippocratic Oath and…First, do no harm. It certainly is not easy, particularly the way our transportation systems operate. The only problem with the article is that most people roll their eyes or think I’m crazy when I speak
    of chemtrails. However!! I’m currently in Montana being with a sister in the hospital here and the gentleman shuttling me back and forth between hotel and hospital began tentatively talking about HAARP before I said a word about anything. Great conversations. That was a real surprise.

    • It is so hard to work at all in USA without ‘doing harm’! So many expanding companies are expanding because they do harm. And everyone that did community service shut out. I worked (low, low wage) at a bike shop and had to fight high up white collar workers who wanted to chuck their jobs and take mine! Made me poor but was a boon to the soul. Many, many who do harm hate their jobs.

  2. I was reading what they said at Assumption Parish Police Jury web site.
    January 23, 2014
    5:15 p.m. Update from the Office of Conservation

    This what they said.
    Containment Berm/Roads/Sinkhole
    – Continuing to haul and place sand for construction of new southern berm route
    – Continuing to haul and place sand for construction of access road for Oxy 9 well pad to ORW-57 (southeast of containment berm, east of Bayou Corne)

    I did fine Oxy 9 on map did not find ORW-57 on map.

    This one got ORW-57 on it.

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