Snow on the way to Lake FUBAR? UPDATED


A winter WARNING from the weather report.  COLDheron1

Who knows what will happen if it snows at Lake FUBAR. Will the helicorders freeze?

WAFB weather map showing temperature.

The APPJ blog says everything is closed Tuesday due to cold. So the helicorders should be readable without a lot of trucks making them unreadable.

fluid at LA14 at 7 p.m..


2.3 quake in Howardville, Missouri < MAP

Kentucky has the shakes


EQ_128  ANF map today


New weather warning on the cold front. Will Lake FUBAR ice over? WAFB radar.  They started work on the berm roads this morning so we won’t get to see the helicorders today after all. frowny

Texas Brine put out a ‘fact sheet‘ on their great seismic monitor system (Jan. 23) and they illustrate it with a picture showing old helicorder layout. So old the west berm is in the original spot. Hey, Texas Brine, it’s a FACT your berm failed on the west side and your berm failed on the south side. And they didn’t FAIL because of quakes made by ‘normal’ brine operations.



36 thoughts on “Snow on the way to Lake FUBAR? UPDATED

  1. 2014-01-28
    1hr 46min ago Depth:9 Km
    612 km S of Chicago, United States / pop: 2,695,598 / local time: 19:15:46.1 2014-01-27

  2. Road icing causes more deaths and injuries annually that all other forms of severe weather combined.
    Louisiana Freezing Rain and Ice Storm
    Incident period: December 22, 1998 to December 28, 1998
    Major Disaster Declaration declared on January 21, 1999

    Louisiana 9 WAFB news
    9- news this morning
    It look like it’s staying north of Louisiana well it drop down before morning

    I think we in Eastern Tennessee are going to get a back around storm coming down from Kentucky that moisture well be coming up from the Gulf of Mexico to Kentucky.
    That low front in the northern state well do that.

    Eastern Tennessee weather
    Overnight Mostly cloudy, with a steady temperature around 17. Wind chill values between 4 and 9. North wind around 10 mph.
    Tuesday Snow likely, mainly between 1pm and 4pm. Cloudy, with a high near 23. Wind chill values between zero and 10. North wind 5 to 10 mph. Chance of precipitation is 70%. New snow accumulation of around an inch possible.
    Tuesday Night A 30 percent chance of snow before 7pm. Cloudy during the early evening, then gradual clearing, with a low around 5. Wind chill values between -5 and zero. North wind around 5 mph becoming calm after midnight.

  3. 20 Car Pile up on South Carefree and Powers Colorado Springs
    I say this people know how to drive in snow and ice.
    When you going downhill on ice it unbelievable just how much speed your car can pick up or speed up siding downhill.

    • oh, they overdrive their brakes allllll the time in the snow! SUVs weight 2 tons and cannot stop on ice at all. They glide twice as far as cars do. Crunch.
      Thanks, Walter for all the cold snap news.

  4. I think you well like this .. Great Blizzard of 1899
    Minden, Louisiana: −16 °F

    Great Blizzard of 1899
    Cajun Food, Louisiana History, and a Little Lagniappe
    Preservation of traditional River Road cuisine, Louisiana history & architecture, and the communities between Baton Rouge & NOLA
    Prominence of Jean Paul Robert’s Notes
    Posted by jnewhart in Ascension Parish/River Parishes, Louisiana History
    The Mississippi River froze its entire length down to the Gulf of Mexico. Some ice even flowed into the Gulf. The ice in the river in New Orleans was two inches thick and the lowest temperature registered in New Orleans was 7°.

    Louisiana Blizzard 2-12-2010.
    Blizzard Snow Storm Southern Louisiana on December 11, 2008.
    1993 Blizzard on the US East coast.
    On youtube Louisiana Snow 2014.

    Raw Video: Icy Road Has Drivers Sliding
    Published on Jan 24, 2014
    A road in Knoxville, Tennessee was especially treacherous on Tuesday, as numerous motorists lost control driving on pavement that had become icy in cold temperatures. (Jan. 23) news,bbc news,fox news,cnn news,abc news,world news,

      • True or false Arctic Sea Ice Melts it Causing Sea Levels to Rise?
        Melting of Floating Ice Will not Raise Sea Level.

        When all ice in a glass of water melts the level of water in the glass?
        Stays the same (assuming that all the ice was floating to begin with).

  5. Tuesday’s storm deposited mere inches of snow, barely enough to qualify as a storm up North.
    And yet it was more than enough to paralyze Deep South cities.

    Here is link to Baton Rouge news
    9 WAFB news in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

    It’s 3 F this morning at 6:00 am EST in Clinton Tennessee.
    I say the temperature well drop even more before the sun get up then again i been wrong before.
    East Tennessee weather is very hard to predict they said it going to get down around 19 or 17 F and no snow or ice they were wrong big time on this one.
    Wednesday night it going to get even colder before it began to warning up.
    I am glad I am letting the water pipe drip or trickle a little so they won’t freeze moving water won’t freeze.

    When the weather warm back up in East TN I hope we don’t have any rock slides this year..
    Recent history of rock slides

    • I think meteorologists are probably having a hard time making accurate predictions due to the involvement of the chemtrails. Here in MI, our temps were predicted for a low this morning to be about 10 degrees higher than they are. I’ve been watching that happen for the last several days. When the weather people on the TV show the “snow bands”, they are now very distinct, separate lines next to each other and one meteorologist mentioned how strange it is that as you’re driving, you go from blinding snow to no snow then back into blinding snow repeatedly. That very clearly shows chemtrail use. In the old days, snow bands weren’t perfectly straight lines with the same space in between as we are seeing now on Doppler. They were just big cloudy looking things passing over.

  6. A list of recorders on the Helicorder recorder web site and not on the Helicorder recorder web site.

    Jan. 2014 – Seismic Monitoring Stations map
    TBC LA21
    TBC LA19
    TBC LA18
    TBC Borehole LA17
    TBC LA16 (D)
    TBC LA15 (D)
    TBC LA14
    TBC LA13 (D)
    TBC LA12
    TBC Borehole LA10
    USGS LA08
    USGS LA09

    Helicorder recorders in and around the sinkhole.
    LA10 surface , mid borehole and bottom borehole.
    LA11 , LA12 , LA14 , LA18 , LA19 and LA21
    LA17 1 to 3 wells.

    • They aren’t on the current map because this is a realllllly OLD map. Look how small Lake FUBAR is. It’s a pond. You can tell the date from when they lost LA13.
      The current map is on the MAP page. They look like they will change this all again as they build the new south-south berm.

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