Staggering Underground Activity At Yellowstone Lake (Volcano)

Watch out!

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From Strange Sounds – (Feb. 2)

Is Yellowstone Supervolcano About to Erupt? Staggering Underground Activity At Yellowstone Lake

A seismometer inside a borehole at Yellowstone National Park has begun reporting staggering underground activity near the southwest corner of Yellowstone Lake, possibly signaling the beginning of an eruption of the Super Volcano at the Yellowstone National Park. . . 


Jan. 30 – Yellowstone Geyser Erupts For First Time in Years

Jan. 31 – Yellowstone’s Giantess Geyser erupts after 2.5-year hiatus


Seismic recorders there (interactive)

UPDATE, Feb. 5

Is there a connection to this activity and the oil boom nearby?

UPDATE, Feb. 8

Nay-Sayers –

WiredSo, You Think Yellowstone…

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17 thoughts on “Staggering Underground Activity At Yellowstone Lake (Volcano)

  1. Just what are they talking about ?

    February 4, 2014 10:45 a.m. Update
    Texas Brine advised that the tagging of Cavern 3 (performed on Friday 1/31/2014), was at 3,645′ which is 9′ from the cavern roof. As information becomes available, it will be shared here.

    • Not that I think it is but do you think the USGS would be telling folks they’re doomed? Heck no, they be heading to wherever they think they need to be while the rest of us get blindsided! Can you imagine the mass panic they would create saying it’s going to erupt.

      • Not to mention real-estate values!
        I wonder if the bears are leaving.
        I can see them now loping down the highway … 🙂

    • I get worried about all those steam pits there.
      USGS has been less than reliable in reporting Midwest earthquakes, Japan earthquakes or any seismic activity at all in Assumption Parish.
      I have a load of screen grabs of EQ maps up at the FC blog showing major quakes the USGS didn’t put on their map.

  2. Yellowstone Lake has gotten hot before and it hot springs has gotten hotter before and so has Arkansas hot springs.
    updated 12-12-13
    Earthquake Information Center helicorder recorder at Yellowstone.
    Just click on one of station to see it.
    Yellowstone lake scalding deaths
    Hope Springs Eternal scalding deaths
    I was thinking there was some people who die in Yellowstone lake in a boat when water heated up under the boat and they die in boat.
    Yes there hot springs and warn springs in Virginia and NC

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