Loose Well Off Coast – UPDATED

Crews lose control of natural gas well; Gas flowing from rig off La. coast

“EnVen Chief Operating Officer Jonathan Garrett says gas, water and sand are flowing, but no pollution has reached the Gulf.” – um-hmm…


Gas continues to flow from rig off Gulf coast

  • “Wild gas wells tend to be less of an environmental threat than blowouts from oil wells.”
  • “The EnVen rig was operating in relatively shallow waters, where measures to control a leak or blowout are easier to manage than in the deep waters of the Gulf.”

8 thoughts on “Loose Well Off Coast – UPDATED

  1. Thanks for letting us know! The dangers of oil and gas! Then they say it is for “energy independence” as an excuse to pollute air, land and water, but there is a shortage of propane and people freezing because of exports!
    From Reuters News Feeds:
    “UPDATE 2-As U.S. states scramble for propane, exports remain high
    Posted:Fri, 31 Jan 2014 00:45:34 GMT
    NEW YORK, Jan 30 (Reuters) – U.S Northern and Midwestern states called on Thursday for new ways to ease a supply crunch of the heating fuel propane during the second week of a bitter freeze, in a sign the shortages are expected to continue into next month.” http://feeds.reuters.com/~r/reuters/USenergyNews/~3/nLEL8M_xPGI/story01.htm

    • oh, no worries! It’s just leaking SAND. Ya know that lucrative industry, pumping sand from the Gulf of Mexico!

  2. Now the other link points to the Jan 31st one, not the Jan 30th one which said the leak was stopped. Go figure..At least the media site is correcting. But the USCG said it was STOPPED, now cut in 1/2. What gives? No one should be offering up info to the media unless they have PROOF they are correct. Mindless, mindless just to get face time in the media. Sorry..had to rant a bit….

  3. “Energy Ventures, LLC (“EnVen”) is a non-utility generator of electricity that develops, owns and operates community and commercial-scale electric power generation facilities fueled by renewable energy sources (biomass, geothermal, hydrologic, solar and wind) in order to provide electric power to federal, state and local governments, commercial, industrial and institutional entities, and regulated investor -owned utilities.” From EnVen LLC web site. No mention of its involvement in natural gas drilling.

    • I guess sand drilling is a new fangled thing 🙂
      ooh, well, it looks under control now.
      I have hope that On Wings of Care will fly over and check it out.

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