Wed. News – Freezing Temps Continue + Many Comments on Odd “Snow” in the South US

It is below freezing at Lake FUBAR still.   COLDheron1

LA14 had more FLUID MOVEMENT at  2 a.m. and 3 a.m..

Parish Blog“Due to the wintery weather and associated road closures the weekly Evacuation Assistance Payment distribution at the Command Trailer has been moved from Thursday to Friday (1/31) this week.”

This Wed. PHOTO from Fox44 news shows Lake FUBAR didn’t freeze over.

On this blog we beat up a lot on the Assumption Parish Police Jury for the collapsed salt dome handling. However, in this weather emergency hitting all of the south-eastern states the APPJ has shown enviable foresight. While Atlanta and other civic leaders ignored severe weather warnings that we all saw and the APPJ saw they took decisive action in advance of the snow and freeze blast to close schools and offices and warn residents away from roads and driving.

SEE COMMENTS  for the topic of fake snow, odd snow many are talking about this weekend.


40 thoughts on “Wed. News – Freezing Temps Continue + Many Comments on Odd “Snow” in the South US

  1. How time flies by.
    I was looking at a old map of Taylor Barracks in Mannheim, Germany if this map is not big click on it.
    This is the old basic I was at in 1970 when I was in the Army.
    I was in building number 344 and the shop where I work at was in building number 338.
    .All this building have been torn down now.

    If the photo not big click on it.
    I am in the last row down from left to right six over right next to Hitler well he look like Hitler in that group photo.

  2. Any one like to know or learn how the weather work over the US.
    Nuclear fallout travels in the jet stream
    Jet Stream Analyses and Forecasts at 300 mb .. Jet Stream Analysis Maps
    Information Shown on Jet Stream Maps: Northern Hemisphere, North America and Eastern Pacific Overviews
    click on the Latest available

  3. FCF, et al,

    First there’s the W.V. event (and subsequent), then there’s the S.C. event.

    Now, what really came out of the heavily sprayed sky areas before and during the big, devastating storm that swept the south ?

    Plans D or E ? Best keep an eye on these areas for strange developments, e.g., increased illnesses, etc.

    Wonder what might be in this stuff:

    • There different type of snow.
      Powder snow has very low water content in it.
      A wet snow has a lot of water in it you could say slush.
      I seen it come down in snow crystals before big snowflake.

      In Tennessee we had that powder snow it was very cold outside.

      It takes a sh.. load of time to melt snow and ice with fire.
      As for the fact the water wasn’t dripping off, it was soaking into the snow ball.

      Make Fake Snow in Seconds

      • Well, gee Walter, how do you explain the black results and unusual smell after burning the “snow” ?????

        I think there’s a little more to this than your submissions on the subject imply. Care to counter ?

      • Chris I put a snow vid (from Radioaactive Chat message) on the FC blog.
        There’s something screwy about this weather!
        I hope everybody film it.
        The one I put up had it not even leave water on the table table when brought it inside.

    • Please don’t breathe in the vapors because if they have contamination from Fukushima nuclear disaster..the plutonium or uranium could get those in your lungs and get pretty sick from the hot particles. Just take care..requires heavy duty filters over mouth and nose to protect you.
      I am not being nuts, but if the RADNET or monitors show radiation warnings over head your location..just figure rain or snow can pick up the particles and take them down to earth in precip…..not to panic, but just to take care.

      • Walter you must be nuke-proof by now!!
        Airport detectors probably go off when you walk by!
        They never should have done anything to kids … or adults!
        Unethical anti-science hokum.

      • Dutch says it’s B.S.:

        But, he didn’t talk about such results as the guy with the wood stove got, i.e., 6 minutes before melting produced a drop of water from the newly fallen snow vs. seconds for the freezer frost.

        I still say, keep an eye on the areas it fell on.

      • I agree. Some funny snow in some places and normal snow most other spots.
        Snow wouldn’t make a funny smell.

  4. Interesting video lead me to THIS—the theory of extinction 250M years ago. Now what is interesting are the phases..first 40K years for slow die off of land creatures..not all of them however..then over the next 10K years..all marine life died. The theory is a five degree increase in temperature due to the Russian lava outflow that covered most of asia..huge temperature event..first really cold temperatures, then really hot with this the ocean temps increase. THEN after the marine life death from hot waters..the heat of the oceans allowed a huge methane hydrate release from the ocean floor..and up to 95% of all life on earth disappeared. See the timeline:

    Now what is interesting.the parallel to current times..low die off of land animals(pre-history to now).next is marine life(we are doing that now and warming up the oceans!)..and then a big BOOM of methane gas with C-12(toast time and many thanks to BP in the GOM). Frankly, all that has to happen is the methane to break out of the crust of the earth in the GOM–it would be a chain reactor around all the methane hydrate locations (continental shelf areas of Africa, N. America, Australia..etc etc). Chilling story someone in government should be aware of.

      • TO: jec
        I don’t believe in everything I hear or read.
        Here is the creation side yes there was a earth ago before this one.
        Fingerprints Of Creation – by Dr. Robert V. Gentry

        The Young Age of the Earth – by Dr. Robert V. Gentry

    • Yoshi Shimatsu went off on a tear on his recent interview (about Fukushima) on saying Japan’s doomsday cult delibarately wrecking the planet. Kind of along these lines.

  5. I just went out here in Michigan and attempted to make a snowball to perform the burned snowball experiment. The snow wouldn’t make a good old fashioned snowball, but after a minute, it did form an iceball and I used two forms of fire, a Bic lighter and a long fireplace lighter. Probably butane also. Blackened it for sure. I don’t know how to post a picture of it here, but sent it to your email, Fcf. It’s okay to use, if you’d like.

  6. Okay, follow up. Just to continue with this science experiment, I just took an ice cube from my freezer, made with water derived from reverse osmosis. It left the same residue. Hmmm…

    • I was unable to get a picture of it though, because the black residue dripped right off as the flame did melt the ice cube.

  7. I tried it here in Virginia. No black stuff. Not that it means anything as we are way to the east and north of the jet stream.

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