My ELF Weapon: Bayou Corne

You can take this as an anxiety reaction to these awful events at Assumption Parish on a vulnerable, frail person (not the only one we have posted) or something more in line with the Navy Yard false flag staged event.


The PHOTO of “My ELF weapon” carved into the Navy Yard shooter’s gun stock has been scrubbed from news stories on the  internet. Example.


This page from Business Insider still has a story up with photos

Related (hope not!) – video series ‘Programmed to Kill’ about brainwashing and the powerful who use it.

NOW . . . back to our show . . .


17 thoughts on “My ELF Weapon: Bayou Corne

  1. I can’t comment on most of this as I don’t read about these strange theories because known scientifically recognized reality is strange and scary enough to keep me busy. However, myth or what is believed is very important as it can create reality through people’s actions. That would seem to be the case for the shooter mentioned. He seems to have believe some of this, although I have not followed that case. Papa Duvalier, dictator of Haiti, used Baron Samedi, a malevolent voodoo spirit of death, for social control. The Japanese militarists used Shinto. Myth is also more colorful and entertaining than reality.

    But I can say that the failures around Katrina suggested a will to eliminate a poor, black Democratic population. Cancer Alley and other pollution in Louisiana is genocidal although if there is that intent, or only just because they know they can get by with polluting, no one knows. It appears it’s more because they knew it was a poor, uneducated population and that they could get by with it. Rollins illegally burned rad waste in North Baton Rouge in a poor black neighborhood and emitted toxic waste fumes because they could. Probably they were racist too even though they were allegedly tied in with-protected by Edwin Edwards who is known to have been the governor who did the most for letting blacks into the system. Clinton has that reputation in Arkansas. However, when Edwards was governor they would have been required, by law, to let blacks into the system. Edwards also had ties to mafia godfather Carlos Marcello through mutual associate, Charles Roemer.

    The lady does have legitimate fears if she is out in the woods next to a bunch of rednecks running meth labs. Not only could she get crazy racists after her but those labs have caused fires, even in white middle class areas of the US.

    It is very important to contextualize this in the little known and much believed traditions of hoodoo and voodoo. Discussions of hoodoo and voodoo are normal in Louisiana, and voodoo in Haiti. Even Ph.D.s believe. These traditions pre-dated slavery though surely the Louisiana, and Haitian variants of voodoo, and the hoodoo in other southern states, have been changed in the context of slavery. Hoodoo is protestant voodoo and voodoo is tied in with Catholic traditions. Whether or not you believe in good and bad spirits, voodoo leaves open a window for “black” magic (surprised she used that term as some want to change the name to “negative” magic). Real voodoo is supposed to be against black, negative, magic but in Louisiana it is pretty much synonymous with black magic. Black magic is using magic to control others. Some have even spoken of grey magic where Catholics burning candles for “good magic” compete with voodoo “evil magic”.

    Just to say that for her time and place talking about voodoo and hoodoo is not abnormal.

    Still I think that voodoo and Japanese shinto are similar in that they are both paranoid religions in that if you do not serve and pacify the spirits (in Japan this includes ancestors and in the earliest voodoo it would include ancestors) they are going to get you. Also, fear that someone has thrown a spell on you leads to much paranoia. It is well-known that people spend money on voodoo priests in Haiti when they should be buying vitamins, etc. I also feel very sad about the Port Gibson nuclear power plant in part because I’ve met someone from there who still believes in “Haints”, i.e. “haunts” or ghosts. This person would have been born ca 1980 or 81 and so we aren’t talking ancient history. We are also speaking of someone who was able to access university level education.

    A friend whose brother is a voodoo priest said he wasn’t afraid of voodoo spirits but rather
    of real people. This is the truth. There are enough evil, dangerous people running around that there is no time or need to look further, other than to wonder why. Is it better to call those who willfully pollute the world psychopaths-sociopaths or demonically possessed?

    But, when looking at this lady we need to bear in mind what is normal cultural tradition and what is innovation. It looks like she has just added innovation on top of the voodoo-hoodoo cultural tradition. Sorry to be so long-winded but having researched voodoo for about a decade I feel an obligation to help people understand what part of this is normal, so that we don’t disrespect this lady.

    • I think people are moved to a breaking point.
      But look at Walter. They did criminal experiments on him with radium.
      I believe (can’t prove it) the Navy Yard shooter had things done to him. MK Ultra things and this poor woman may be a victim of that too.

  2. I still don’t really have the context for this lady, nor do I have time to get it, unfortunately so probably shouldn’t have commented. Except that I know a good deal about voodoo, I would not have commented. She mentioned she was an actress. Did anyone think about that maybe she is putting on a show? Maybe this is a movie? I have seen people involved in paganism-voodoo flip out into mean nuts though maybe they believed because they were flipped out already. It’s not been good for Haiti either. I suspect it is a problem for Japan. I have always found religion and culture interesting so don’t like to sit in judgement, although I think now that polytheism is risky. Life is so hard for most the only mystery is that more people don’t flip out and go postal. The kindness and tolerance of the suffering is amazing. Most people who enter military now is because of financial hardship. Apparently even in Vietnam only a small percentage of the poorest people were drafted. Not only stress but the fact that Europe emptied its insane asylums into the US, doesn’t help matters. When did they do the expts on Walter or can you say? I remain shocked at all that is documented and that official radiation expts. continued until at least 1989 when someone from the UK was irradiated and sent to Cal for testing. I mean it’s in govt. records. I don’t really think that they need to do anymore rad expts. because they are making everyone into guinea pigs by polluting everything. Of course, they were doing that with above ground testing AND doing rad tests in the past. I suspect they won’t do the radiation soil, water and air testing because they don’t want people to realize how much stuff is still around from the nuclear tests. I wish I could say why they continue with nuclear. One thing is they are scared of law suits if they admit it is bad. So much medical treatment is radiation and other guinea pig oriented things. Suddenly it’s been noticed that the CT scan people aren’t even trained and so some people are getting too much. CT scans have increased and yet they should be defunct due to MRI. Yes, people are to the breaking point but Louisiana’s economy busted out in the 1980s. I think most of the world economy was broken by the late 80s, early 90s. Maybe it came back for some but surely not for all. So, people have been broken for a long time. And, they come up with creative ways to deal with it and creative explanations. It can be blurred metaphor. It can also be a way of feeling special. Feeling special is a proven function of Masonic orders, along with social networking. I’m sure if you hung out a bus stop in New Orleans or Memphis or Little Rock or other places you could meet many people like this lady, if you are willing to stand and listen or go home for tea. It could also be a test to see how much you will believe them. I get angry when they talk about this generation being a lost generation. As far as I know only the few have prospered in the world since the 1980s. The majority has been hanging on for dear life. Even in the prosperous years of the 60s many were excluded. I just don’t care for extra-terrestial theories – too weird for me. Her saying she is Mother Earth is not necessarily wacko. We all come from earth and she may subscribe to some earth-based religion; she may be an empath who feels others suffering. Who can say? More than one Native American tradition has the people’s origins as being in a hill out of the earth (e.g. Choctaw Nanih Waya and Pueblo peoples, I think). The Old Testament tells of man being made of earth. As for govt. mind-control expts. my Tai Chi Master said that we should never believe that anyone or anything outside us can control us. We have to hope for God’s protection. Other than that what can we do if they were doing all these bad things? I think govts and/or corporations control by excluding dissenters from employment and controlling ideas and media. This is documented from the Red Scare period. Gov spying has always existed the world over. Mind Control gets into a bigger question similar to if those with dementia or alzheimers still exist. I DO now understand why some people of an earlier generation died because they were too terrified to go to a doctor. I thought it was because of bad experiences but they may have known about these expts. Did I say that they did shock-therapy on some WWI Vets? Christian Science looks better by the day (They don’t go to doctors). Two people who lived to be around 100 and mentally and physically healthy said the key to longevity is staying away from doctors. They both got dragged into the medical system shortly thereafter and were killed. I appreciate that you are willing to put all of this out there for everyone to think about. I like this stuff in that it can open up our minds to new and different ideas. I love story-telling and culture. But, stories have to be framed within the culture. It also makes me think of the Blair Witch movie. I remain skeptical and wary of both New Age and conspiracy theories. Being a Christian and watching the “known” real world is complicated enough for me. There are some aspects of the known world that I know enough about that I know that I don’t want or need to know more about (i.e. certain govt agencies). Curiosity killed the cat. I agree with Dana about the urgency of stopping nuclear in general and Fukushima in particular. One never knows what is coming. Always best to fortify body, mind and spirit; pray and hope for the best. I remain perplexed about the state of the world. Sorry to ramble on this complicated topic. Good that Walter survived his trials. That should give everyone hope.

      • Thanks for polio link. Found this there: Chapter 7 BEHAVIORAL AND NEURO- PHYSIOLOGICAL CONSEQUENCES OF RADIATION EXPOSURE Link broken but can still find. Worth burning my snack. Thanks. Can see that they were indeed interested in the brain but from a mil-troop perspective. They would need mentally normal people to test. But, the Pu injections weren’t oriented to the brain but to excretion rates which could have been done in Asylums or on animals. They say animal expts more reliable and don’t mention the human ones. But, elsewhere researchers have said impacts on rats not same as humans. Still they took the brain of at least one of the victims. Some of those expts. were done on regular folk going to the Oak Ridge Hosp. The Alzheimers-CJD plaques interest me because they are renegade proteins and they think related and seem like could be like a microwaved egg.

  3. I spent about an hour writing a reply which seems to have disappeared. I would have to edit my draft and no more time. What did they do to Walter and where? In the military? I would be skeptical if I had not read that rad expts. are recognized by the US gov as being ongoing as late as 1989. This lady said she was an actress. Is it possible that this is a home-made movie like the Blair Witch project? They ran around with a flash-light. Folks have so much economic stress for decades now it is only a miracle that more don’t go postal. It shows how good and saintly most people are. I don’t know how everyone survives their suffering. I think that man who did the shooting had been in the military and most now go in due to economic desperation and/or to get away from broken families AND then they see and do horrid things and get traumatic stress syndrome. Of course, some rad expts. were done at Charity in New Orleans. I wouldn’t be surprised if LOTS of expts were done at Charity. But, I don’t think she is in New Orleans. There was a second Charity but I forget where. I guess your theory is that she was snatched from her home, experimented upon and then returned? Don’t you think they have enough folks in the insane asylums if they want to expt. without kidnappings?

  4. PS: Does anyone know why they took regular people in hospitals to do their plutonium expts, as opposed to using people in asylums? I know they also used people in asylums. I just can’t get my mind around the fact that someone who went to the hospital for an ulcer or for a broken leg was injected with plutonium. This is US gov record! I used to think the 1940s was a long time ago but if you compare it to the scope of history it wasn’t so very long ago. It wasn’t 1900. People were “modern”. Also, in 1989 someone in the UK was experimented on with rad and sent to Calif. to be tested. That is also gov record. Too strange.

  5. TO: miningawareness
    My Mother and Father work at the Naval Gun Factory in Washington D.C. my Grandmother on my mother side work for the U.S. Naval Torpedo Station in WW-2 I was born in D.C.
    Gun Factory D.C. – 1943 pic
    A picture of the big lathes at work
    Naval Gun Factory D.C. 1 of 30 photos
    Image Gallery: Naval Torpedo Station.

    This is about my uncle on my mother side name Otto Trout Jr. and some the things he work on.
    The debate goes on who was the first to come up with Neutral Buoyancy in a big tank of water.
    Neutral buoyancy simulation as a training aid
    Go down the page to 303 that my uncle.
    Langley’s Otto Trout suggested as early as 1963 that zero-gravity activities could be simulated by immersing astronauts in a large tank of water. Years later, Marshall Space Flight Center turned Trout’s abortive idea into a major component of NASA’s astronaut training program. L-66-7850
    On youtube one test he did that was in the 60’s.
    Water Immersion Technique of a Pressure-Suited Subject Under Balanced Gravity Conditions.

    This what became of his suggesting and research he did.
    Neutral Buoyancy Lab (NBL)-DIY

  6. Part of the depopulation agenda.

    People who get the fu shots get more deadly flu and people who go the polio shots were the ones who got polio. It is all on the Georgia guidestones.

  7. I grow up in those times I did come down with polio but it was not bad for me.
    I remember those Iron Lungs.
    In the race to develop a safe and effective polio vaccine, accidents occurred with both types. In 1955
    Polio Vaccine Contaminated With Cancer Given to Millions of Americans.
    Some of the first vaccine the monkeys polio Vaccine Simian Virus 40 (SV40): A Cancer Causing Monkey Virus from FDA-Approved Vaccines.

    Sister Kenny Treatment this is one good movie name Sister Kenny.
    I found a small piece of the movie Sister Kenny on YouTupe.

    About the Movie (1946) is a biographical film about Sister Elizabeth Kenny, an Australian bush nurse.
    Who fought to help people who suffered from polio, despite opposition from the medical establishment.

    TCM Turner Classic Movies.
    Sister Kenny (1946) — (Movie Clip) Symptoms Presenting Themselves

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