Some Trouble at LA14 After 2 A.M. & Weekend News

We don’t know what’s going on. Many helicorders irregular.  .   heli_button

LA14 is especially jittery just after 2 a.m..


It calmed down a lot at 4:30 a.m.


Second verse same as the first.  Lots of crazy activity on LA11.

Large fluid movement at LA10-03 around 9 a.m. Sunday.  It lasted over a half hour.

Before It’s News – SPECIAL REPORT: U.S. General [Honoré] Leading Revolutionary Army To Takeover Louisiana

The Irish ExaminerWelcome to the town that is falling into the earth

“If . . . . .  it breaks through a modest earthen barrier, it will poison the waters of Bayou Corne, forever spoiling these verdant banks. Once a rural paradise, Bayou Corne could become a ghost town as a result of a man-made ulcer whose depths defy understanding.”

. . . .  “So shoddy has oversight been that state officials don’t even know how much money the energy companies owe, its auditing so lackadaisical that last year it collected just $40,729 in severance taxes (paid for the extraction of resources like oil and gas).”

(Jan. 22) Waste well not likely to create sinkhole

HOUMA, La. (KNOE 8 News/AP) – Officials say residents close to the proposed Vanguard Environmental wastewater well in Houma should not fear it will eventually become a sinkhole like the 24-acre one in Assumption Parish.

Two weeks ago, the state Supreme Court rejected Terrebonne Parish’s appeal of a lawsuit that would have stopped Vanguard from drilling. . . .


45 thoughts on “Some Trouble at LA14 After 2 A.M. & Weekend News

  1. I was looking at that earthquake at SSE of Adipala, Indonesia at 05:14 UTC time or 21:14 CST time
    The magnitude of quake was M6.1 and it was deep in the ground 55.4mi down.

    And when that quake hit the recorder it show up on the recorder name Temporary there four in Arkansas and the eleven recorder in and around the sinkhole.
    This one’s on 01/24/2014 in X202 HHZ NM 00 : Temporary, AR

    And this one LA-10 the bottom one: .. LA10 HHZ YC 03 : Bayou Corne, LA bottom borehole

    All the Temporary one

  2. The Map just shows locations and NOT subsidence. And then the ITACA report..thats A MODEL..not actual subsidence. Frankly, this sinkhole is something no one has seen before..right? So how does one MODEL that situation? You can not. Now for a lot of geographic stuff..thats NOT my area of expertise..but Modeling..with computers..IS. 20 years of it..with major universities and gov agencies. YOU cant model a realistic result without having a previous similar situation..its like trying to model emotions..really difficult to get it right. And people are depending on this for their lives..I would certainly not want MY modeling used as a safety feature..the law suits..GIGANTIC! Where is their legal section in presenting this material? Oh well..I am sure legal folks will read the above and “get it.”
    On one other report..have a real question. I looked at the data points..tha’ts NOT elevation..its plotting on a what is the real story here? See:
    Lets see FEET in the equations not graphs..unless someone has something to hide?? (sarcasm)

    hide hide hide the data ???

  3. fcf..missing a post! can U check the spam?

    wanted to add they must be measuring feet,not points on a graph which is what I first thought due to the X-Y axis described in one report. BUT also..I hate it when they mix in Kilometers..and Feet in the same tables. What gives? Come on Mr. Measurement expert..!!

  4. Don’t you fill like there waiting for something to happen at that sinkhole.
    Fat man and little boy – trinity test

    • Kevin Blanch’s dad and all the other Army guys at this “test” were killed by radiation cancer when their children were young. And all of their children have cancer troubles. It was a human experiment on those poor guys. :Look up ‘Atomic Veterans’..
      Kevin Blanch is on You Tube daily.

      • I talk to Hazel O’Leary I think it was in the 90’s when she was in Oak Ridge TN about some of the things they did to me as a child.
        I got a letter from her office in D.C. it said to be in Oak Ridge TN at the Oak Ridge High School about declassed records to be there date and time.
        Clinton Administration Energy Sec. Hazel O’Leary'Leary

        This is just one Experiment they did on me it was no treatment.
        Nasal radium they did to me in school as a child I was in first grade at that time.

        The military even dumped radiation from planes and spread it across wide areas around and downwind of Oak Ridge, Tenn., Los Alamos, New Mexico, and Dugway, Utah. This “systematic radiation warfare program,” conducted between 1944 and 1961, was kept secret for 40 years.

      • That’s awful, Walter!

        In the book about trying to trace AIDS origin, “The River” the author had recounted some awful military disease spraying on the public, but not that.

    • Yea Walter, it appears to me that Texas Brine is waiting for something horribly bad to go wrong. Then Texas Brine can say, “yep, that was the reason for the sinkhole catastrophe.” When Freedomrox has showed us all of the blame is on Texas Brines sholders. But it will be proven that Texas Brine’s inaction contributed to the further distruction of this area, maybe more.

      • when the other show drops I predict major Texas Brine players will suddenly retire with bonus and benefits and the minute they cash the check the co. will declare bankruptcy to avoid legal responsibilities.
        But homeowners can take heart in the fact hat Bayer owns Texas Brine and they cannot bail out. Just an ingrown hair to that company..

  5. Louisiana – Helicorder
    LA-19 and LA-21 they got them turn down so low you could not pick up anything.
    LA-11 is turn down somewhat low but it is picking a lot of movement how much gas is in those wells are they taking gas out right now.
    I don’t think LA-10 surface recorder is working right.

  6. At Energy News in one of the comment it said.
    Cesium, Strontium etc. coming out of the reactors is lighter than water, and easily transports for long distances.

    I think there something we could learn from these.
    This sediment of Strontium and Cesium are from the war years up in Oak Ridge TN that about 70 years of sediment.
    Yes there was a high releases of radioactive substances into the creeks.

    Strontium-90 Heat Sources
    1958 to July 1967 by Oak Ridge National Laboratory,

    Why did not the Strontium and Cesium that went into White Oak Creek from there into Clinch River in Oak Ridge TN did not go far.
    It became a sediment in the bottom of the Watts Bar lake deep channel in lake.

  7. I don’t like the Before It’s News article on Lt. Gen. Honore and the Green Army coalition. The beginning of the article makes it sound as though Lt. Gen. Honore is leading a military takeover of the government, which he is NOT. The environmental advocate groups involved are all well-respected, peaceful, law-abiding activists that merely wish to seek an end to the corruption between the energy/chemical industry and our political representation in Louisiana and to make the industry operate more responsibly in our state. Everything that I’ve read, or seen in the local news, has shown these groups to be obeying all the laws and constitutional provisions for peaceful protest and citizen advocacy. Envolvement in the safety and health of one’s community and caring about each other is the DUTY of every American citizen…at least that is what I was taught. The majority of the article is pretty good but the beginning definately gives people the wrong impression!

    • Isnt that the same site with the old report of 450,000 coffins FEMA has stored away? And so on. Sounds like making news when no news (or the news they want to hear) is not available. Makes it difficult for everyone if that is the case. At least they tried in the last part of the article…

  8. I like to know if this true if they’re putting tritium in toys.
    Radiation emissions from glow-in-the-dark toys ?
    Those GlowRing have radioactive tritium gas in them is this true ?

    • maybe if the are made in certain countries!
      When you look at the tiny labels on Christmas tree lights from China it says towash hands because they put lead in all their electric chords.

  9. From Mattew50 of Candle Power:
    “The use of Tritium in the US is highly restricted by federal law. Basically the only permitted civilian use is in emergency exit signs. Part of the issue is that US stopped producing tritium years ago, so domestic supplies at this point are extremely limited. As long as the Tritium doesn’t come from domestic sources, I doubt anyone really cares.

    The restrictions on use are very difficult to enforce, and as a result enforcement is essentially nil. I don’t recommend ignoring the law, but the reality is that the law is unenforcible in this case. ”

    And you do see adds for “tritium gas’ in some watches and such on the internet..low-dose radiation , tritium gas tubes…go figure.

    as Night Vision Watch | PRLog Cached
    High Roller Toys Offers Tritium Gas Night Vision Watch. Low-energy Beta radiation creates continuous, self-sustaining light source – PR10214624

  10. I heard this from old timer they talk about this I say they much have heard this from their fathers.
    They told me in June they had a snow in Eastern Tennessee and it got cold then it warn back up all the crops were dead and leaves on trees fell out of the tree.
    And the smell from all those rotting plants was really bad.
    That year the winter months prices for food went up and up that winter.

    Eighteen Hundred and Froze to Death a Year Without a Summer
    It was manmade global warming they say that did it we need to tax everyone so this won’t happen again.

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