Inquiry – Gas Smell Reports? N.O. Sky Reports? Weekend News

Just got this reader inquiry –

“I am wondering if you have any news on the gas smells being reported in Jefferson and Orleans parishes.. There was a report made on the 8th and again today.. News reports say it’s Being reported and investigated and they will update , but updates never come? There was also reports back in April.. I believe they attributed that to hydrogen sulfide being released at chemical plant, but amounts never confirmed or further reports from what I have gathered.”

Please comment here if you see any news articles about this or social media posts etc. (new or old) and it will get put here.

NEW INQUIRY (by us) –

 Did something happen in the sky over New Orleans on Sunday night?

From thread on Godlike Productions forum. If you are blocked see screen grab –



Lt. Gen. Honoré is forming an alliance of Louisiana environmental organizations- the “GreenARMY” and they have a Face Book page. It will get added to the sidebar under blogroll.

ALSO – Michael E. Schaff says, “Bruce E. Martin, Texas Brine’s vice president of operations has had a letter published in newspapers all over the state of Louisiana. In his letter he states “Significant progress has been made in response to the sinkhole in Bayou Corne.” Then rips him one:

“Your spokesperson Mr. Sonny Cranch was at the church hall brow beating my friends and neighbors eliminating those who own camps and claiming that they were “non-residents” so you could get away with paying them NOTHING… yet now, your claim is that they are in fact residents so that you can include them in your inflated numbers… so which are they?”

He gets lots of ink –  “Texas Brine propaganda campaign warrants response

“Had Texas Brine not been so greedy 32 years ago, and had they listened to the advice of their own consultants who informed them that they were in danger of penetrating the side wall of the Napoleonville Salt Dome by mining below 5,000 feet in that particular location, this entire human and environmental catastrophe could have been avoided.

Yet, as alleged in Federal Court documents in a complaint against Texas Brine as reported in the Baton Rouge Morning Advocate this past November, the company submitted a permit application to the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources requesting mining all the way to 6,040 feet. In 2010 they made it all the way to 5,654 feet before the solution mining operation blew out the salt into the surrounding strata. This fact was then hidden from the residents of Bayou Corne and Grand Bayou. . . .”

Louisiana WeeklyExxonMobil Won’t Admit Baton Rouge Plants Had Safety Violations


fluid    At 4 A.M. on many helicorders. It lasted over 10 minutes. LA12 shows it. The work trucks started up at 7 a.m..

Fuego volcano (Guatemala): increased activity and new lava flow

*    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *

Save Lake Peigneur asks you to save the date: March 26.

On March 26 our lawsuit will be heard in the 16th District Court in New Iberia. We are also involved with Senator Mills in legislation. We will need your help.

Recently, the DNR has taken a step to study what causes the foaming and bubbling in Lake Peigneur. A few years ago Commissioner Welch stated that the shrimp factory on the Delcambre Canal might be the cause of the bubbling. Our response to this was how can that be possible when the bubbling/foaming does not travel and remains in one spot for hours and hours in different parts of the middle of the lake? The long eddy or eddies of bubbling/foaming are not remotely close to the shrimp factory.

I bring this up because in the last testing on January 8, 2014 samples were taken from an area close to Rip Van Winkle Gardens where the bubbling was occurring and in the Delcambre Canal by the shrimp factory.

The long eddy of bubbling/foaming that we observed for over 3 hours on that day ran east to west across Lake Peigneur from the Jefferson Island area in a jagged line across the lake, and nowhere near the Delcambre Canal.

We are one of many, many battles throughout our state and the United States. Bayou Corne remains unresolved. The contamination of drinking water in West Virginia, a major issue for 200,000 people will still pale in comparison if the 15 parishes that use the Chicot Aquifer have drinking water contamination. About Lake Peigneur

We have asked repeatedly for a federal standard Environmental Impact Statement. We have not asked to stop the project, we have asked for a thorough study due to the 1980 disaster and the bubbling which continues. The DNR’s attempt to study the bubbling by choosing to compare foam from the shrimp factory to what I have described above does is questionable science.

Several years ago the DNR chose to send divers to check areas of plugged and abandoned wells. Perhaps they determined the wells were P & A’d but how would an unplugged well explain the long eddies of bubbling/foaming which runs continuously in one long jagged line across the lake, and sometimes in multiple lines east to west, north to south?

We will be writing letters and asking for you to contact Louisiana legislators to support our bills.

We will be asking you to show your support by coming to the hearing even if only for 15 minutes.

26 thoughts on “Inquiry – Gas Smell Reports? N.O. Sky Reports? Weekend News

  1. I found a few items on a news search –
    Florida – CALLAWAY – A deadly gas coming from the Veterans Park sewage lift station is at the center of a “blame game” between Callaway and Bay County officials. The gas, hydrogen sulfide, can be toxic.–241561881.html

    West Virginia – BELINGTON – The heating problem that forced students to be moved from Belington Elementary School this week was discovered as officials were searching for the source of a mysterious odor that caused the school to be evacuated on Jan. 15, Barbour County Superintendent of Schools Joe Super said.

    New Jersey – ROXBURY — A monitor meant to pick up noxious gases from the Fenimore landfill was saying one thing. Residents’ noses were saying another.

    And it turns out when the “ROX 8” monitor on Fenimore Entrance Road started showing spikes of massive amounts of hydrogen sulfide over the weekend, it was a sign the monitor was malfunctioning, not that overwhelming amounts of the foul-smelling gas were wafting out into Roxbury, officials say.

    The monitor was replaced Monday morning, state Department of Environmental Protection spokesman Lawrence Ragonese said.

    Over the weekend, ROX 8 showed repeated spikes — the highest being about 2,500 parts per billion, according to posts from residents on Roxbury’s Facebook page. Roxbury’s website includes real-time results of the gas monitors’ readouts, as well as weekly reports on the levels the monitors have detected, but recent results are not immediately available.

    Jumping Jack Flash may have something (on the sidebar)

  2. I am skeptical of the good general Honore. He was the one who disarmed the residents at katrina. Many of them when they retire go to work for the company. I would prefer an army that insists on the constitution. There was a beforeitsnews article on him by Dupre where many commenters had the same thoughts.

  3. Did you know East Tennessee had a desert at one time about 50 square miles of land you could not get a blade of grass to grow.
    Copper mining section between Ducktown and Copperhill, Tennessee. Fumes from smelting copper for sulfuric acid have destroyed all vegetation and eroded the land.

    O yes polio have been known since prehistory times.
    Franklin D. Roosevelt’s paralytic illness
    FDR contracted polio on August 1921.
    He was born January 30, 1882 and died April 12, 1945), commonly known by his initials FDR, was the 32nd President of the United States (1933–1945). He served for 12 years and four terms, and was the only president ever to serve more than eight years.

    • This good info on the mining. Thanks. I haven’t read enough to know if I buy into the polio-rad thing but I do know that some neurological problems caused by differ things can look alike. Radiation can weaken immune systems too. Plus there are places where there is naturally more radiation like Hot Springs Ar and probably Hot Springs Georgia.

  4. I wanted to reply about Walter’s potato sack comment. That was really a good deal for people. If you had no sewing machine it saved from hand sewing the sides. Also provided pillow cases. A lot of good mining stuff on here today. Too bad with Fukushima we have had to divert away from regular mining, which is more interesting and also toxic.

    • you might like this hist. of gold rush mining book –
      Imperial San Fransisco —
      Those great gold & mining fortunes later backed CA nuke industry. CA oil families behind it because nuke weapons factory uses great deal of electricity anf they had huge oil surplus from Bakersfield. Book has great mining illustrations.

      • Many thanks for this and passing on word. Any good stuff on French uranium mining in Central African Republic by chance? Some of earliest uranium was from Congo. France was tampering in CAR from its quasi-indepence in 1959, claim found uranium 1970s…just something really strange in the stories about it…like Haiti strange. Can we blame the Vikings for everything? That’s the only tie I see between France, England, Russia though I guess royal family ties…Areva and the French gov are on my last nerve. They seem the nastiest of all.

      • I heard about this maybe in a Lauren Moret vid –
        Tiny Rowland – The Ugly Face of Neo-Colonialism in Africa < on uranium, royals

        but when I looked it up it was really expensive. It may be in larger libraries.

      • Thanks. You are right, I don’t care to pay 100 dollars for a book just as a matter of principal unless it’s like a rare antique book…and I mean OLD antique Bible or something. I looked at the wiki article. Too many of these guys…some well-known like Marc Rich, some well-known in certain circles whose names slip my mind, others fly so far under the radar no one knows them. Too bad it’s not just one. Have you ever gotten a wordpress message about having deleted a subscription? Everything looks in order on the blog.

      • No … I didn’t get a WordPress msg. But they keep slowing me down by making it hard to edit etc. … some tech problem maybe with their server or they are sick of me uploading little art graphics all the time.

      • I figured I accidentally hit a wrong button. I guess I will find out sometime or then again not. A storm in the US northeast and one in Slovenia too. Either they have figured out a way to manipulate the weather or the old predictions were wrong. Global warming was supposed to make Europe colder and the US warmer because melting ice would impact the Gulf Stream’s warming of Europe. Instead it seems that Europe is exceptionally warm and the US cold. I wonder if cloud seeding might be making rain over the Pacific and drought in Calif to deal with Fuku. I don’t know if they really have the fancy things claimed but they do have cloud seeding. It was used on Chernobyl and some think it made Hurricane Camille so bad.

      • I’ve been listening to them but just saying it could even be cloud seeding instead of something complex. I just hate that I have to listen to Rense though with David Duke and other bad people on his site now. He used to be mostly UFOs and CJD even. I don’t think his heart is with the right-wingers though, just trying to keep in business and offer alternatives. But, all the bad things on there means that even if the info is mostly accurate on Fukushima I can’t refer people to the site. There a good article about Marc Rich too. For physics-technical and engineering matters I have to wait for attention and feed back which comes painfully slowly from the technical advisor, if at all. Sometimes the answer is no it’s not possible but after thought it comes back as yes it’s possible. I meant to say that I loved Rense from 20 years ago and hate he’s lowered himself to having bad people like Duke on his web site. And, it undermines his info. I think he opposed Duke 20 years ago though I can’t recall for sure. Duke claimed even then that he was no longer KKK but his stints with Russian white surpremacists showed otherwise.

      • I agree about Rense but he does great interviews on Fukushima. So I go there weekly for the audio downloads.

      • Thanks. I guess this is when and why Canada changed its laws. From what I understand mineral rights in the western US belong to the US gov or maybe the US gov sold them off. But, they never came with the land which was GIVEN as long as you did not fight for the Confederacy. Most land east of the river had to be bought. Some large planters got land out west anyway but I guess they didn’t fight they just let others fight for them. Something strange about stealing land from the Indians and giving it to people who just got off the boat. The same thing continues with new arrivals favored over those there before. I see I’ve been missing things in the news because I feel too disgusted to listen to anyone but Dana and Jeff Rense right now. I even missed the one show which I still watch. I need to turn the TV back on or cut it off permanently but just can’t. That link is amazing for the pics and title alone.

  5. Forgot to say regarding the gas smell. I was waiting but no one else said it that I saw. Common sense: Check the wind direction and look on a map or drive to see what might be there. Two things I can think of is that off-shore gas leak and also that subsidence could have busted a gas line. At one point some houses in Metairie blew up because natural gas got stuck under the slab from leaking pipes. Most places they just leak and a good nose can sniff them out. Not good to light a match. Obviously it could be something more major but this would be a common sense start. Checking a google map is actually the safe thing to do because even a car can make a spark, in theory. Speaking of common sense…while it is too late now when you want to protect pipes the safe thing is to wrap them with insulation or in an emergency with newspaper and when you have the open raised up homes so common in south Louisiana you tape or tack garbage bags around the house to keep the wind out. Probably garbage bags or rags or clothes would make good insulation. The idea of putting any flame is just too, too dangerous. Obviously drip pipes. Doing laundry has been recommended too in order to keep water flowing.

    • I put his book on …
      all the Fukushima stuff is on the FC blog
      He has a short 20 min. video on You Tube with a book summary.

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