Something has happened at LA11.

Something hit the fan at Lake FUBAR ….

Very doubtful this is *work trucks.

  • A] It is after dark and a Sunday
  • B] The Super Bowl is on


LA11 – it is not shown on other helicorders.

*Quake Watch ed. says it is some sort of electrical interference and not a seismic event. Discussion thread. Listen to it.



Helicorder activity on LA11 and others showing less action –



The parish blog put out an update and they don’t mention anything crazy going on. So maybe a piece of equipment is making a racket over LA11.  If something were amiss they’d probably drop their tools and run!


The 3.9 quake in west Kansas may be a frack-quake.

2.6 quake in Miramiguoa Park, Missouri (near St. Louis) < MAP


48 thoughts on “Something has happened at LA11.

    • I think the south berm broke near Oxy 3 … but that’s a guess. No word yet from l,ocals. No news from ‘news’ agencies.

      • Florida has an interesting geological history. The entire southern 1/2 was swampland until the end of the 1800s when wealthy Philadelphia businessmen and particularly Hamilton Disston and Henry Flagler decided to make Florida a tourist destination. Mr. Disston bought up most of Florida and devised a way to drain the swamps. Then his friend, Mr. Flagler brought the railroads down to Florida. But it just seems the land really wants to go back to swampland in spite of what the entrepreneurs’ wishes were. And Mr. Disston then was one of those financial people who took his own life. I don’t know how to put links on here, or I would. But it’s an interesting tale.

      • My great granddad lost his pension in the Fla. swamp land deal swindle (nationwide craze around/before the big crash). He had to move in with the youngsters because of it.

    • TO: Andy W
      Map of Florida Springs where does that water come from.
      Springs of Florida
      This is true There is no underground river bring water into Florida from other state there a play on words there it in the way you say it.
      Florida Aquifers
      The aquifer consists most of limestones and dolomites, middle Eocene to middle Miocene in age, which act more or less as a hydrologic unit in most of Florida, in southeastern Georgia, and in parts of Alabama and South Carolina.

      GROUND WATER ATLAS of the UNITED STATES Alabama, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina HA 730-G

    • I don’t know if this problem is connected to LA11 going off the scale all night. I noticed last night EST that there were many high radcon nuclear alerts following the New.Madrid fault. The readings are still high.
      Nuclear Emergency Tracking Center

  1. You may find this sound file of Sunday UTC times 1200 to 1600. The bulk of this is what we call devil talk (starts at 03mins approx) which is basically electrical interference. None of this sounds seismic except the small ‘burps’ which are possibly very small fluid movements. This is 40X speed.

    <a href="–

    This creates a sound file (WAV) which according to your computer settings will either download or play directly.

      • I got the audio to work. I think there are overflow gates at that spot.
        I wish they would put out a status update to confirm what’s going on. Very odd they started heavy work Sunday morning and quit after just an hour or so. They usually work a half day or full day once they crank up.

      • The water transfer structures (pumps?) are on the west berm on this map (page 46) in the new Contingency Plan document

        But I thought I saw a plan for 2 pumps on the South east corner. Perhaps on face book.

      • Do you think the top of the salt dome is began to break or crack from all that sand there putting down for that new road at LA11 to LA12.

        That big freeze is that anything like.
        Name Pykrete top secret WW2 project to build ships from a mixture of ice and sawdust.
        “super pykrete” (made out of newspaper instead of wood pulp

  2. This from last night
    This is LA10 bottom borehole this was from Feb 2, 2014 12:00 AM to 12:00 PM

    This is LA10 bottom borehole this was from Feb 3, 2014 12:01 AM to 07:00 AM today there a lot of gas moving around down below and it moving up.
    This could be Freedomrox El Barfo making it way up.

    • This is from last night
      This is LA17 Bayou Corne Well 3, 185m, LA this was from Feb 2, 2014 12:00 AM to 12:00 PM

      This is LA17 Bayou Corne Well 3, 185m, LA this was from Feb 3, 2014 12:01 AM to 07:45 AM today there a lot of movement on this one as well.

      All of them for the sinkhole and four for Arkansas.

    • I modified my headline out of caution that this is just the usual sludge and a big machine parked over LA11 and I a am wrong to sound alarms.
      But maybe the worst is underway.
      No work trucks so maybe they are being cautious.
      They usually start hammering away a little afyer 7 a.m. — wish they’d give an update on their parish blog.

      • Early on it was in the emergency declaration (several versions). But … it didn’t say if the update was to the APPJ or to the public. So maybe the parish officials get details and we get to guess.
        My opinion – Texas Brine needs to be kicked out of supervisory role as they have conflict of interest and outside agencies brought in. Hopefully ones not connected to Jindal.
        But it won’t happen as Jindal is in authority to decide who is in charge. He won’t fire himself or his crooked biz pals.

  3. These emergency code 3 warnings have always seemed like a joke to me, in a normal world when a declaration is declared, the return to ‘normal’ is also declared and they never do that. Code 3 is the highest warning, shouldn’t there be a higher warning to evacuate? These weather forecasts are equally crazy, three major storms are coming this week. Really?

  4. Did America Forget How to Make the H-Bomb?
    I hit a brick wall on this.
    Search on Fogbank
    And why the hush-hush now on Enriched Lithium Produced at the Y-12 Plant.

    • I still don’t know if this was a seismo or pumps and machines. Quake Watch guy says it isn’t seismic signature and he is expert. But when they work on the berm road they usually do it 6-8 hours continuously.
      Work trucks etc. have a ‘signature’ too and this isn’t that.
      LA11 probably is a core sample driller truck or a pump or something because if the berm broke the parish blog would probably say so.

    • Yes … I wanted to show how unaffected the other areas were by what was at LA11. I think it’s a machine or a broken helicorder.

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  6. It’s not just happening at the sinkhole this morning. The solar acrivity has heated up–no pun intended–causing a compression effect to be felt on everything on earth.

    LOTS of booms and earthquake activity world wide.

    Also, this map shows 4.0 earthquakes. This is a lot for just the pass 24 hrs.

    This map will give more details on each event.

    God bless all of you for your diligent watchfulness.

    • BZ is to the south our shields are down allowing more energy to come in you can check out for latest updates

      • Eric,

        As a heads up, James McCanney (Astrophysicist bucking the system) says is part of the disinformation system.

        He’s typically on this show every Wednesday am. He mentions that site after he comes back from being cut off from an important explanation of the weather control used for the recent winter southern storm:

        I’m not promoting John Moore or his show, as in may ways he’s part of the problem, but his show is good to glean info from.

    • For those who watch the sun events etc. there is a link to ‘Live Earth & Sky tools’ on the sidebar under ‘science’ header. And in the RSS feed, The Watchers always announces big events.

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