Facebook Removes Weather and HAARP Pages Totaling Tens of Thousands


6 thoughts on “Facebook Removes Weather and HAARP Pages Totaling Tens of Thousands

  1. Aw don’t blame the poor dog..tha’ts a cute fox terrier! Noted on the Assumption Parish blog..they keep talking about testing water. Anyone EVER see any results (ones you can trust?). Mostly talking about LEVEL 1 sinkhole events..so work work work goes on. Wonder what OSHA/WISHA will say if those workers get pulled into a central vortex like happened at Lake P? Whoops..??

  2. they have no choice…the TRUTH is closing in on them.
    “Global warming is a scam but Rothschild’s new politically correct word is climate change. Through HAARP & the silence about our real approaching weather entering into The Solar System’s Quiet Sun Phase’ aka; ‘Mini Ice Age’ ~ they are causing freaky weather worldwide, blaming it on our electricity consumption, using this scheme as an excuse to raise energy prices, shut down our oil production, close out coal plants, increase taxes, as a potent form to buffer blowback from their pilfering of citizen’s wealth throughout the world. ”


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