Carlsbad situation way, way worse than reported

ENE-News: New tests show plutonium reached millions of times normal levels at WIPP site . . .

Note – salt caverns have some vulnerabilities with . . .  decay. They are not granite.


From ENE-News story above comment … it is not a run-away rumor that the USAF ordered those radiation suits. PROOF

Breaking: ACADIAN GAS PIPE LEAK <<<< NEW! Not the "other" thing!

From the Parish Blog

Acadian Gas has reported that a check valve on their pipeline has opened and is currently releasing gas into the atmosphere.  The loud noise [!!!] emitting from this check valve can be heard throughout the Bayou Corne community. Pipeline workers are on site and currently working to isolate the pipeline to reset the valve. . . .

Where was this 24/7 manned site Acadian guy who is manning the place 24/7???

Where was this 4-times-a-day Acadian guy who is checking the place 4 times daily????

Parish blog update says they have it all stopped.

Thursday News

New Orleans Times-PicayuneJudge orders Oil and Gas Association president to appear in court Tuesday or face jail “Mr. Briggs has been subpoenaed, which is basically an order of the court,” [att’y.] Shows said. “Mr. Briggs failed to appear in court and the judge was not satisfied with the reason for his failure to appear. She has commanded him to come before her court Tuesday morning and respond to the subpoena.”

  • (The Times-Picayune is covering this gasbag, Briggs story very well)
  • His testimony (transcript)

Louisiana Public Broadcasting show, The Public Square on these oil guys, entire show. Lt. Gen. Russell Honore blasts state lawmakers for environmental damage, but downplays chance of run for governor

” . . .  The salt-dome collapse in Assumption Parish, he said, was because the company that owned is legally allowed to regulate itself — in other words, they can claim to have done nothing illegal because there is so little the law requires of them. Not only that, but the company is four years behind on its taxes — and the state couldn’t figure out how much it owed, because it had not been monitoring the company’s activity, Honore said.”

WAFB – Residents who remain near Bayou Corne sinkhole say they’re losing faith < has video

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Bubble Update From Conservation

Unrelated fer sure (sarc) ….

Hey, look! Acadian Gas is on the job! Last update from them:


This Advocate article makes it sound like Acadian Gas had nothing at all to do with the bubbling discovery. They put out an “update” for Feb. 24 tonight. No mention of bubbles.


At about 4:20 p.m. Wed. all of the helicorders went out for about a half hour. What happened? LA18 shows it well.

DNR  put out an inspection reportCrosstex has a 2 day old “update” . . .


Assumption Parish Police Jury

Bayou Corne/Grand Bayou Response Activity

Following confirmation of the new bubble site on Grand Bayou, north of its crossing of La. 70, Assumption Parish Incident Command and the coordinated state agencies have made initial investigations and begun taking action to ascertain the source, including determination of whether scientific evidence supports the likely assumption that it is linked to the gas released by the failure of Texas Brine’s Oxy Geismar 3 cavern, and to ensure public safety.

The bubbling is occurring directly above the area where Acadian Gas recently drilled a horizontal boring under the Bayou as part of its effort to re-route a pipeline to replace pipeline capacity lost when the sinkhole formed. Acadian has already tested its two existing pipelines in service at the same crossing, and found no indication of leaks.
The Office of Conservation and its contracted agent CB&I have taken…

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Yoichi Shimatsu talks about the large amount of plutonium contamination at New Mexico because of raging fire below.
Audio file (2-24):

Fire At Carlsbad Nuclear Waste New Mexico


Compliant local news media and lying scientists exposed by Dana:


More on what’s happening:

Link –

From Mining Awareness – We need to stop talking about WIPP or Hanford or Sellafield, etc. and start talking contractors and subcontractors and “consortium” members who are at various sites and which ones have, or have not, messed up repeatedly and dangerously; which ones harass and fire safety workers, etc.”  [ article has details on the contractors ]

New Mexico was strong-armed by DOE –


SOURCES WE LIKE  who cover the WIPP disaster

Nuke Pro is covering and has science info (unlike the disinfo put out by industry-friendly anti-scientists).
The cavern isn’t holding old gloves. It is holding radioactive weapons waste, plutonium and the most dangerous materials on Earth.
WIPP Busted Dead to Rights, they WERE Storing High Level Waste WIPP

74 One Liner Lies of the Nuclear Cartel

Archives of stories on our blog about Carlsbad salt cavern nuke storage.

Many papers on subsurface environment technology from Sandia labs. It has a lot of documents.

Constant news updates since the Feb. 2014 “burning truck” disaster are on

 Continuing UPDATES can be found at the Fukushima Hounds’ Forum thread on it.

 NOTE: The accident report has been added to the Salt Dome page in the nuke waste section.

Well Blow Out in Acadia Parish, Tues. News

WELL BLOW OUT in Acadia Parish
Update: 12 homes evacuated in Acadia Parish  < has video… It is NW from Assumption Parish.   Parish MAP

Oil & Gas Association president fails to appear in court Tuesday, despite threat of jail

Louisiana Oil & Gas Association President Don Briggs Tuesday again failed to appear in a Baton Rouge courtroom for a hearing on the association’s lawsuit against Louisiana Attorney General Buddy Caldwell, despite a judge’s order requiring Briggs presence. The absence forced a two-week delay in the trial, in which the association is attempting to block wetlands litigation against some oil and gas companies. . . .

Bubbling 1/4 Mile Away from Gator Corner < UPDATED

They just had it on the parish blog.  “A new bubbling site has been discovered in Grand Bayou on LA-69, 1/4 mile north of the Gator Corner.”


We take it Gator Corner is the casino east from Lake FUBAR . . .
. . .  use fingers to measure 1/4 mile on this map:



Reader, Walter Coin points out the east edge of the salt dome is near this bubble site. See red line in this map.

Dutchsinse reports on it with background stories.  WAFB News report.


Claims JournalNew Bubbles Could Signal Blast Risk at Louisiana Sinkhole Site

The AdvertiserLa. 70 near Bayou Corne sinking faster, Data suggest area sinkhole could be cause

KNOE CBS News – New bubbles found in Bayou Corne sinkhole

The Watchers – New bubbles found in Bayou Corne-area sinkhole

New bubbling site discovered near massive Louisiana sinkhole

Atlas Obscura – Discovered in 2012, the Bayou Corne Sinkhole is a churning vortex of destruction that has been slowly dragging the surrounding forest into the ground after a massive mining accident.