Lake FUBAR Rumbles Overnight. El Barfo on the way??

This will be an interesting day!


LA14 last night and this morning:




Thanks to Freedomrox for the tip – 😉


At 6:45 p.m.  the helicorders went off line for about 40 minutes. At 11 p.m. LA11 went out for 16 minutes but the others all worked. The Parish blog says they are sticking with Code 1 status.

Other News

Occidental earnings rise as CEO pursues breakup

. . . [CEO] Chazen is seeking to turn around Occidental, whose shares have fallen 24 percent from a May 2011 high, by selling oil and natural gas properties from the Middle East to North Dakota in order to focus on the most profitable U.S. businesses.”


13 thoughts on “Lake FUBAR Rumbles Overnight. El Barfo on the way??

  1. That is just one place where they been putting all that sand on the road to build that road back up.

    Don’t jump on me for this.
    I been going to the bank asking for the Eisenhower Dollars and Susan B Anthony Dollars.
    I been giving this out to Veteran and thinking then for their service and fireman and policeman.
    You could say they are the two most dislike dollars to come from the mint the Ike dollar was too heavy for pocket changes and the Susan B dollar was too much like a quarter.
    But on the back of the Eisenhower Dollar and Susan B Anthony Dollar it depict a Eagle clutching olive branch landing on the moon, the first moon landing.

  2. Could this quake be one of the rattlers? Earlier than the registered sesmic activity however:
    2.5 Earthquake New Madrid, Missouri
    Time 2014-01-31 07:12:01 UTC-05:00
    Location 36.492°N 89.565°W
    Depth 9.5km

  3. LA_11, the helicorder at the farthest south & east of FUBAR, had a very busy Sat. am. So did others on the south end.

    Interesting that none of FUBARs ‘corders registered the 3am event that the AZs show.

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